Drupal NYC Meetup @ 30 Rock - July 12th

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2017-07-12 18:00 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

For details, please see http://bit.ly/dnyc0717


Application Monitoring and Alerting

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Application Monitoring and Alerting by Mani Soundararajan

When we talk about monitoring, what comes to mind immediately is AWS CloudWatch. That is infrastructure monitoring. We are going to look at monitoring the application itself (i.e. Drupal) using open source tools like Statsd and Grafana. We will also be looking at Bosun, an open source alerting tool.

Mani Soundararajan started his programming career when Y2K was still a thing, and has worked on a variety of technologies - Client/Server, Web and a brief stint as an embedded firmware developer. He's been working on Drupal and Web technologies since 2007. He is passionate about Cloud Native architecture and DevOps practices.

Ho-Ling Poon

New York City

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