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2015-03-16 18:30 - 20:30 America/New_York
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User group meeting

RSVP here: http://rsvp.nylug.org/219431308/

Josh Watzman



Note: WE ARE MEETING AT BLOOMBERG!! We'll need names, and you will need IDs. RSVP will open Mar 2nd, 2015, Wednesday 4:30pm.

HHVM is Facebook's runtime for the PHP and Hack languages. The talk will give a brief introduction to HHVM, give a high level overview of the history and architecture of its current form as a JIT compiler, and will explore the implications of HHVM as an open source project.

The talk will also discuss why Facebook created the Hack language, a backwards-compatible dialect of PHP, and present some of its key features.

The talk is introductory, and so while it will assume a basic developer background (i.e., familiarity with some programming language and general understanding of the role web servers and language runtimes play in the web), it does not assume any familiarity with HHVM, PHP, or Hack specifically.

Join us afterwards at Bloom's Tavern where we'll continue the discussion over drinks and/or food. Bloom's Tavern is located at 208 E 58th St, between 2nd at 3rd.

HHVM website: http://hhvm.com/
HHVM source repo: http://hhvm.com/repo
HHVM blog: http://hhvm.com/blog
Hack website: http://hacklang.org

Speaker Bio:
Josh Watzman is a software engineer at Facebook leading the open source effort for the Hack language. Along with his work on the core Hack typechecker, he wrote several of the PHP to Hack conversion tools, and has worked on the open source side of HHVM as well. Having previously done extensive work on news feed at Facebook, he's excited about the performance and productivity improvements that HHVM and Hack can bring to PHP engineers.


date wrong

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The date appears to be wrong. March 16th right?

Elijah: Thanks! Fixing now.

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Elijah: Thanks! Fixing now.


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New York City

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