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Improve D.O. profile page: remove links that say "These pages have been disabled due to high traffic..."

To improve the friendliness of the individual profile page, it would be great to convert some of the non-used links into plain text. It is disappointing to have a lot of links that all give me the same, non-informative message when I click on them, namely: "These pages have been disabled due to high traffic. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks!"

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Make Module Install Process Easier

After encountering this error message: elFinder library was not found. Please download it from and install to . (Currently using elFinder Not found) and having had to futz with the placement of various external files to get things like the WYSIWYG plugin and PLUPLOAD plugin working, I had an idea.

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Wheels To Borrow Instead of Reinvent

There are some things that other pieces of software do really really well. When you can borrow or copy their wheel, why go to the trouble of building your own from scratch?

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Survey: Blocks & layouts from D7 to D8

Hi all,

I have created a survey for my presentation on Blocks & Layouts at Drupal Dev Days Szeged.

If you want to share your take on dealing with Blocks & Layouts in Drupal 7 and your perspective on Drupal 8, go ahead and fill this one out:

Also feel free to share my tweet

Did I miss any options in the survey? I'd be happy to received some feedback and will keep you posted with the results and my slides after Drupal Dev Days.


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New admin menu/navigation paradigm


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UX Lead for the Community Tools Team

Hi all,

the Software Working Group is looking for a UX Lead for the future Community Tools Team.

More information about the team is at: and

Let us know if you are interested or know someone who might be!

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A newbie question - UI module advice

I want to publish a module i wrote in propose of improving drupal site's administrator UX. Is this group the right place to ask for some advice with it? If not, where in is the right place?

I searched for something like explanation of the group's rules and did'nt find (maybe I did'nt know where to look). If this post is against the rules you can 'course delete it.

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Clipboard integration

I've made a short video how it works in WP when you buy a commercial product called Image Elevator. I was in luck to have beta test it and now i use it on my blog. Using it (like on Gmail) is just amazing - it makes writing a blog post really fast and natural as using MS Word. it is under 1 minute

If this could be achieved in Drupal it would be a killer feature for all content creators.

The nearest implementation I've found is filefield sources (with clipboard) + insert, but it is not as sleek as seen on video.

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Trying out a new tool for surfacing good ideas

It's been a pet peeve of mine for a long time that, while D.O and G.D.O have a lot of great ways to add ideas and discuss them there's really no efficient way of collectively prioritizing the ones we should focus our efforts on.

I have spent a lot of time trying out different tools that do this, as well as trying to design and build them. We may at some point reach a home-grown solution, but in the meantime I have found a very simple and effective tool that I'm trying out. It's called Tricider. I've posted an initial question here:

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Mobile CMS Screen Shots of Joomla Mobile Admin on iPhone 5s

These are screenshots of Joomla Mobile Admin on the iPhone 5s. Descriptions of each photo are below the screen shots.

This is what you see when you first open the app. It's a list of all of your sites.

These are functions of the sites and things you can do with them.

This appears to be a list of articles on your site.

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Mobile CMS Screen Shots of Alfresco on iPhone 5s

These are screenshots from the Alfresco app on the iPhone 5s. Descriptions of the photos will be below the screen shots.

This is a list of the websites you have joined or are a part of.

This is a list of all the folders and documents in your website.

You can create content directly in the app.

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Drupal Developer |

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We are located next to Cal Train @ California stop.
Please, no agencies. Direct candidates only. This is an on-site position only.

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Mobile CMS Screen Shots of Wordpress on iPhone 5s

The following screenshots are from the Wordpress app on the iPhone 5s. I only have good things to say about this app. All descriptions of photos will be under the picture.

This is the page after you login. Very simple, self-explanatory, and the design is really nice.

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Findings from D8 UX study: Moving between site and admin interface (overlay alternative)


For this study, wanted to learn how well content editors could move between admin and non-admin pages, using the patch proposed in Issue #787896, an alternative to Overlay. We recruited 7 participants with experience building or managing content in CMSs. Their Drupal experience ranged from none to many years, but all of them were satisfied, neutral or unaware about the Overlay (that is, none of the participants were dissatisfied with it).

Executive summary

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Sidelook to the Typo3-Future: uxvision-for-the-next-typo3-cms

Just got a Slideshare-Message with that one:

UX-Vision for the next TYPO3 CMS from Jens Hoffmann

It´s worth to have a look.

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Why admin menu module is still not included in the Drupal core?

I found and loved admin menu module during Drupal 6 ages.
This module became so popular and I was sure that it will be included in Drupal 7 core.

The main strong point of admin menu that we can open any level of Drupal admin in one click.

But now I can see that admin menu is not even in Drupal 8 core.


I'm sure that it is sufficient reason to include it in Drupal core.


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Seven Style Guide update

A few months ago in February we proposed a style guide for the Seven theme, we are now well underway. This is a recap and look ahead.

The objectives of the Style Guide are:

  • Identify Drupal core values that we can use to determine the look & feel for the Seven theme.
  • Unify the visual language in Seven and ensure the overall look-and-feel supports the core values.
  • Identify the visual and UI patterns used by Drupal core so that they form a conscious, shared language for us to built upon.
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Looking for resources for a D8UX session at UX Camp Brighton


In my continual efforts to spread the Drupal word here in Brightoncisco I've signed up to the forthcoming UX Camp Brighton where everyone does a session, and I decided to do mine on D8UX:

I've got a couple of weeks to sort out my session - I'm a bit out of my depth here as I mostly deal with 3rd party API integrations ;) so if anyone has any handy links / videos / etc. which could be of use do please post them here!


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D8 UX study: Moving between site and admin interface (overlay alternative)

We are planning to run a usability study with 12 participants on Drupal 8 based on the issue #787896 Add a link so that administrators can return to their most recently visited non-admin page. The Drupal 8 will be a default installation, with the addition of the patch posted in comment #64, and some basic content to give the participant something to work with.

In particular, we want to learn from three types of people (content editors that use Overlay, site builders that use Overlay, content creators without Drupal experience):



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Need your help: BadCamp UX/ UI Summit 2013 on October 25, Friday

Hello everyone,

The UX/UI Summit at BadCamp is back again for it's second year. And boy, are we excited or what! This year's summit is going to feature two tracks: 2 workshops and 5 sessions with the goal to educate the community in the matters of UX (note: accessibility is also a part of UX!) More information:

If you are planning to attend BadCamp, we would strongly encourage to attend the event.

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