DrupalNYC Meetup -- March.10th

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2010-03-10 18:30 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

7 World Trade Center, 29th Floor (Mansueto Ventures)



Who are you? What do you want to learn here?
Presentation: Freelance in NYC as Drupaler ---- by orbgasm
Presentation: Bartik and Drupal 7, a demo of Bartik ---- by jensimmons
Free slot, post your ideas!
Drupal Drinks and Drupal Fun at Dakota Roadhouse

Signup closes midnight of the day before the event. We don have the luxury anymore to add the "last minute" attendees


Revision3 meet?

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It seems that the meetup hits on the same day as the Revision3 NYC meetup. Maybe Drupal NYC should crash their party and convert their website to Drupal!

they definitely do need

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they definitely do need something a little snazzier

Can't wait

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Can someone please give me some feedback? Is this the right place for me? I have a long mainframe background, programming, system design and analysis, operations..... quite different from a Drupal environment although project life cycle is pretty much the same whatever you do. I did quite a bit of reading up on drupal.org and other resources. I saw a lot of tutorials and videos. I performed a lot of the standard tasks on localhost.
I was told the Meetup is a good place to get advice, tips, and direction to find the path to real world Drupal.
I wanted to attend the last meeting but couldn't make it because of the snow storm. Can someone please shed some light so I am not completely in the dark for the next 2 weeks?

Same situation

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Your description of your background is simular to mine. I have many years of development experience and most of that is database oriented. I also have a strong methodology background and have been having difficulty in trying to figure out how to fit Drupal with what I believe are good application architecture practices.

I have been able to get some functionality in a web site working, but what I really am interested in is trying to come up with an application design and development methodology that works with Drupal (not so much for content management but more for classical data processing applications or for integrating Drupal with existing applications and/or wrapping such applications with a community and content management front end via Drupal).

Hopefully we will be able to compare some notes.

couple of jobs in westchester county

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Edit by litwol: Do not post job offers in meetup event. Please use the link on top right block "Create Job"

I edited out your comment

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I edited out your comment because this is inappropriate place to post job offers.

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com

hopefully it does not snow or

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hopefully it does not snow or rain again! the past 2 meetups i went to it was raining. im glad i went to the previous snowstorm one, learned alot.

Looking forward to it

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I am looking forward to this meeting. I am working on my first Drupal project and we are launching this new corporate site in a month. I would like to discuss a few things related to this site.

I'm going to talk a bit about

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I'm going to talk a bit about freelancing in NYC as a Drupaler and a bit about contracts too. I will NOT get into Freelance Union stuff, I'm going to focus more on the ease of pitching a Drupal site, and how hungry people in NYC have become over time for a CMS that is affordable and scalable.

Far as the contracts bit is concerned I'm going to show an example of the kind of contract that I use, along with a loose layout of of the kind of proposals I use, depending on the client. This is inclusive of the kind of 'packages' I offer depending on the client type (artist, night life venue, rock band, designer, IRA/401K Insurance company, etc), just to give people an idea how people really respond well to that instead of the ever-so-scary 'hourly-rate' talk that accompanies the pitching phase.

I'm not going to focus on what is good or better depending on the client type, but want to show how there are so many modules that work happily together that even beginners at Drupal can use to build a kick-ass looking site, and that will generally appease the clients' needs from the get go.

I'll show a couple of examples too, if requested. Just a way of showing how the design and stuff came out compared to what was requested, required, etc.

Feel free to help me out with this!

This sounds good but if your

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This sounds good but if your eyes are going to bleed during the presentation, can I bring my 3D glasses? ;)

bending technology to fit businesses.

Sure. If you want I'll do the

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Sure. If you want I'll do the projectile blood shooting out of my face thing too, but keeping this in context, I only do that for clients in the horror-entertainment industry. Also, I'm not sure how Mansueto will react to a puddle of blood when they get in the next day.

This will probably end up

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This will probably end up being a more mature conversation/talk for the freelancer than anything else. I think the concept of making money is generally one of least discussed concepts in the open source community. Being we're able to create anything we want, and charge whatever we want, it's important to remember that some of us feed ourselves with this money directly and might not have the steady paycheck to lean on. Separating myself from an employer was the most difficult and liberating things that has ever happened to me and i have learned a lot since my first contract.

I'll be there just to hear and support orb.

hit me up if you want to go over what you have so far.

Mike Nichols
My Own Soho, LLC

Thanks, I can use your input

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Thanks, I can use your input - we definitely see eye to eye on a lot of stuff (besides Drupal too)

I totally agree and this is a

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I totally agree and this is a great idea from orb, we should all learn from each other, not just in design and development but also in business aspect of the industry.

bending technology to fit businesses.

