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This group is for learning, teaching, and coordinating videocasts about Drupal. Videocasts are one of the most effective ways to engage and teach users or potential users of Drupal and are pretty easy to make. Join this group to learn how and pitch in.

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Drupal Trainer | Lullabot

Employment type: 
Full time

Lullabot is looking for a full-time Drupal teacher/builder to join the Drupalize.Me team. We're building the best online Drupal training resource you can find, as well as providing customized on-site training. The position involves implementing new features and doing fun things with our video training site, creating and editing video tutorials, working on curriculum and class materials, and doing live training for private workshops. You'll also be part of the awesome team at Lullabot, giving you an opportunity to learn and do lots of cool stuff in addition to teaching.

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Adobe MAX 2009 conference in Los Angeles, California

Adobe's annual MAX conference is taking place this October 4-7th in Los Angeles, CA. I will be presenting three Drupal related sessions at this conference for Adobe. Most of my sessions show people how to customize Drupal 6 through themes, modules, and its administration. My sessions are 1-1.5hrs, with one session being a lab (BYOL: Bring Your Own Laptop Lab).

Adobe MAX is a paid conference, and has something like over 200 sessions. Early bird discount still available (as of this writing).
Only local images are allowed.

My sessions are:

  • Customizing Drupal Using Dreamweaver - skill: Beginner - Learn how to install Drupal, a robust, full-featured web content management system, and publish your first pages. You'll be guided through common designer workflows using Drupal and learn how to customize Drupal theme templates. When this lab is complete, you'll be able to take your new skills back to work and be more productive.
  • Exploring Web Content Management Systems from a Designer's Perspective - skill: Beginner - Watch an expert guide you through a selection of today's popular web content management systems and learn which one is right for you. This session will include detailed demonstrations of WordPress, Drupal, and the Adobe InContext Editing service in action, covering installation and publishing.
  • Learn to Rock Drupal Using Dreamweaver - skill: Beginner - Explore the functionality of Drupal from a designer's perspective while learning about the most common workflows. Learn how to integrate Drupal with Dreamweaver and how to use Creative Suite 4 Web Premium to customize Drupal theme templates.

I have presented at MAX before, and attended twice. This conference is huge. Last year 5,000 attendees ran around chatting Flash, Flex, AIR, Photoshop, After Effects, everything Adobe. One of the new things Adobe has done at MAX is run un-conferences inside the main conference building. Last year there were four un-conferences going on all week inside MAX, adding to the already hundreds of sessions. This year I am involved with the Web CMS theme of the conference, promoting Drupal & PHP. Some of you know my Drupal Dreamweaver extensions and Theme Starter desktop software, so I am glad to be exclusively covering Drupal in my talks this year. One session covers the different approaches in Web CMS software like Wordpress & Drupal. For that session I will be sharing the stage for that session with a Wordpress counterpart. I hope that session turns into a feature flinging match as it'll help me get caught up with Wordpress limitations.

I'd like to promote the MAX conference to the Drupal community, and at the same time ask who is already planning to attend. We can meet up and rep Drupal together.

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Drupal Media Products, Profiles and Distributions

Products, profiles, and distributions pertaining to Drupal media. Many of these have shared needs for features, documentation, and qualified talent to do the much needed work.

With MediaMosa you can build a state-of-the-art, scalable Middleware Media Distribution Platform in Drupal which facilitates access to, and usage of (shared) storage capacity, metadata databases, transcoding- and streaming servers. A MediaMosa platform offers functionality for searching, playing, uploading, transcoding, as well as a fine granularity media access control system towards its users.

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Planet Drupal TV

I have created a new site called Planet Drupal TV that aggregates Drupal video feeds in a manner similar to how Planet Drupal aggregates Drupal blog posts. Videos can be viewed in-browser or downloaded. There is a "most popular" section that utilizes the fantastic Radioactivity module.

It utilizes my Blue Droplet Video module and its Feed API integration.

I've added all the Drupal video feeds I could find, although it does not work with YouTube feeds as they do not use the enclosure tag. Miro can acquire video from YouTube, so it should be possible in future. Really, is much better than YouTube, or you could use Blue Droplet which outputs the source video in the enclosure tag.

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Presenter pool

There is an interesting write-up about remote presentations on the Open Media g.d.o. made by Kevin ( From their experiences it seems like it should be feasible to make a habit out of remote Drupal presentations.

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Drupal resource repository that does double as an online Drupal course

There is a lot of teaching content out there, but there is no central place that can get you to all of it.

Yesterday we had a discussion about the future of resources aggregation and moderation for Drupal (e.g. videocasts, recordings, audio, write-ups,...). I've got a part (the first 30 minutes are missing) transcript of the IRC session at

There were basically 3 use cases:
1) Drupal Dojo where people come to teach and learn - sort of social network for learning and mentoring
2) A Drupal materials aggregator - that collects everything and that is community moderated
3) A moderated content list - where a list of comprehensive materials is made available

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Review of Drupal Multimedia by Aaron Winborn, Packt Publishing

Drupal is a powerful tool for building amazingly scalable websites quickly and simply. The use of multimedia in Drupal has posed challenges to many users and developers of all abilities. Drupal Multimedia addresses the main questions regarding how to implement video, image, and audio content in a way that is elegant for the developer, as well as the end user. The language of the book is straight to the point, and provides a framework to practice building an assortment of multimedia sites using a variety of modules in the context of test or example sites.

