DrupalCon Austin, TX - roomates requested

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I have a reservation on the Hilton Austin "Official" conference hotel from May 31st to Jun 07 - for a room with two queen beds. I'm looking for 1-3 additional roommates to split the room cost.

I did the reservation directly on their site since the link provided on the DrupalCon page is not working - there are no more group reservations available according to the link.

The reservation is from Saturday, May 31st to Saturday, June 7th. The total per person rate (including taxes) for the 7 days is $571.55. That is $81.65 dollars per night per person if we split the room fourways. Dirt cheap.

If interested, please ping me through the Drupal.org contact form. Please make sure to include in your information a reliable contact number, contact hours, and a link to your Drupal profile.

Richard Alexander Allen


hey Alex, did you find

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hey Alex, did you find roommates already?
ping me to let me know either way please :)

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