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Looking for resources for a D8UX session at UX Camp Brighton


In my continual efforts to spread the Drupal word here in Brightoncisco I've signed up to the forthcoming UX Camp Brighton where everyone does a session, and I decided to do mine on D8UX:

I've got a couple of weeks to sort out my session - I'm a bit out of my depth here as I mostly deal with 3rd party API integrations ;) so if anyone has any handy links / videos / etc. which could be of use do please post them here!


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D8 UX study: Moving between site and admin interface (overlay alternative)

We are planning to run a usability study with 12 participants on Drupal 8 based on the issue #787896 Add a link so that administrators can return to their most recently visited non-admin page. The Drupal 8 will be a default installation, with the addition of the patch posted in comment #64, and some basic content to give the participant something to work with.

In particular, we want to learn from three types of people (content editors that use Overlay, site builders that use Overlay, content creators without Drupal experience):



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Need your help: BadCamp UX/ UI Summit 2013 on October 25, Friday

Hello everyone,

The UX/UI Summit at BadCamp is back again for it's second year. And boy, are we excited or what! This year's summit is going to feature two tracks: 2 workshops and 5 sessions with the goal to educate the community in the matters of UX (note: accessibility is also a part of UX!) More information:

If you are planning to attend BadCamp, we would strongly encourage to attend the event.

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Building landing pages for

This is the plan for building audience-specific landing pages on Calling all user researchers and content specialist: help us help site builders find their thing on Start with your thoughts on the approach outlined here.


The current structure and sheer amount of pages on make it hard for people to find the specific information they are looking for.

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Site builder landing page, step 1: Research

We want to build audience specific landing pages on The first one is for site builders. These people are having a hard time getting started, finding the right modules, learning how to use them etc.

To find out what content is needed to provide a sensible starting point for site builders, we need to find out what site builder needs are. So lets research those goals and needs first.

Rough timebox: september 2013


  • Pragmatic persona: simple profiles of beginner, intermediate & advanced site builder
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A proper UX strategy

What's your idea?

The community is doing an amazing work maintaining, improving and adding to the *.d.o infrastructure. But it is very much feature focused and where features often are looked at and implemented in isolation and from a technical point of view.

*.d.o has, according to, a cool million users. To provide a great UX for all of them and where they can focus on getting things done is without a doubt a challenge. A challenge I feel isn't really being taken completely serious.

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Drupal 8 Content Experience: Accessibility Findings

Drupal 8 Content Experience: Accessibility Findings


To conduct accessibility evaluation of Drupal 8 focussed on the content authoring experience (create content and edit content)


The study was conducted in July 2013 in two phases:
Phase 1: Evaluation with volunteer Drupal users with accessibility needs. The participants were given the testing script with scenario and were asked to report their feedback
Phase 2: Conduct 3-participant moderated usability study consistent with the testing script (mentioned above).

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Drupal UX BoF at Capital Camp 2013: Notes

Drupal UX BoF at CapitalCamp 2013

Attendee positives:

  • Drupal is getting better for marketers, content editors
  • Inline editing is great!
  • Style guide is good.

Attendee pain points:



  • Content Management – Finding content is difficult
  • Contrib modules breaks the experience
  • We need to identify those contrib modules that are focused on marketing modules
  • Dsheffler has done an evaluation on “People” section that uncovered a lot of messaging content.
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    Disabling the Google Translate "better translation" popup

    I am working on a site in Portuguese and using Google Translate since I don't know Portuguese.

    The problem is the annoying popup that appears when hovering over a link in the Admin Menu bar that covers the menu.

    I found and posted a solution here using the Adblock Plus extension for Chrome with a custom filter that blocks the popup

    The custom filter is "##div#goog-gt-tt"

    Hope this helps

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    UX happy hour, July 8: Testing, testing

    2013-07-08 22:00 - 23:00 Europe/Amsterdam

    Another weekly checkin about what's up in Drupal UX. Join us in IRC.


