Code Sprint Following DrupalCamp NJ

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2012-02-05 10:00 - 17:00 America/New_York
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Due to popular demand, we will have a code sprint on the day following the upcoming DrupalCamp NJ on Sunday, February 5th. The sprint will focus primarily around Drupal 8 core issues, but obviously other sprint groups can form as well.

The exact location is TBD, but will be on the Princeton University campus, near to where the camp is being held, from 10 am to 5 pm. Please "Sign up" here if you plan to attend so we have an estimate of how much space we will need.

If you live in or near Princeton, NJ, or if you are staying overnight after the camp, please join in the fun. Everyone who is interested in contributing to Drupal is welcome.


Looking forward to DrupalCamp NJ Code Sprint...

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First code sprint, first exposure to Drupal 8....



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Looking forward to it.

If people are interested, I

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If people are interested, I can organize a "Help contribute to Drupal" for people that may not be comfortable with the code sprint. Things like helping on, support, documentation, debugging, testing, patches, etc. Things that beginners, and non-coders, might feel more comfortable with. There are lots of things that people of all skill levels can do to contribute. Let me know if you are interested.

Help Contribute to Drupal

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This is what I have been hoping to see.

I am in Pennsylvania and not attending the NJ/NY camp but will still like to attend a presentation of this kind.
Is it necessary to attend the previous days to be eligible?

Sign me up...

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Very interested in 'Help Contribute to Drupal'...

Sign me up...

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Very interested in 'Help Contribute to Drupal'...

Session for DrupalCampNJ at Princeton?

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David, "Help Contribute to Drupal.." would be an awesome presentation for the sessions at DrupalCampNJ!! (for those of us who can't make the code sprint this time, but plan to in the future) -- I, for one would definitely attend!

Ooh, this code sprint snuck

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Ooh, this code sprint snuck in here without me realizing. Are first-time core contributors welcome, and are there any primers for the issues we'll be targeting? I'm an experienced contrib maintainer and would like to attend.

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