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Waiting list and signup are now closed. Everyone who added themselves before midday on Friday will be able to attend the event.

Please add your real name and your Drupal username to the bottom of the list to join the waiting list for DrupalCampNYC, and check back shortly before the event.

  1. Stéphane Corlosquet (scor@drupal.org)
  2. Jeremy Tice (jetpac)
  3. Justin Miller (jcmiller09@drupal.org)
  4. Vache Asatryan (vache@gagarigs.com)
  5. Reji Chandra (reggic@gmail.com ) ( Withdrawing )
  6. Denis Antipov (rawbytes)
  7. Ketan Christy (New-WebMaster@drupal.org)
  8. Dave Novelli (dnovelli)
  9. Steven Tursi (stevetursi) (withdrawing, I can't make it)
  10. Richard Lewis (metal.fingers)
  11. Michael Eisenstein (meisenstein)
  12. Clayton Gates (brooklens)
  13. Kipp Elliott Watson (Kipp Elliott Watson)
  14. Mike Haley (mahaley22@drupal.org)

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