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Hello Drupalers,

Thank you for supporting our DrupalNYC monthly Meetup! Our wonderful and amazing Kris Brandow (skriptble) has been working hard on pushing out our recordings, so here are a list of most recently updated
videos on our YouTube Channel:

As always, we are looking for fantastic speakers! Please submit your suggestions at drupal.nyc/suggest

See you at the next Meetup,


Have feedback for us? Let us know: drupal.nyc/feedback

Watch past meetup recordings at: drupal.nyc/videos

We are looking for speakers! We are interested in your approach in solving real world Drupal problems, or any new technical implementations that should be used to make Drupal run faster! Interested in giving a talk? Have a talk you'd like to see? Please
go to drupal.nyc/suggest and put down your thoughts!

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January 3rd, 2018

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The video for January 3rd is now up! https://youtu.be/Rmg6u8kxb_A

Ho-Ling Poon

New York City

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