Drupal NYC Meetup - July 2, 2014

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2014-07-02 18:30 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

When? Wednesday July 2nd, 6:30 - 9:00 PM

What? Special Drupal NYC Meetup in honor of Independence Day.

5 Times Square, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10036
You must sign up! Make sure your Full Name is on your profile. Your name is needed for Security!

Bar Catalonia (at Equity Point Hotel)
206 W 41st St
New York, NY 10036

Please remember to register using the signup button on this page. (You have to be logged in.) Note that signing up on meetup.com does not register you for the meeting, you must rsvp on groups.drupal.org. Final list will be given to the venue at 10pm on May 6th (the evening before the meetup)


  • Lightning talks on Civic Software, OpenGov & Software Freedom
  • In honor of Independence Day (which is 2 days after the meetup) and in recognition of Drupal's prolific use as a platform for Civic Engagement, Open Government and Social Impact, as well as its support of the "4 software freedoms," our presentations this month will all revolve around these topics.

    This will be an especially interesting meeting to anyone working in the space of Open Data or Civic-minded projects. Come network and celebrate the freedoms made possible by Drupal and related software platforms.

    • Dept of Energy case study - Chauncey
    • 6 Months of Drupal on the NYC Council - Ben Kallos
    • Rotary.org CMS selection - MDorman
    • Civic Hacking (BetaNYC, Code for America) - NoNeck

  • Main Presentations
  • Have a topic that needs more then 5-10 minutes? Sign up for a 20-30 minute talk. The basic idea is there are broader subjects or more detailed discussions this is the type of talk you would want to signup for, please mention 20 min talk when posting your talk description and the audience you expect to speak to. 20-30 min Talks do not have to be related to this month's topic.

    • Open Data Worldwide- Andrew Hoppin (NuAms)
    • Mobile Toolkit Demo - Jim Frederick (Advomatic)
    • Implementing Behat - Alexander Allen

  • Report from Drupalcon Austin
  • Various highlights from the largest Drupalcon ever, which just took place earlier this month in Austin, TX.

  • Break Out Sessions
  • Breakout sessions take place in the "other room" and are more informal, covering any number of topics.

  • New 2 Drupal BOF table - New to Drupal? Bring your questions and problems for expert help. If you are new to Drupal and the talks don't apply to you some of us will take a group and talk with you about your issues.
  • Other ad hoc breakout BOFs - Have an interest? Start a BOF at a break out table
    Signup Instructions!:
    Use the signup button on this page to RSVP and watch this space for an update with any special instructions.

    When?: Wednesday July 2nd, 6:30 - 9:00 PM

    5 Times Square, 9th Floor
    New York, NY 10036
    You must sign up! Make sure your Full Name is on your profile. Your name is needed for Security!


    Bitcoin + Drupal = New Opportunities & Possibilities

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    Hi everyone!... haven't given a presentation in some time. If slots are still open, put me down for this:

    ** Bitcoin + Drupal = New Opportunities & Possibilities **

    Will be going over a few topics relating to Bitcoin and how its applicable to Drupal. Topics that I'll be going over:

    • Short Bitcoin intro for newbies
    • Overview of a few Bitcoin related modules

    • Ideas for Bitcoin + Drupal
      -- Issue que tipping + crowdfunding
      -- Drupal stack exchange site = vote ups = btc = incentivized support

    • What's coming next in crypto - Decentralized Assets
      -- A Drupal Colored Coin

    Demo of Mobile Toolkit App for Unions

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    Advomatic recently made a web app for union organizers to collect data in the field. I can demo that and explain a few of the architectural decisions we made.

    Break Out Session: Behat

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    Yes. We got some at Drupalcon Austin, and we want more!

    Per @Mai's suggestion - I'll be reporting on my research of how to implement Behat in Drupal.

    Things I'll cover:

  • Composer: solving ur dependency hell
  • Behat YAML: using profiles to troubleshoot your own testing
  • Features: how to use the Drupal Extension project to save time when writing feature steps!
  • Custom contexts: where all your special sauce goes into
  • This Drupalcon presentation (From User Personas to Testing: A Project Manager's Journey Towards Behat) gives you the best-possible high level introduction to behat in drupal. I'll be diving more deep into the technical elements and challenges you'll be working with on a daily basis when using Drupal.

    Bring a laptop and I'll help you get started!

    Things you should bring if you want to get your hands dirty:
    - A virtualized LAMP environment such as Kalabox, CentOS on Fusion, or Ubuntu on VBox, etc.
    - Globally installed composer (on your virtual machine), but I can help you with that as well.

    Session slides

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    I have posted the link to the session slides on the Drupal NYC google community. It's open for anyone to edit the presentation and add links or suggestions. Kudos to @ericduran and @stevenmerrill for their past work on this subject!


    LOCATION CHANGED!!! Now at NBCUniversal

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    Just a big note to everyone, the location has changed from CPXInteractive to NBCUniversal, see above for details!


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    BetaNYC - NYC's civic hacker network

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    Hello friends, I would like to present on how you can take your developer and design skills and apply them to improving NYC.

