Central NJ Meetup, Thursday, November 14, 2013

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2013-11-14 19:00 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Come share your curiosity about, love of, or musings about Drupal at our monthly meetup in Princeton!

Note possible room change - come to 005 - we'll either meet there or have signs to the room we are using.

Continued format - 3 sections, with 2-3 people for each section. We need you to participate! Please contact the organizers or comment below to claim one of these slots. All of these are open and appropriate for you regardless of your experience level with Drupal - beginner and intermediate topics are especially helpful to others.

All community members interested in using Drupal as well as strengthening the Drupal community are invited. We'll discuss recent and exciting Drupal-related news, present interesting topics, and share knowledge.

Meeting in room 008 in the Princeton Friend Center.


1) 10 minutes/per person Site showcase and feedback
 Show off your work-in-progress or recently completed project in < 10 minutes, and get feedback and suggestions

- Alex (ironsizide) demo of 3v4l.org
- Ian Finley - walk through of RightScale cloud hosting dashboard

2) 5 minutes/person- Get a question answered! Leverage the knowledge of the crowd.
  If you have a Drupal configuration  theming, or development problem that you are banging your head on, or a new piece of functionality that would benefit from group brainstorming on how to implement claim one of these slots and bring a concise description or demo of the problem so we can help.

- Sean (crowdcg) what's the easiest/best approach for user-controlled image resizing and cropping
- Bill - questions about new site project

3) ~20 minutes/person - Present something new (or new to you)
  If you have been trying out a module and want to demo it, want to teach others about a technique, outline best practices, or preview a talk for a upcoming camp or conference, this is for you.  Make sure to describe your intended audience.

- MKorostoff  - Drupal caching
- pwolanin - writing commerce integration (overview of PCI compliance strategies)


Join us in Room 005, of the Friend Center on the Princeton University Campus located on the corner of Olden and William streets.

After 5 pm, visitors may park in the University lot on William Street behind 185 Nassau Street.

visitor wifi details:


cross-listed on meetup.com: http://www.meetup.com/Central-NJ-Drupal-Group/events/147364092/


Section 2 Question

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Looking for feedback on image editing/cropping contrib modules and what people have used. Specifically, trying to get the best experience for users uploading photos that have to be a specific dimension.

I can help

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I can definitely help you out with that. I've had good experience first using:

Smartcrop: https://drupal.org/project/smartcrop

with ImageField Focus as a fallback:

Imagefield Focus: https://drupal.org/project/imagefield_focus

Then you run those settings through an image style that makes the resulting crop a specific size. This setup lets you control the image sizes and lets the client pick the most interesting part of the image to focus on.


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Cool, I was messing with Imagefield Focus per a recommendation from HumanSky, and will play with that and Smartcrop prior to the Meetup.

I also need to be able to provide image rotation and resizing, so not sure if these play nice with anything that handles those aspects.


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Resizing...yes. ImageField Focus will help you with that. It depends on how tightly you want the crop to follow the user defined focus area. There are settings: high, medium, low.

rotation...not sure, but we can certainly give it a try.

+1 for imagefield_focus.

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+1 for imagefield_focus. Also highly recommend this patch that integrates with the media module https://drupal.org/node/1781778

We are in room 006 since that

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We are in room 006 since that was available

Updated the agenda but we

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Updated the agenda but we still have space for more people to talk

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