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Integrated vs. Fragmented

Topics about the usability of Drupal remind me on the most recent Steve Jobs' speech against Android and Open Source community over iOS and integrated solutions:

I don't know how many of you guys will read this and find it interesting, but I think this is a pretty good question on usability. Steve Jobs labelled here the Open Source solutions as "Fragmented" (which is fairly true), and claims it will clearly lose battle against "Integrated" solutions (which is an argument I hear quite frequently lately in many different forms).

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Simple API collaboration


I'm working on developing a "simple mode" API for Drupal which will allow site builders to switch between simple and advance user interface or otherwise hide advance features.

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Views 3 UI, Review of Concepts

I spent some time reviewing UI design work on Views 3 (And Acquia Gardens "Data pages") UI concepts:

NOTE: I have not read all of (or even very much of) the related discussion, so am likely missing important developments.

There are some great "sky-high" ideas in most of these. However I think it's likely that all of them will run into issues as or more significant than the current UI, in that either;

  • They will be be too restrictive upon advanced functionality and features and make them difficult or hacky to include in the (in the case of Gardens, that is likely intentional, as advanced features are probably not supported);
  • They will have similar types of unforeseen issues to the current UI. Subtle and seemingly minor nuances or even features that actually make a big impact on the UX.
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Live user journeys demo and comparison of Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla

Hagen Graf did an excellent live usability test at the unconference immediately before DrupalCon Copenhagen. He's a a tech writer well versed in all three of Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal, so he was able to draw out the strength and weaknesses of getting started with each platform.

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More Views 3 concepts

I've since started designing a variant of views that's specific to DrupalGardens, but thought some of you might like to see the concepts I came up with for the non DrupalGardens version of Views..

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Author Select module could use some testing

The module is up which transforms the autocomplete Authored By field to an HTML <select> widget (which seems to be much easier for clients to get a handle on).

I'd love it if you guys could try it out on a couple sites and let me know if you have any problems. It's really simple, but has made life a lot easier for a couple of our clients.

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Looking for a rating system and contractor

I am looking for any Drupal community site that has a multi-question rating system. Actually, I’m looking for Contractors who have built Drupal communities with multi-question rating systems.

We want to build a Drupal community where the members rate or evaluate services. Not a simple voting plugin where we can only ask one question, but a series of questions. We need to be able to ask several questions and our members will be able to give a numerical value (1-10) AND have the option to comment on each question.

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Monster Media Sprint!

2009-10-23 09:00 - 2009-10-24 17:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Fellow Media Moguls,

We're shaking off the dust from the Media module, which was sadly neglected during the heady Summer of Code, where we got Stream Wrappers into core! I'm excited to meet now with my fellow Drupalistas, and get the module presentable for Drupal 7 (and Drupal 6, if anyone is interested in helping on that front).

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A compatability layer for Drupal

I've transferred this discussion from the forums at, where it had died a death. Here's what I wrote there. Any thoughts?

Following all of the stuff at Drupalcon Paris about Drupal moving from a service to a product that is friendly for end users, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine who has used Drupal in the past. He isn't a developer or coder but he's not non-technical, either.

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New module: Slashdot style comment system

This module implements major features of Slashdot moderation and comment system. I made a few attempts previously with various hacks/modules, but this module is very mature and fully compatible with latest VotingAPI. I have not encountered any issues using this module.

What it does:
Transforms comment controls to Slasdot type (thresholding).
Displays each comment slashdot-type.
Hides comments below threshold. Hidden comments can be uncollapsed by a click.
Provides slashdot moderation system (troll, interesting, insightful, funny, etc).

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