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OpenPublish Community

Join 817
Contrib Development Best Practices

Help for contrib developers on best practices and problem-solving

Join 112
Northern Arizona

A Drupal user-group in Northern Arizona

Join 41
Kolkata (Calcutta)

Group for Drupal Users, Designers and Developers in and around Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), India.

Join 170
Drupalcamp Portugal

The base for Drupalcamps that take place in Portugal

Join 48

A place for young drupallers to meet each other.

Join 131

Working group for making Drupal do HTML5.

Join 999

Place to plan Drupal code sprints

Join 165

Community discussions about the powerful Drupal shell application known as "drush".

Join 700

Discussion of the mercury project

Join 470
Drupalcamps Europe [international & english]

a group for coordination international (english spoken) camps in europe

Join 135

Live usage examples, experiences and everything related to running Drupal on the nginx webserver

Join 749
DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organizers (DCAPO)

People interested in making DrupalCon Asia-Pacific happen.

Join 212
Drupalcon North American Selection Committee

This group will be responsible for the selection, care and feeding of the North American Drupalcon Events.

Join 102
Drupalcamp Spain

Group devoted to organize the drupalcamps in Spain

Join 139
Spanish association

Spanish association of Drupalers

Join 238
East of England (Drupalcambs)

Regional meet-up group for East of England, UK

Join 78

Local German group for users and developers in and around Düsseldorf-Neuss-Duisburg-Krefeld (Germany)

Join 104

Belize Drupal users group

Join 23
Open Atrium

A group for people using the Open Atrium install profile.

Join 769

A group for users and developers of Skinr.

Join 316
Drupal Against Poverty

A working group to create and maintain charity platform modules.

Join 52
South India

This group is for Drupal Developers based in South India

Join 133

Drupal user group for mauritian developers

Join 19

Drupallers and such (devs and themers alike!) in and around Western New York State

Join 208
Science Applications

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and other uses for Drupal in science.

Join 129
Drupal on Windows

Working group discussing best practices for Drupal development and deployment on Microsoft Windows.

Join 267
New Actions API

New Action/Trigger metadata API working group

Join 23

For Drupal users and developers in Europe

Request membership 253
Rio de Janeiro DUG

Rio de Janeiro Drupal User Group

Join 43
Drupal Object Model

A think tank group for creating a Drupal object model.

Join 39

Working group for Drupal projects fostered by Kendraio

Request membership 27
coop |

Working group for co-ops who are using Drupal

Join 67
Business Intelligence

Using Drupal as an Enterprise Reporting and BI tool

Join 107
Antelope Valley / Bakersfield

A group for all the people who live near or around either the SR-14 (in north Los Angeles County) or the SR-58 (in Kern County).

Join 14
Drupal & SAP Business One

Group for users of SAP Business One & Drupal / Ubercart

Join 74
West Midlands UK

Covering the West Midlands, including the cities of: Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton (among others).

Join 127
Japan Tokyo

A Japan group for Drupalers in the Kanto region

Join 93
Eastern Idaho

This is for user in Eastern Idaho

Join 30
Southern Oregon

From Corvallis and Eugene to Ashland, Klamath Falls, Medford, and Grants Pass - Drupal Interest Group

Join 72

Drupal for BioInformatics Software and Institutions

Join 153
DruForum - Drupal & netFORUM Integration

A co-operative organization for the development needed to integrate with netForum

Request membership 30
South West England

A Drupal group for users in South West England

Join 148

Google Apps Framework for Drupal

Join 56

Discussion and support for running Drupal from the Lighttpd (Lighty) web server.

Join 99
Google Wave

A group to discuss the implications Googles new product, Wave, will affect drupal.

Join 250

Drupal Usergroup Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany, Eastern Baltic Sea coast)

Join 34
Drupal Open Learning

Working group for a new project learning program styled after the popular Google and Knight initiatives.

