Fall Drupal BBQ ® hosted by likewhoa!

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2011-11-06 14:35 - 23:55 UTC
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Well SUMMER is about finished but the weather and good energy has not cold down just yet, so in the spirit of having fun and being social I am hosting a BBQ on a beautiful upper east home with a private deck and rooftop with plenty of space to mingle, drink, talk, drink, laugh and just have some fun times.

This is an open-source BBQ therefore it requires some dependencies in the form of donations and what I ask of you is to bring just 2 items to show your appreciation. These 2 items are:

  1. Beer or Liquor
  2. Food offering

You are welcome to bring 1 friend with you to this event but make sure they know to bring some offerings ;)

There will be plenty of food, places to sit, drinks and good music. There will be a few DJ friends which I plan on convince to DJ for us all ;)

I hope to see you all there on this FALL season, but hopefully I won't see anyone fall from drunkeness which will be ok unless they fall on top of the CAKE!

When: November 6th, 2011 @ 2:21pm
Where: 238 east 77th st, Penthouse B, New York, New York
Contact Info: Call 347-927-5477 if you get lost.

P.S The offerings don't have to be expensive, they can be small offerings but keep in mind these offerings will be enjoyed by everyone so keep this in mind when choosing them ;)

I am going supply burgers and salad for this BBQ, plus some drinks so anything else you can bring besides the above will be appreciated.

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Sounds good! :)

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Sounds good! :)

Looking Forward to it.

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Looking Forward to it.

Very nice idea!

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Sounds like fun but I will have just completed the NYC Marathon that day so may not have the legs to make it there. Copious quantities of protein sound advisable.

BTW, address cit. in body says 'upper west' but address is on upper east

Joe Bachana
First Employee at DPCI
1560 Broadway
NY, NY 10036

fixed, and good luck at

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fixed, and good luck at marathon :) if you can make it uptown there will be freshly cold beer for you and some protein for your muscles.

bending technology to fit businesses.

Yeah!! Ill bring some whisky.

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Yeah!! Ill bring some whisky.

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com

New York City

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