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Welcome to the Semantic Web group in Drupal. This group was started at DrupalCon Barcelona 2007 and includes discussions on how to integrate the Semantic Web technologies into Drupal and list the various effort of the community towards enabling RDF in Drupal. Drupal 7 comes with native RDFa support in core. If you want extra RDF capabilities such as other serialization formats and SPARQL support, checkout the RDF Extensions, SPARQL and SPARQL Views contributed projects. If you need support or have found a bug in one of the fore mentioned projects, please file a ticket in their issue tracker (block on the right on each project page).

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Recommendation for linking to external RDF data

RDFx allows for fields to be expressed as RDFa. Sometimes RDF concepts exist in other locations, for example DBpedia, and not as part of the local taxonomies. What is the recommended way to link to these external resources? These resources do have persistent URIs, so I guess the simplest thing to do is to make the field into a link. But ideally one would prefer to get a good label to show on the HTML output rather than the link itself. RDF Proxy ( seems to be doing that but the project appears to be abandoned. Any ideas?

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Callimachus integration with Drupal

the Version 1.0 of Callimachus project has been released.

Would be possible to integrate Callimachus with Drupal,so as to easily make open data/linked data applications?

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Diversity Aware Drupal Extension

Dear all,

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Does RDFx ignore the rel / rev settings when exporting RDF through restws?

If the value of a text field is a URI and I set the 'Attribute Type' in the RDF Mappings panel to 'rel' then in the RDF produced by the restws this appears to be ignored. e.g. adding an owl:sameAs for a URI in a text field produces RDF/XML like this:


When is should look like this:

<owl:sameAs rdf:resource="" />

The method in rdfx.module that appears to do the business here is this

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Cool URIs with Drupal 7 and RDFx?

I am trying to port a bespoke system we have running to Drupal 7.

We publish stable URIs using the Cool URIs 'specification'

An example of a URI that works on the same principle (not the system I am porting) is this:

Call it with a browser and you get a 303 redirect to a human readable resource. Call it with curl -L and you get RDF.

You can check it on the Vapour validator

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Research on semantic web

I just want to start a research on semantic web integration with drupal.
Could you please suggest me some ideas.


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Queries through RDF-core

Hi all

Being a Drupal newcomer, I am working on two projects where we would like to consume defined and existing RDF-data in the search query coming out of our library catalogue (using Drupal). Our main aim is to query a RDF-container and then display a result-set of records from our catalogue. The records to be displayed from our catalogue will contain the ID of the "found" RDF-data-element.

RDF-core in Drupal7 seems to do what we want, but I need to give further specifications to several of our partners and I lack the detailed information so far.

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Looking for Partner to enhance the Structured Knowledgebased website

Hi All,

I have startup a website that make use of RDF knowledge from now it's up and running but still in crawling baby phase. The aim of the website is to let user find the information quickly, easily and get more informative and useful information from the linked knowledge. The website is at , to browser the knowledge try those link in Structured Knowledge section.

That's one of the component, the website also have common functional tools, such as currency converter, unit converter, dictionary, calculator, simple text processing, etc.

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Use semantic web technologies for real estate data

I am making a new site for real estate(selling/renting houses etc.)
I would like to ask your opinions/ideas what semantic technologies can I use on my site.
I also want to expose my date as open/linked data so as everyone can use them.
Any ideas?
thanks in advance

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DrupalCon Munich BOF

Hey, is anybody interested in a Drupal Linked Data BOF? please guys let us know so that we find a suitable timeslot, if any..

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Entity RDF: data descriptions for plugable serializations of Drupal entities (JSON-LD and more)

There's been lots of discussions on various approaches for serializing entities in the WSCCI group and with Drupal 8 feature freeze only a few months away, it's time to start coding. JSON-LD was chosen as a potential good candidate for serializing Drupal entities. One of the key features of JSON-LD is the ability to include a @context along with your data. This context describes the data present in the JSON document and is useful for consumers to understand how to best make use of the data.

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Best practice for getting a single 'thing' URI instead of multiple language-specific page URIs?

I'm trying to set up a site about projects (http:/, described by the doap ontology. Some of the metadata items for these projects (e.g., the descriptions) are provided in English and German. The custom node type for the projects is configured with entity/field translation. Currently, I use URL path prefixes for language detection. So far, a pretty straightforward setting.