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Drupal Media Sessions

Lessons, sessions, workshops, and other events that advance and promote the Drupal Media Initiative.


Would you like to lead a session? Submit it here and reference it below.

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LA Drupal meetings (video podcast) on iTunes

Our video channel (provided by allows us to broadcast our videos in a feed for you, iTunes, Yahoo, and Adobe's Media Player. I've spent some time massaging these settings and we're now live on iTunes under the Podcast section. Subscribe or just feel free to download videos there.

The first videos that are listed are our May 2008 recordings of Scott Nelson covering the Services module and AMFPHP module (four parts).

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More LA Drupal meeting videos online

For those who don't know, LA Drupal has been posting our meeting videos over at and you can totally check out almost the entire meetings you missed or want to see over again. Tonight we are proud to announce Scott Nelson's four part recording from our May 2008 meeting. Scott covered the Services module, and the AMFPHP module for hooking up Ajax, XML-RPC, JSON, and Flex/Flash to Drupal.

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Ubercart Option Image Module

After many requests I have created a short screencast to demonstrate the features and configuration of the uc_option_image module which is available at Ubercart Option Image Screencast.

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Video Podcasting on Drupal

I am currently working on a project for the Las Vegas Drupal Group and I'm in need of some suggestions for video embedding/podcasting modules. I'm curious what modules everyone that's doing vcasting with a Drupal-based site are using... like, is there anything out there module-wise that's like the CCK/Views of the video world?

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New Features in Drupal6 Screencast

Hello Videocasters,

I recently created a screencast of the new features features in Drupal 6. This is the first part in a series of screencasts on the subject that is being created by Mastering Drupal.

The video is a bit of a whirlwind tour, coming in at just over 20 minutes.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know any ideas for improvements.

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Screencast Demo of Drupal for Facebook

At the recent Bay Area Drupal Camp, I presented Drupal for Facebook. I built a small Facebook Application and walked through how I used Drupal to create it. Now the details of this presentation are available in two screencasts.

This is recommended viewing if you're curious what Drupal for Facebook is, or if you've downloaded it and are struggling to set it up. Read more:

Or jump right to the videos:

(if the video doesnt play, select an alternate format on the bottom of the page. These links are to the higher resolution versions.)

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Looking For Feedback/Criticisms on Videocasts

I've been doing a series of videocasts at for a few months now with the goal of showing new Drupal users "how things can work".

I'd like to keep things directed at making it easy for new users to jump and and get their head around some of the terminology, how works, and where they can get more info.

What do types of topics do you think would be most beneficial to new users? What are some of the concepts you can think of that are easy to a developer, but like flying a space ship to a new user? Any other suggestions?

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Praise for the Dojo format

Dojo #7 was the first time I witnessed a screencast/SkypeCast/IRC chat live. I was blown away. What you've hit upon with the dojo format is the ultimate cool teaching tool. Way cooler than anything I've ever seen or imagined. Respect and kudos to the people behind this.

I immediately started thinking about how to leverage the format. At the upcoming OSCMS Summit, how feasable would it be to do my session on Drupal search in the dojo format? I could wear a headset to Skype broadcast what I'm saying, and I could have VNC and Snapz Pro turned on, and I think it would be a good idea to have an IRC channel for each physical room at the conference; that's all we'd need, right?

How hard is this to set up? What needs to be done before we could host a conference where every presentation was done dojo style?

Really amazing things happening here. I think the Drupal dojo is going to be the big news of 2007.

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Organizing video coverage of DrupalCon Brussels 2006

Good news! There are several people that have volunteered to help out with coverage of DrupalCon, and Norbert Fuerst has offered his services to do post production on all footage through his video production company.

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Demo of tac_lite access control

I just posted a videocast installing and configuring Taxonomy Access Control Lite.

I haven't got this screen capture thing quite down yet, but this one is good enough to share. Here's the link:

Videocast of tac_lite and devel_node_access

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Editing the instructional video from Drupal Camp SF

We captured over 10 hours of video from <a href='">Drupal Camp SF a couple months back. We also have a budget in the neighborhood of $2,000 to put into editing it release. Before we contract someone out to start cutting the video, lets think about what we want to get out of it in the end.

Here is what we covered at the camp:

Day 1
* Bsics of the Drupal framework, community, and theming system.
* Basics of Drupal configuration
* Jeff shows us how to create an alternative navigation menu for users of sites. This will give users a much more streamlined menu interface.

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video casting software for non-Mac platforms

As a non-mac user, I'm curious what recommendations people have for screencasts.

I have used Wink which worked fine and has handy callouts and prev/next buttons but it only producses flash. Wink works on MSWindows and Linux.

Someone else recommended using camstudio (the GPL version of camtasia) which produces flash or avi files, though I haven't used it yet. This is MSWindows only software.

I've read about various Linux only tools that all seemed relatively complex to produce anything with voiceovers...and people like voiceovers so that's a deal-killer.

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