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Offer to help with D8 UX and Usability testing and improvements

Hello everyone,

First a public apology to all those within the community I offended and in other ways behaved badly against last time, few years back, around. It is not an excuse, but I was then on my way straight into the wall and towards a personal meltdown which has taken until now to feel sure that the risk for backlashes is under control, including to know I will handle things better this time around.

Please feel free to contact me privately if there is anything you need me to explain further. I would be happy to discuss and clear up any remaining issues you have.

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Formal usability testing of Drupal 8 at the University of Minnesota Usability Lab, 22nd–25th June

On the 23rd–25th of June, just before Twin Cities Drupal Camp, we will be conducting usability testing focusing on Drupal 8 at the University of Minnesota. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the current state of Drupal 8 and identify issues that can be resolved before release, or require much of our attention after release.

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U of MN : Possible Usability Study 2015

2015-05-12: We discussed this at DrupalCon LA. See update below.

Camp organizers for Twin Cities Drupal Camp are in contact with the University of Minnesota Usability Lab about the possibility of another usability study there in connection with this years camp/sprints!

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Experiences performing user tests with Drupal prototypes

I have been working on a project recently where we have been performing user tests against Drupal prototypes. The audience is a mix of people from regular users of Drupal to marketers who have never seen the platform.

We are seeing a trend where people are regularly distracted and/or confused by things within Drupal core's interface. One example is we designed a test where users would edit a node and change the workflow state. Users found it challenging to even find where to go to edit the node.

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Mobile/Tablet drag'n drop solution

Hi there,
I made a suggestion for mobile and tablet drag'n drop solutions for menus etc.
You will find all details in the post:
I am happy to get feedback and find someone to implement this.
Thanks, cheers from Bogota,

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Mobile CMS screenshots of Owaves on iPad

Owaves has very good user interface elements for managing their content, some of this can be used as inspiration for Drupal's mobile user interface. Owaves is somewhat useful but makes it attractive because of its great UX. The Ux in the app Owaves is a colorful and easy to understand one. The use circles and bright figures to help give visuals. You will see a single screen shot below as it is the only screen on the app. All activities happen on this screen.

  1. The app has very clean shapes that help put a lot information while still providing a good UX
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Mobile CMS screenshots of EveryDay on Ipad

EveryDay has very good user interface elements for managing their content, some of this can be used as inspiration for Drupal's mobile user interface. This apps functionality is to organize tasks and activity. The app has an excellent CMS that focuses on simplicity and minimal design. The app has a very good functionality because of the organisation of the minimal Icons. Below is the three best parts of UX in the EveryDay app.

  1. The app has a minimalist design only giving needed information

  2. Icons were small and clearly described the task

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How can we improve frontend sprints at Drupal events?

At DrupalCamp Ghent, we held a very small frontend BOF, with myself, Laurii, Emma.maria, and guest frontender Xano.

It quickly became a retrospective on the Friday sprints that took place at DrupalCon Amsterdam. The collective thoughts were not positive. It felt like we fell way short of our goals and potential for the Friday sprint. Drupalcon Friday sprints are about introducing people to sprinting and it feels like we failed badly at that.

Here were some of the problems:

  • Newbies did not get enough help
  • The few people helping the newbies did not get enough support
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Mobile CMS screenshots of Litely on iPad

Litely has very good user interface elements for managing their content, some of this can be used as inspiration for Drupal's mobile user interface. I tried the CMS on Litely photo editing app. Below are screenshots of the app's core functionalists. This app , as the screenshots show, has a very good design that uses contrasting colors and very light translucent icon. The app has a very good user experience is these ways:

  1. The app has an easy and lightweight design that makes you feel more immersed in the experience
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Product & UX specialist | ONE Agency

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed


Kañooh helpt de Vlaamse overheid om sneller en efficiënter websites te bouwen. Wij ontwikkelen een gebruiksvriendelijk content management systeem gebaseerd op Drupal, dat beantwoordt aan de individuele noden van Vlaamse overheidsinstellingen. Als Product & UX specialist ben je verantwoordelijk voor het kañooh CMS, de product roadmap en, in mindere mate, het uitvoeren van informatie architectuur projecten bij klanten.

Meer specifiek

· Je vervult een cruciale rol in onze organisatie als bewaker van ons kañooh CMS, de interface en functionaliteit.

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Amsterdam UX Sprint: Ideas for 2014-2015

At Amsterdam Drupalcon, a group of UX designers and usability specialists (lisarex, yoroy, danigrrl, lewisnyman, bojhan, dagmar and others) met to decide on some goals for moving Drupal UX forward in 2014-2015.

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Internal Collaboration Tools Officer | Oxfam

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

Love coding but hate injustice? Join us!

One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty.

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Drupal Community Involvement Study

As part of my rapidly-finishing Master’s studies, and my work on the Drupal Community Tools Team, I'm conducting research into the experiences of Drupal community members, specifically in terms of contributing. Your feedback is needed!

You can take the survey here: Thank you so much!

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Add favorite/heart toggle and user rating to module contrib page

Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure where the best place to ask this question is - so forgive me if this isn't the best place. Has a discussion already been started about improving upon the current module page? If so can you kindly point me to it?

If not, what do you guys think about adding a favorite/heart toggle feature and user rating feature to module contrib page?

I use a similar feature on ( and ( to save and organize modules that I come across while searching for themes/plugins.

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Redesigned profile page: your feedback needed!

Hi everyone! We're in the process of redesigning the profile page on, and we need the community's feedback! You can find the issue at:

Specific feedback needed:

  1. Assuming that we're keeping the current theme, does the organization of information make sense on the page?
  2. Is there any new information we should be collecting on profiles? Since this will require refactoring several of the data elements in profiles, we have a great opportunity to allow users to show/share more about themselves.
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Make default publishing options optional

Over the years, most of my clients have been confused by the default publishing options - Published, Promote to frontpage, and Sticky at top of lists - appearing on all content types. I think it is great that these options are available in core, but I can say for projects I work on we rarely use these on more than one or two content types. I can understand how having options on the node form that aren't being used would be confusing for content editors.

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Improve D.O. profile page: remove links that say "These pages have been disabled due to high traffic..."

To improve the friendliness of the individual profile page, it would be great to convert some of the non-used links into plain text. It is disappointing to have a lot of links that all give me the same, non-informative message when I click on them, namely: "These pages have been disabled due to high traffic. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks!"

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Make Module Install Process Easier

After encountering this error message: elFinder library was not found. Please download it from and install to . (Currently using elFinder Not found) and having had to futz with the placement of various external files to get things like the WYSIWYG plugin and PLUPLOAD plugin working, I had an idea.

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Wheels To Borrow Instead of Reinvent

There are some things that other pieces of software do really really well. When you can borrow or copy their wheel, why go to the trouble of building your own from scratch?

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Survey: Blocks & layouts from D7 to D8

Hi all,

I have created a survey for my presentation on Blocks & Layouts at Drupal Dev Days Szeged.

If you want to share your take on dealing with Blocks & Layouts in Drupal 7 and your perspective on Drupal 8, go ahead and fill this one out:

Also feel free to share my tweet

Did I miss any options in the survey? I'd be happy to received some feedback and will keep you posted with the results and my slides after Drupal Dev Days.


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