Multipage concept with single submit at last

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Anybody have information for mulitipage form?

Is there any module which provides facility compare to my requirement? and my requirement is given below:

There is module named wizard in CCK.My requirement is similar to that one.I have multiple forms and i want to allow user to add as many forms as they want (in new page not in same page)and at last to submit the form.

Wizard divides one form in different parts but i want different form in new pages with single submit at end.

Thanx in advance if anybody can give suggestion or clue.



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I think that the webform module will do what you want. It goes by the name "pagebreak". Just be aware that users are not creating nodes when they submit the form.

About webform

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Thanx for nice reply.

I think it works but if i have some limited form pages.
But in my requirement user can add as many forms as they want.Its not fix.
So may you give me clue how to set this requirement with webform ?

Thanx in advance.

Drupal Rocks! --zeal

Drupal Rocks! --zeal

some options

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If you really mean that you want users to add forms (not form fields) then you just need to grant "create webform" access to the authenticated user role, or whichever role you want to have permission to create new forms.

If you mean that you want to allow users to add form fields, then you need to go a different route. If it's a series of the same thing (like, list attendees, or something) then with webform, I think you would have to create a bunch of fields for the user to fill out, maybe 10 or so, and they just wouldn't have to fill them all in.

If you want it to be a bit more dynamic, like, you don't add the additional fields until you need them, then you you'll need to use a whole different set of modules. You can use CCK to add the multiple text fields option. I think you just set "allow multiple" when creating the field. But you'll have to so a lot of other configuration to replicate all of the functionality that is in webform, such as email delivery, reports & stuff. "Actions" can get you there for the email delivery I think.

If you could reply again and let us know which way you meant, and which route you're considering taking, I would really appreciate it. Good luck!

Make a wizard

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If you wants to make a wizard like form which conatins many steps with each step having next or continue buttons and after last all data of forms submited with only one submit button at last of the wizard.For this you can use prodrupal 6.x book.Code for make a wizard form is on page no 247.Try it..........

Can the Webform..?

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There's something more i need the Webform to have
1. Partial Form Submission - In case the User couldn't submit the form successfully, the data in other stages would be lost. For example: Power failure
2. Autocomplete fields
3. Grid of Checkboxes, Textfields, select boxes, autocomplete fields
4. Displaying form fields beside Labels

How can the above be possible?

Grid of Textfields

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"3. Grid of Checkboxes, Textfields, select boxes, autocomplete fields"

This is a great question. I am searching for a way to do a grid of textfields.
i.e. the name or address section of this form:

I would love to know how to do this.

Grid of Textfields

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Seems they are over it. Even though it is SUPER necessary in the world of forms, they are going to hold out til Drupal 7. The lack of this feature kicks out a large number of forms that could be used IMO. damn you devs, damn you ::grin:: j/k.

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