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policy for job postings

I want to once again raise an issue about what should be considered on-topic and acceptable for job postings in this group (and this site in general).

This has been discussed a number of times in the past in NYC meetups and IRC (and probably here in the group). It seems that almost every time this has been motivated by the same recruiter.

Can we somewhere explicitly state that job postings are for people to post positions available, not for recruiters to post info about people they represent that are looking for jobs?

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Poll not allowing votes

A poll I created earlier today is not allowing members to vote:

I don't see any options that may address it, how can I fix this?

Thanks for any help!

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Group deletion

We want to open a discussion about the group deletion.
We are a group of Drupal project divelopers with more then 300 members all over the world (12 languages speaking)
For the last 10 days we traing to open a group in you drupal site for joining you projects.
But every time we are deleted by contect moderator. And get this note:

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Stop Receiving Job Postings...

My least favorite thing about are the job postings. I can't find any way to remove or prevent this. This would be a really nice addition. I can't imagine this is a major change to add considering jobs are a content type.

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Should all groups be "open"? What are valid reasons to make a group "closed"?

(Cross-posted because this is a g.d.o management issue as well as a g.d.o usage issue.)

I've noticed that several groups on g.d.o are set as closed membership (i.e., g.d.o members can't just join, they have to ask to join or be invited to join).

Very partial list of some closed groups, for illustration

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How to delete nodes from a group, and other usability issues?

Is it really not possible to delete nodes from a group? Over on Hudson Valley group I created a poll, which apparently freaked out and closed itself when I tried to give it a more descriptive title. It's now cluttering up our front page with no way to remove it.

We've also got a bizarre issue where our url is now due to a bad edit at some point, with no clear way of making it a more descriptive url.

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Drupal products summit

I'm considering organizing a Drupal products summit some time this fall. The main purpose of the meeting would be to create a knowledge sharing platform for Drupal shops/individuals that are working on a product: anything built with Drupal that has a repeatable business model (can be specialized services for Drupal shops, distributions, applications, websites built with Drupal that target a certain market segment).

The main practical outcomes I hope to achieve with this meeting are:

  • The creation of a workgroup that will build an ethical Drupal Application Store
  • Increase of knowledge about lean startup methodologies in the Drupal community
  • Strengthening the network of Drupal product companies and the creation of a mutual support community
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Applying any additional CSS to groups page?

Is there any way to add some additional CSS to a group page on I'd like to add some personalization to our Hudson Valley, NY drupal group. Thanks in advance.

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Demographics Group Type

As I am new to Drupal and while looking for groups to help me learn and find contributions for my particular needs I was surprised to find no "Demographic" Group Type. Of the five types that do exist Geographic, Event Planning, Archive, Distribution and Working Group - none work serve Demographic based websites or development.

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Editors: start your aggregating

Greg Dunlap (heyrocker) wanted to have a feed of issues show on the homepage for the configuration/uuid group.

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Events on g.d.o. use cases

Below is a dump of use cases that vistiors, users and camp organizers might need for Events functionality on g.d.o. that webchick, jerdavis and I came up with in IRC. :

Please add your own, and if some kind soul could also tidy this up, that would be super.

Event use cases

(possible mockup:

  • I am traveling to a strange new city, and want to easily find out if there are any events happening while I'm there.
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wikipages proposal

At the moment wikipages at show the name and picture of the author, as well as the date of creation of the wikipage.
For wikipages this is maybe a bit confusing and static. Usually a wikipage is edited by multiple authors, it would make more sense to show no author at all (in the version list you an see a list of all contributed authors). Also, the date of creation doesn't reflect the date of last update what would make much more sense for a wikipage that is (hopefully) continu in progress.

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Create a site like this one

Hi all,

well I´m working to drupal since a few i´m not a specialist in it :) .

Well I saw this site and want to ask you if someone can help me with step by step instructions to

build a site like this one ? Or is there a tutorial ?

Has anybody of you rebuild that site or just like this ? ( link to it ? )

Hope to your help an have a nice day

best regards


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Spamming user

Not sure if this is the right venue, but this newly-registered user:
is leaving spam comments in my group (e.g. and I assume others as well.


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Duplicate emails for group post notifications

I've been receiving duplicate notifications for posts in the same group lately. It's not every message, but it is happening frequently. The messages have identical content, but the message IDs are different when I view source.

I've been dealing with a similar issue locally, so it was kind of nice to see it happening here. Has anyone else been receiving duplicate notifications from

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Please delete abandoned group

Please delete, and move all posts there to

I've posted about the proposed deletion at I know that the policy for abandoned groups ( says to wait for two weeks after posting the notice, but the group has been depreated for three years, and the group owner has replied in the thread, so I'll take the chance of asking for deletion right away. If the two week wait is still necessary, let me know, and I'll post a reminder in two weeks.

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Being a little more specific with what GDO and groups themselves are about?

Upon visiting, the first thing people see is the mission statement at the top of the page:

" serves the Drupal community by providing a place for groups to organize, plan and work on projects. Real world local user groups (sometimes called meetups) and regional Drupalcamps in particular are encouraged to setup their online presence here."

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How to remove posts that don't belong in group?

Is there a way that we could allow Group organizers to remove posts that don't belong in a group?

This post was recently posted to -

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How to list the groups on the primary menu?

I am anticipating this to be a basic question, but any pointers would be great appreciated.

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Change of email address on d.o. only recognized sporadically

Something is seriously weird with my email notifications from g.d.o. A few weeks ago I changed my email address on my d.o. profile, and now I'm getting notifications randomly sent to the old AND new address!

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