However, I want to publish ONE URI for the project itself (besides the different URIs for language specific content). What the rdf module gives me currently, with an url alias in place, is

  about="/labs/en/project/zbwlabs" (for the English page), OR 
  about="/labs/de/project/zbwlabs" (for the German page)

whereas "/labs/project/zbwlabs" would be more appropriate to talk about the project itself.

Is there a standard way, or are there best practices deal with this? I'm not sure if the solution I found (see below) is a good fit.

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Advice on Technique for LOD-enabled "Digital Library"

Good morning,

I've cross-posted this to both Semantic Web and Libraries because I think there are elements that appeal to both.

I'm going to give a bit of background on the project I'm working on and hopefully I can get some confirmation as to whether or not this is the "best" way to go about doing this. This is Drupal 7, of course. So far, I've been moving in the most obvious direction and using the tools that are most readily available.


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Drupal Hacker / Co-Founder sought for London start-up & Equity? Development is well under way already! |

Employment type: 
Full time

We're 2 years into development of a large start - up project, we have raised significant Angel Funding and we're looking to expedite the development process to have a deployable product as soon as possible.

We're looking for a pretty savvy Drupalist to join the team on an equity / equity + cash basis to assist the current CTO and 1 senior developer in finishing the product off.

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RDF Mapping to Taxonomy Terms?

Hi All,

I am administering a D7 site with the RDFx module and UI extension deployed. I see with my vocabularies I can define rdf mapping for the entire vocabulary, that exist on every term, but I don't see a way to define a mapping for a single unique taxonomy term.

Is there a way to support this behavior?

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[Q] error when I use RDF CCK

Hi, I am trying to use RDF CCK in Drupal 6. As you see the attached, I think I installed RDF CCK somehow. However, when I type anything in the field of "CLASS" or "property" for mapping, I got the Javascript error message. It seems to me that there is something wrong in the auto-complete.
Is there any idea?

Drupal Social Initiative (Social API)


  • The goal of the Drupal Social Initiative (Social API) is to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal; provide more functionality to end-users; provide easier site creation and configuration to site administrators and developers; and enable easier module maintenance for developers.
  • Add more ideas...


  • Provide a common interface to access common functions across multiple social networks. Making it easier for:
  • Developers to create and maintain social network integration modules.
  • Site builders to utilise social network integration modules that harmoniously work together.
  • Users to access social networks functionality.
  • Let's work on clarifying these objectives over the next few weeks leading up to the Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal sprint.
  • There are numerous modules for Drupal social networking integration.
  • Connecting with other networks
  • Pulling in content
  • Pushing out content
  • What else?
    Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal stack
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alternative to ARC SPARQL+ Endpoint UI

I need to create ‘on the fly’ SPARQL queries to retrieve instances of my custom content types. I am currently using the ARC SPARQL+ Endpoint UI, but the node values returned are not hotlinks making it inconvenient.

From what I have read, it seems that SparqlViews does not offer the flexibility that I need to create lots of queries dynamically. I didn’t see any other alternatives to the ARC SPARQL+ Endpoint UI when I searched Drupal Modules.

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RDF generation from Drupal 6

Hi, how are you?
I am an ontologist. Recently, I am using the Drupal 6 for the project. Unfortunately, I can not upgrade the current system into Drupal 7 which has RDF as a core item. I would like to generate RDF from the contents in Drupal 6. I know that we have some modules which allow to generate RDF from Drupal 6. However, I installed it and tried to do it, but there were some problems of ARC2. I gave up to do it at that moment.

Now, I would like to do it again.
Is there any documentation to generate RDF from the content in Drupal 6 including what modules I need to use?

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Help Required for RDF


I am new babie drupal developer. I have created some site in drupal 7. One of my client ask me to provide the RDF functionality to website.

I have read many article in internet about RDF. As I know, there is "RDF" module in core of Drupal 7.

But I am not sure, only installing "RDF" module will provide me all functionality regarding "RDF", as I am not getting any "RDF" file for the website or any content page.

Can any one suggest me, which step I need to follow?

Thanks in advance.

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