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OpenPublish is a packaged distribution of Drupal, that has been tailored to the needs of today's online publishers. OpenPublish is ideal for the implementation of a variety of media outlet's sites including: online magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service and membership publications. Built and supported on standard Drupal core (currently Drupal 6x), OpenPublish features support everything from basic news coverage needs to Web 2.0 trends, social publishing, semantic tagging and topic hubs. Each component bundled in the distribution is well supported, documented and modularly designed according to Drupal's architecture.

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Important note: in order to fix consistency issues and critical bugs, in a timely manner, OpenPublish had to patch some third-party modules included in it. It's not recommended to independently update those. More information at:

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Openpublish, Quark and Indesign

Hi All,
I am trying to design an online newspaper site with Openpublish.
The firm need to send the online edition (after some editing) to the press for the printed version.
The press is using Quark and Indesign.
How can I accomplish this?
Is there a way to connect Openpublish to Quark and Indesign so the press can easily print the online newspaper after minor edits.

Thanks in advance

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Please help with an IE 7 css issue

I apologize for asking this here, but even after searching for an answer, I don't quite understand how to fix this.

On my homepage (, I have a sky scrapper tower ad position on the left side that doesn't properly clear the block above it in Internet Explorer 7. I know that there's a bug in IE 7 regarding this, but I don't understand how to apply a fix.

Can someone please help me properly clear my sky scrapper ad?

Thank you very much.

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Double Articles on Homepage

I've been working on my views today, and somewhere I must have introduced a bug. Now, when I publish a new article to the home page, not only does it appear in the featured view, but it also appears in the next row below, on the homepage view. I checked my content, and there is only one story, but it appears twice.

The question is, what is causing this with views and where should I look to correct the problem? I've checked the Default in articles, and nothing seems out of the ordinary.

You can check out what I mean by visiting my front page.

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Panels, Openpublish and custom frontpages

I am using OP 2.0.
I basically do not mind the stock OP theme. But I have absolutely no use for content regions that will not collapse when empty for one and I would prefer a slightly different layout.
So I figured that instead of going the subtheme way ( I lack the skills), I would simply create a new Panel page, set to be my homepage, disable the frontpage context (it has its own idea of regions as far as I am concerned), load content just the way I want and .......
Well, not voila!

Read more
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slideshow on the front page

i downloaded modules views slideshow to create slideshow and on openpublish i created a view. on that view there are a block and a page and i wanna that the slideshow show me the articles that i created and i wanna that slideshow on the frontpage. what should i do?

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Are the calais tags needed on OP site by not English?

What bonus modules like Open Calais or Acqua are useful on not English OP site?

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How to Edit Place Tracking Code in Header and Body?

I plan to use the Chartbeat service for real-time tracking of website visits. I need to place some javascript code just after the and right before the tags. First, which files would I edit and secondly, how do I do that within my childtheme? Thanks.

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Articles not Sorted By Date

I have a problem with articles not being sorted by date published. I have as my lead article (at least OP 2.0 considers it that) a sports story published at 11:21 a.m. However, newer stories (12:46 p.m. and 10: p.m.) are lower down on the page in positions I thought were for older stories.

Any idea why this is happening?

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resize images

i want to resize all the images that appears on the front page.
how to do that?

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problem with articles

when i create an article and i save and click on the for exemple" health " on the principal menu.i found nothing. i don't find the article that i created.

i want when i click on Health or Business or politics or technology on the principal menu found the articles that i created.
what should i do?

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Removing the Twitter feed

I can't seem to find how to disable/remove the twitter feed from the frontpage right-sidebar. Its not in the frontpage context. I know its a silly question.. :(

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How to Limit Front Page Articles?

Is there a simple, non-invasive way of limiting which articles (as opposed to blog posts or forum entries) appear on the front page? I've unselected "publish on front page" in the editor, but minor articles I want to limit to a section appear as the lead on the front page.

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Adsense Not Visible

I want to use Adsense for my remnant ad space. I attached the code for a leaderboard and a 300x250 rectangle, using the provided blocks in OP. While the Adsense Javascript code appears when I view the source, the areas remain blank. The additions were made a day ago (Saturday), and I told it to serve PSAs until a suitable ad was ready. However, no ads appear. Anyone else have luck with Adsense?

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How to disable CKEditor

I do not use any WYSIWYG Editor. Unfortunately, the CKEditor in OP 2.0 is a required module for OP_Default and OP_Audio. How do I disable CKeditor and use my good old BUEditor? Currently BUEditor is enabled but its not showing up.

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Cleanest RSS?

I'm looking for the best way to plug the all articles into feedburner for distribution to readers. I used the /articles/all link, but it produces messy results which includes internal fields, such as "Deck," "Main image" and "Thumbnail image" prompts in the output. What's the recommended way to output a clean RSS feed?

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How to create a Sub-Menu?

i want to create a sub-menu for the" primary link" menu . how can i do that?

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Drop-Down Menus?

Are drop-down menus possible with OP 2.0? It's been a while since I've used Drupal, so mabye I'm missing something. I created a menu, attached /articles/menuname to the path, then moved the "politics" menu item under it. The main menu appears, but the politics category menu does not appear below.

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Started getting an error when attempting to preview an article

For some reason, I'm starting to get an error when I want to preview an article using OP 1.7.1.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function related_terms_links() in /home/scvbj/public_html/beta01/sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/theme_helpers/ on line 54

I can save the article fine (whew!), but I am consistently getting this error with preview.



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OpenPublish 2.0 Is Out!

OpenPublish 2.0 is out:

Release Notes:

  • Modular, extensible and designer-friendly theme/template architecture
  • Brand-new base theme.
  • Improved Features support.
  • Detailed installation, usage and theming documentation.
  • Reference implementation of jCarousel-based image gallery
  • Numerous bug-fixes, performance and stability improvements.
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create photo gallery

what can i do to create an image gallery?

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