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Using Drupal as a back-end CMF/CMS and Adobe technologies for client-tiers (front-ends) can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to either platform. This group is available to all who are interested or are already integrating Drupal with things like Adobe AIR, Flex or Flash (ActionScript), Spry, PDF, Adobe Media Player, LiveCycle, Contribute, Kuler, and other technologies from Adobe and their Adobe Labs.

To get started, join this group, and check out these associating projects and groups:

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Flex Chat


I've never posted in this group, but was trying to gauge interest in a Flex Chat application for Drupal that I've been working on. I'm a hobbyist so all my work on this project has been in my free time from my normal job so it's been slow going. I basically have an pre-alpha build of the module right now. It includes a flex chat services module I created to interface between flex and Drupal.

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Adobe MAX 2009 conference (Oct. 4-7; Los Angeles, CA)

Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Adobe's annual MAX conference comes to Los Angeles, CA from October 4-7th.

Over 200 sessions. Topics include Drupal, Web CMS, PHP, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flex, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Adobe AIR, PDF / Acrobat, mobile, video, and many more technologies.

Only local images are allowed.

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Adobe MAX 2009 conference in Los Angeles, California

Adobe's annual MAX conference is taking place this October 4-7th in Los Angeles, CA. I will be presenting three Drupal related sessions at this conference for Adobe. Most of my sessions show people how to customize Drupal 6 through themes, modules, and its administration. My sessions are 1-1.5hrs, with one session being a lab (BYOL: Bring Your Own Laptop Lab).

Adobe MAX is a paid conference, and has something like over 200 sessions. Early bird discount still available (as of this writing).
Only local images are allowed.

My sessions are:

  • Customizing Drupal Using Dreamweaver - skill: Beginner - Learn how to install Drupal, a robust, full-featured web content management system, and publish your first pages. You'll be guided through common designer workflows using Drupal and learn how to customize Drupal theme templates. When this lab is complete, you'll be able to take your new skills back to work and be more productive.
  • Exploring Web Content Management Systems from a Designer's Perspective - skill: Beginner - Watch an expert guide you through a selection of today's popular web content management systems and learn which one is right for you. This session will include detailed demonstrations of WordPress, Drupal, and the Adobe InContext Editing service in action, covering installation and publishing.
  • Learn to Rock Drupal Using Dreamweaver - skill: Beginner - Explore the functionality of Drupal from a designer's perspective while learning about the most common workflows. Learn how to integrate Drupal with Dreamweaver and how to use Creative Suite 4 Web Premium to customize Drupal theme templates.

I have presented at MAX before, and attended twice. This conference is huge. Last year 5,000 attendees ran around chatting Flash, Flex, AIR, Photoshop, After Effects, everything Adobe. One of the new things Adobe has done at MAX is run un-conferences inside the main conference building. Last year there were four un-conferences going on all week inside MAX, adding to the already hundreds of sessions. This year I am involved with the Web CMS theme of the conference, promoting Drupal & PHP. Some of you know my Drupal Dreamweaver extensions and Theme Starter desktop software, so I am glad to be exclusively covering Drupal in my talks this year. One session covers the different approaches in Web CMS software like Wordpress & Drupal. For that session I will be sharing the stage for that session with a Wordpress counterpart. I hope that session turns into a feature flinging match as it'll help me get caught up with Wordpress limitations.

I'd like to promote the MAX conference to the Drupal community, and at the same time ask who is already planning to attend. We can meet up and rep Drupal together.

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How to auto-load first image

I have built a flex app that interfaces with Drupal services and AMFPHP. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I autoload the first image in my slideshow?
Thanks :)

Here's my flex code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

import mx.controls.*;
import mx.rpc.remoting.*;

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CelsiuPHP/Drupal developer | Celsius Technology Group

Employment type: 
Full time

Celsius Technology Group is looking for an in-house PHP/Drupal developer to work on a publishing and content distribution platform for newspapers, magazines, schools, non-profits, and government. You should have solid experience with PHP5, and Mysql. Drupal experience a plus but not required.
Contact us at

* Location: Falmouth Maine
* Compensation: Send salary requirements
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Free Adobe® Flex™ Builder 3 for unemployed developers

Adobe Flex Builder 3 software is currently available for free, while supplies last, for software developers who are affected by the current economic condition and are currently unemployed.

Program eligibility:

To receive the product under this program, you must attest to the fact that you are currently unemployed and acknowledge that the software will be used only for your personal use not for any production or commercial purposes.

I attest that the following statements are true:
1) I am not employed and not otherwise paid to develop software applications or web pages

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Chat Module

Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommend me a good chat solution for Drupal 6. I am trying to evaluate different solutions like DimDim, 123FlashChat Server, avchat(

Has anyone used any of these solutions.. Will U recommend any?

I will be using this for a Learning Management solution. I would like to host online presentations, do whiteboarding, have the ability to control the time the chat sessions are on; All chat sessions will need to be stored and indexed for later retrieval. I will be using the apache solr module. That part seems to work fine.

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New article: Building Drupal Zen sub-themes with Dreamweaver CS4

The third article in my Drupal series for is out now. This article covers Drupal Zen Sub-Themes, including Dreamweaver tip(s) when working with Drupal themes.