    At the meetup, I would love to talk about BetaNYC, a non-profit organization that is making government more accessible. I would like to present projects that the community is working on and how the Drupal community can help.


    i heart drupal

    Links to my slides and URLs.

    noneck's picture

    Slides can be located at:

    BetaNYC URLs:
    * Join & volunteer with us: http://bit.ly/betanyc-drupal
    * Meetup List: http://meetup.com/betaNYC
    * Dev List: http://bit.ly/beatnyc-dev
    * Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/groups/betanyc

    Code for America Fellowship Application
    * Deadline - July 15
    * http://bit.ly/cfa-2015-apply

    BetaNYC Projects:
    * Projects Page: http://projects.BetaNYC.us
    * People’s Roadmap to a Digital NYC: http://nycroadmap.us
    * NYC Tax Map: http://nyctaxmap.herokuapp.com
    * Child Care Map: http://childcaremap.github.io/NYCdaycare/
    * NYC Taxi Map: http://a.tiles.mapbox.com/v3/enf.1csaif6r/page.html#11/40.7426/-73.9528
    * Usable Crime Data: http://nyc.pediacities.com/Resource/CommunityStats/Greenpoint?tab=4
    * Budget (machine readable): https://github.com/BetaNYC/budgetBuddy
    * Dangerous Roads: http://dangerousroadsnyc.com

    i heart drupal

    NYCCamp working group sessions

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    Also at the meetup we plan to spend some time working on a few things to prepare for the 2015 NYCCamp website (Content strategy, and Web architecture).


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    I think we should leave the monthly meetings as just that. We already meet twice a month plus other meetings. This means organizers must decide between presentations and Camp issues.

    Over 50 signups so far, see

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    Over 50 signups so far, see the full list here => https://groups.drupal.org/node/428473/signups/list

    ps. I post this because a lot of people don't see the tab on the top that says "signups".

    New 2 Drupal BOF table

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    I want to point out that if someone is new to Drupal they probably have no idea what a BOF table is.

    Maybe we could change "New 2 Drupal BOF table" to something like "Drupal for Noobs breakout session"

    CMS Selection Lightning Talk

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    I gave a lightning talk at DrupalCon that I could shorten a bit for the 10 minute format. It reviews at an obviously abbreviated way the process Rotary.org went through to switch from a fully .Net shop to selecting Drupal as their platform of choice. Rotary's story would be a very on topic discussion this month I think.

    Sr. Vice President | NorthPoint Digital | northpointdigital.com| 212-819-1700

    What time do the lightning

    JenniferDwinall's picture

    What time do the lightning talks & main presentations start?

    Core Sprint: Drupal 8 at the Jersey Shore

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    Wondering if I could make a quick announcement about this upcoming sprint event on July 12 -13.
    Registration at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drupal-8-at-the-jersey-shore-tickets-118730...
    Event Details at http://jerseyshoredrupal.github.io

    Hi All, I have to submit the

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    Hi All,

    I have to submit the list to security today, sadly there's no place where I can broadcast a message to only the attendees.

    There are a few people that do not have their Full Name in the list. The security guards will check ID, please be sure to update your First & Last name on your groups.drupal.org profile.

    Please check https://groups.drupal.org/node/428473/signups to make sure your full name is listed.


    full name

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    I have updated my profile with my full name but I can't get my full name to populate the signup form. It is Michael Cooper.

    Sorry, you signed up too

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    Sorry, you signed up too late. The list was already submitted.

    Please do try to come next month.

    late signup

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    Is it true that the venue got the signup at 10pm last night- so signing up today is too late?

    Yes this is true. Sorry.

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    Yes this is true. Sorry.

    Hi All, The actual signup

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    Hi All,

    The actual signup list was submitted early this morning. I did try to add as many people as I could as late as possible. The last person to make it was #75 in the sign up list.

    If you didn't make it I'm really sorry.

    If you sign up but you don't have your Full Name, you should be ok since I google/search/etc for your actual name and made sure your Full name was available on the final list.

    I'm truly sorry for those that didn't make it.

    The reason we do the early cut-off is because there's a bit of a process for us to get everyone's name into the system.

    Were you able to get names

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    Were you able to get names for everyone that signed up but didn't have the full name in the drupal.org profile?

    signup cutoff

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    In the future it would be helpful to know when the actual cutoff is.

    Thanks @MikeBC, We'll be sure

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    Thanks @MikeBC, We'll be sure to make that more clear next time.

    What time do the lightning

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    What time do the lightning talks & main presentations start?

    We try to start the lightning

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    We try to start the lightning rounds by 18:45. It's sometimes closer to 19:00.

    Thank you!

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    Thank you!

    Hi All, One last post, There

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    Hi All,

    One last post, There were 4 names that sign up in time but I couldn't find their actual Full names so I had to cut those names from the list.

    Usernames: eg2234, biggs0125, chancakes.

    I'm sorry.

    I should mention. biggs0125 &

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    I should mention.

    biggs0125 & chancakes are actually on the meeting list with security.

    eg2234 was the only one that didn't make it.

    AWS cors issue

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    If you have experience with AWS cors can you see me tonight
    I am having trouble uploading a file larger than 28 megs. We have upped the php and suhosin limits.

    i guess i didn't make the

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    i guess i didn't make the slots for the presentations.. if anyone wants to discuss about bitcoin related stuff. i can start a BOF for it if anyone wants.

    PhantomJS package

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    Is there any chance @smerrill can post a link to that sweet, sweet PhantomJS package he mentioned last night?

    Maybe looking forward to integrate that into one of next month's meetup boff session :P

    New York City

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