I would definitely be

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I would definitely be interested in your presentation.

Not sure if you are going to cover it with your contract presentation, but I would also be interested in knowing how you approach post-website development, i.e. , website maintenance, upgrades, backups, new development, business best practices, etc.

How about discussing elements outside of the typical economy (barter, community currency, time dollars, etc.)?
Or do Drupal businesses still only transact in national currencies?

Most of the

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Most of the pre-development/pitch phase + contract is really centered around ensuring the project goes smoothly, but also somewhat related to post-project stuff as well. Stuff like 'This proposal does NOT include HTML instruction, maintenance fees, etc,' is aimed exactly at that. I am not really focusing on that bit as much, I think that's mostly up to the designer/developer to decide. Keep in mind different industries have different needs; an artist's site will need much less maintenance down the road than say, a user-heavy database site for an insurance company.

Also, I trade websites for tattoos and free beer all the time, so I'm totally open to talking about that, but outside of the stuff I want to present :) The bar down the road after the meetup usually results in such conversations!

Definitely. I'll keep my

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Definitely. I'll keep my questions on topic during or immediately after your presentation.

You trade websites for tattoos and free beer?
Please give me a call before the meet up, if you can (201) 362-9836.
Or, if you prefer pem: Tom (at) ComConMedia.com

I'm very interested in this.

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I've missed a couple meetups due to conflicts, but I'll be there next week!

I would also be interested (with this or another time) in a discussion of career paths, kinds of positions, non-freelance employment working with Drupal or web development.

Looking forward to this

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I'm a newbie but want to interact with more experienced developers and am open to learning from others.

I'd like to present Bartik, a

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I'd like to present Bartik, a new theme for Drupal 7 core. I'll show off what it looks like, what is does, and explain where in the process of finishing Bartik we are. It's not in core yet, but hopefully will get in!


I planned to present Bartik last month, but left Manhattan early because of the giant pile of snow.

Was just looking at Bartik today!

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Looking forward to seeing more at the meetup. Just a quick glance at Bartik and I'm already 100% more knowledgeable about D7 theming.

i love it looking forward to

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i love it
looking forward to moar

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I am using NodeReferrer with Views and would like to sort the referencing nodes (I am displaying the referencing nodes as a comma delimited list inside the one column of the view table).

I understand this can be done with by modifying the sort handler in a hook_views_data function. I am not quite sure how this would work because the NodeReferrer part of the query seems to be processing in a preprocessor and is not part of the view query at all (at least not part of the view query that is visible in the View Configuration Screen).

I am hoping someone might be attending that might be able to show me how to manipulate the query that will be performed when the View is invoked so that I can sort the subquery results related to getting the node referrers before they are handed off to the main view query.


I was thinking of attending

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I was thinking of attending but a couple of things came up. I don't want to hijack this thread but what you want to do is modified the query with the hook_views_pre_execute function. In that function you can modified the query to your liking. If you want you can create a discussion and I can walk you through it there.

edit: I just re-read your question. It seems like you just want to sort the results within the node-ref field. Is this right? If so why not just do it with a template overwrite? (anyways if you want to continue discussing this lets move to a discussion)

hey there! Jen just told me

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hey there! Jen just told me about the event. I was hoping there was a way to still get in? my name and infos is in my d.o profile

i would also like to

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come to this event! thanks!

Great meetup

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Thanks to jensimmons and orbgasm for their presentations! Both were great! Looking forward to the links from orbs presentation.

Thanks — it really was a great meetup!

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The presentations were really excellent! Bartik looks amazing (keeping my fingers crossed that it makes core!!!) ... and it was interesting to see a best-practices for legal-ese in the freelance world. (Yikes!) Thanks again...I'm a newbie, but everyone was really cool!

loved it

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Thank you guys for the presentation. Both jensimmons and orbgasm had very interesting things to say and show.

It was also great meeting some of you guys out there. I look forward in going to the next meetup.


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Thanks for the great presentations! Was my first meetup and I was glad to see so many people there who are passionate about the same things.

Jen's presentation opened my eyes to some cool features of Drupal 7 that I'm now really excited about. Bartik looks pretty slick. Sure would be nice to skip that moment of "GACK!" when you first install Drupal and try to hide Garland before your client sees it.

I've been freelancing for 8 years now, and I found Orb's presentation very interesting both from a perspective of "been there done that" and "oh, I never thought of it that way". Definitely interested in continuing that conversion online.

Kevin Danenberg

New York City

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