Join 105
Spanish Documentation and Related

We need documentation in Spanish "for yesterday", do you too? Join us!

Join 96
Transition Towns

for Drupalists involved in Transition Towns initiatives globally.

Join 68

Grupo de usuarios Drupal desde la Mitad del Mundo

Join 96
Intranet Sites

Usage and Deployment of Drupal as the main intranet site.

Join 135
Western Colorado

Serving Drupalati in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond

Join 58

Drupal community of Lithuania

Join 56
Comunidad Drupal en Guatemala

Users of Drupal in Guatemala

Join 140
Bristol and The West, UK

A group for the beautiful Drupalistas of Bristol and the West of England.

Join 266

A place to join the cuban´s drupal followers

Join 90
Knoxville, Tennessee

Group for University of Tennessee and Knoxville area persons interested in Drupal

Join 106

Usergroup for Drupalers working in Nicaragua

Join 102

Tunisian Drupal Group

Join 46

Group for Drupal users in and around Brighton, UK

Join 338
Southeast Ohio

Drupal users in Southeast Ohio: Athens / Ohio University, The Plains, Nelsonville, Albany, Wellston, Lancaster, Marietta, Parkersburg, and so forth

Join 58
Projects Needing Financing

A group to match financial donors with Drupal projects needing financing.

Join 182
Lodges and other Fraternal/Community Organizations

Discussion around creating an install profile for fraternal/community organizations (Freemasons, Odd Fellows, Elks, VFW, etc.)

Join 29

Panamenian Group

Join 95
East Midlands UK

A Drupal group for users in the East Midlands; Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland

Join 73

Traditional Chinese Drupal group.

Join 130
Packaging & Deployment

Discussions about patterns, spaces/context, features, deployment, install profiles, etc.

Join 451

Drupal users, developers, and designers in the North Carolina Research Triangle

Join 349
TNT Themes

Fans and users of Acquia Marina, Slate, Prosper or any Drupal themes by TopNotchThmes-- share tips, show off your site, get news of the latest updates

Join 526
Interaction Designers Network

A space to discuss, taste and contribute to the future Drupal-based networking platform of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

Join 98
Western Montana

Drupal users and developers in Missoula, MT and other areas west of the Great Continental Divide

Join 69

As State and Federal agencies migrate to Drupal, this working group is to discuss best practices, collaborative development and shared resources.

Join 554

A working group for the Activity module and related (activity_stream).

Join 72

Techniques & Strategies for integrating Drupal and FileMaker Pro solutions

Join 86

For Drupaler in/from the Caribbean region

Join 47

Integrating Drupal with microcontrollers, home automation, and similar computing miscilania

Join 73
Tidewater/Hampton Roads, Virginia

Drupal Users group for Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Area

Join 99
Design 4 Drupal

A group for designers and themers.

Join 1,415
Local User Group Organizers

Resources, Discussions, and Best Practices for local user group organizers, administrators, and managers.

Join 246
Drupal for Community Supported Agriculture

This group is to discuss using drupal -- reusable components -- to support Community Supported Agriculture

Join 104

This group is about wedding websites and discusses everything from wedding themes to advanced features such as wedding management tools.

Join 60

Seville(spain) Developer community - Comunidad de desarrolladores y desarrolladoras de Drupal en Sevilla (España)

Join 203

A working group for the Media module and modules that extends it for Drupal 7.

Join 825
Public Media

Facilitating easy implementation and adoption of Drupal in the public media realm

Join 105

Group for bulgarian users and developers

Join 137

Serbian group for sharing advice & thoughts about Drupal

Join 126

Adapting Drupal for yacht clubs, boating organizations, races, sailing, and regattas.

Join 50
Mark Boulton Design Drupal 7 Project

A group to facilitate the efforts of Mark Boulton and Crew

Join 202

Group for all in the Oceanic region, including the Pacific Islands of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia, Australia, and the Malay Archipelago.

Join 26
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