    Anything you would like to discuss? Let us know in the comments!

    Improve Drupal 8 user interface texts

    With APIs as good as frozen, it's time to take a step back and get an idea of what's all been added to Drupal core. The capabilities are there, now to expose and communicate them so that people understand what's going on and apply it to what they want to achieve.

    To most people the user interface is the application. All the machinery under the hood is taken for granted. It's easy to lose sight of this, but very important to keep in mind.

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    UX happy hour, July 1: frozen!

    2013-07-01 22:00 - 23:00 Europe/Amsterdam

    Join us in IRC to review last weeks work and plan for what to do next.

    With the Drupal 8 APIs (as good as) frozen, it's now time to clean up and clear up. Many new capabilities landed in core, now to shape the user interface in ways that help people understand and use them.

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    Comparative Multilingual Content Edit Experience Usability Study Findings

    Comparative Multilingual Content Edit Experience Study

    Focus of the study: To get answers to the following high-level questions:

    • How do users current translate content on Drupal?
    • How do users translate content on current Drupal 8 and current Spark translation feature?
    • Which version do the users prefer? Why?

    Number of participants: 3 (Acquia Internal), 3 (Partners/ Customers)
    Participant profile:

    • Participants who create/ translate multilingual content or have a need to do so in the near future
    • Participants have not used the current Drupal 8 and Spark translation feature

    Study Date: June 25-26, 2013

    Recruitment: Participants were recruited through internal e-mail and Acquia Sales contacts

    Compensation: No compensation was provided to the users

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    UX happy hour, June 24

    2013-06-24 22:00 - 23:00 Europe/Amsterdam

    Join us in IRC to discuss and review the most pressing UX issues before API freeze on Juli 1. And strategize for the clean up phase that starts then.

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    UX happy hour, June 17

    2013-06-17 22:00 - 23:00 Europe/Amsterdam

    Join us in IRC to discuss and review the most pressing UX issues before API freeze on Juli 1. And strategize for the clean up phase that starts then.

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    Drupal 8 Toolbar and Admin Information Architecture research study: your input needed!

    I plan to run a Drupal 8 Toolbar and Admin Information Architecture research study, to inform any improvements to the current Drupal 8 admin IA. The target participant is a site builder and/or heavy content creator.

    But first, what questions do you (or people you work with) want to know about the current IA? How people are using? When they are using? From what devices? Etc etc.

    Put all your questions you'd like to answered by this study in the comments below. If there are duplicate questions, great! That will help inform priorities.

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    Major UX risk - Modules in D8 might not be possible to disable

    For the last few months I have been following the progress of (Disabled modules are broken beyond repair) and issue that originally was created two years ago.

    In my opinion there is great risk this is going to turn into yet another UX nightmare for Drupal 8. The current course this issue is taking is that core wont have any UI for disabling modules. See the comment for resent info about this.

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    Usability in Drupal Resources

    Hi All
    I'm trying to write an article about Drupal and usability for UxTehran event which is all about usability. If you have any kind of useful resources please share.


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    Proposal based on observations from UX Hangout June 3rd

    I had a great time at the Monday UX meeting yesterday and I believe we accomplished a lot as well as made progress about many other important things. As this was the first time I attended from start to end, I would like to take this opportunity to present the good, the bad and the ugly from my fresh point of view.

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    Web Programmer and Developer | Cornell University ILR School

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    We are currently working on a major transition - moving from our old site built using a proprietary closed-source ColdFusion CMS (Windows, IIS, MS-SQL) on locally managed servers to a newly designed and architected site (mobile first) built with Drupal and hosted by Acquia Cloud. We're also moving from simultaneous direct developer access to "loosely" managed code on the live server to local development and distributed source control, collaboration, and deployment using Git; The ideal candidate will work hard to help us get there and beyond with our sanity and sense of humor intact.

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