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Can you help out with the Drupal Camp? Please edit this page and put your name next to a to-do item...

Things involving payment (lunch, juice, post-its, etc) will be reimbursed from the sponsorship for the event, but contact Eric beforehand to confirm. Please keep all receipts. Any other questions please contact Eric or Tom

do outreach and try to get a diverse group of folks willing to do presentations I can send an email to the group suggesting that more people present. Others, feel free to help with this in other ways. marketanomaly
do outreach and let other communities know about the event so they can attend
make a list of all attendees for NYU-Poly, they need it a week before
the camp to make sure they have proper insurance coverage for the
event and depending on the mood of the folks at the desk, it might be
used as a sign in list by security
tom_o_t, winstond
order breakfast (bagels/coffee/tea) and make sure it gets delivered
and paid for
order lunch (pizza again?) ensuring enough veggie/vegan and make sure it gets delivered and paid for Ordering lunch is my speciality! marketanomaly
get index cards/postit notes/tape ezra-g
buy juice, water, soda for the day ezra-g
put up sponsors' logos on site, and print out for the day tom_o_t
send out invoices to and get $ from sponsors and make sure NYU-Poly
gets paid
prepare financial statement at end of camp kwang0274 - I can't promise anything spectacular. Just something similar to last year's financial statements.
Create raffle tickets for book giveaway, and print them, Suggestions for Binary / Hex numbers. See the working draft here, contact me if something is wrong or if you have suggestions. Raffle-Tickets.pdf TextPlease, wundo
make stylish nametags w/avatar and glyphs indicating interests/skills
anything else?
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