"When asked why I would recommend the Zen theme versus a core theme such as Garland, I answer, Zen was built to be a seed for your tree—you plant the seed, water it, and watch it grow! Garland looks nice, but is not documented well and has custom page template code that should not appear elsewhere. In short, Garland is just not right as the basis for a theme; the Zen theme is."

Read the article now at

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Chris Charlton's picture Drupal article: Using Drupal themes with Dreamweaver CS4

The second article in my Drupal series for is out now. This article covers Drupal Themes, Dreamweaver tip(s) when working with Drupal, and shows off the Drupal Theme Starter desktop software.

"Understand the fundamentals of a Drupal theme and how Dreamweaver CS4 helps designers produce these themes."

Read the article now at

<a href="

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What web enabled mobile device do you own? iPhone? Blackberry? G1? Something else?

38% (54 votes)
iPod Touch
4% (6 votes)
7% (10 votes)
G1 (or Android-based device)
18% (26 votes)
Palm Pre
1% (1 vote)
My cell phone
10% (15 votes)
15% (22 votes)
I don't own a portable web-enabled device.
6% (9 votes)
Total votes: 143
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Celebrate new releases of Flex with LA AIR, LA Adobe, LA Flex, & LA Coldfusion groups in Los Angeles

2009-06-17 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

For this event, LA AIR, LA Adobe, LA ColdFusion User Group, and the LA Flex User Group collaborate to present an entire evening celebrating the launch of the newest releases of Adobe Flex and ColdFusion.

Event details:

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Do you test new modules before uploading them to your live site?

I test every module I download before installing it on my live site(s).
60% (92 votes)
I have tested some modules before deploying.
25% (39 votes)
I have not tested any modules before uploading them to my site.
5% (7 votes)
I have not tested any modules, but really should.
8% (12 votes)
I code every module I use and never, ever need to test my own code.
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 154
Chris Charlton's picture article: Building a Drupal site in 10 steps

I just saw my latest Drupal article is now published on, and this is the first in a series I have produced.

"Read on to see how you can set up a Drupal site in just 10 steps. Learn about adding content, altering menus, modules, and themes, and how to get your site ready for search engines and users."

Read the article now at

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Are you using Flex, Flash, or Adobe AIR in your Drupal sites?

Yes, Flex
16% (9 votes)
Yes, Flash
33% (18 votes)
Yes, AIR
0% (0 votes)
Yes, more than one actionscript based technology
20% (11 votes)
No, not yet
18% (10 votes)
No, I don't plan to
13% (7 votes)
Total votes: 55
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Review of Drupal Multimedia by Aaron Winborn, Packt Publishing

Drupal is a powerful tool for building amazingly scalable websites quickly and simply. The use of multimedia in Drupal has posed challenges to many users and developers of all abilities. Drupal Multimedia addresses the main questions regarding how to implement video, image, and audio content in a way that is elegant for the developer, as well as the end user. The language of the book is straight to the point, and provides a framework to practice building an assortment of multimedia sites using a variety of modules in the context of test or example sites.

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CS4 Party site launched with Zen Theme

Earlier this week I launched to promote the celebration our Los Angeles Adobe User Groups are holding for Adobe. I used Strata 3D, exported to H.264 video which I converted to FLV with Flash CS3, and made a SWF header to play and loop the FLV video. Zen was used entirely, so I have a cs4party sub-zen-theme that is literally my first public Zen theme, ever. FYI, the site is Drupal 6.

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LA Drupal meetings (video podcast) on iTunes

Our video channel (provided by allows us to broadcast our videos in a feed for you, iTunes, Yahoo, and Adobe's Media Player. I've spent some time massaging these settings and we're now live on iTunes under the Podcast section. Subscribe or just feel free to download videos there.

The first videos that are listed are our May 2008 recordings of Scott Nelson covering the Services module and AMFPHP module (four parts).

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More LA Drupal meeting videos online

For those who don't know, LA Drupal has been posting our meeting videos over at and you can totally check out almost the entire meetings you missed or want to see over again. Tonight we are proud to announce Scott Nelson's four part recording from our May 2008 meeting. Scott covered the Services module, and the AMFPHP module for hooking up Ajax, XML-RPC, JSON, and Flex/Flash to Drupal.

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Introducing the Dash Media Player for Drupal CMS

Hello fellow Adobe enthusiasts...

This is a cross-post of a forum topic that I recently added about a brand new media player that I built for Drupal CMS ( Please forgive me for the cross-post, but I felt this topic has much relevance in this group. I basically created a Media Player that uses Services and the Views module to create and manage media playlists using Drupal CMS. I also created a project page at, and here is the homepage for the player... This player works with most if not all media modules in Drupal, and is able to query your views using remoting technology to construct its playlists on the fly. There are many other features, but those are discussed in the forum topic.

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Do you use Adobe Dreamweaver in your Drupal workflow?

Yes, for theme design.
22% (39 votes)
Yes, for module development.
1% (1 vote)
Yes, for both module and theme development.
17% (30 votes)
I don't use Dreamweaver.
61% (110 votes)
Total votes: 180
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