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West Texas

Group to provide support, education, and networking for drupal users in the Texas Panhandle

Join 49

Drupal Order of Winnipeg

Join 52

Is all about audio and video podcasts. Actual tools, todo´s list, wishlists ...

Join 232

Discuss solutions for integrating vBulletin and Drupal

Join 65
Research and academia

Discussing issues faced by Drupal installations in the academic world (Bibliographies/Libraries, Research projects, Conferences, Labs, Departments)

Join 341

Works on coordinating efforts to provide Drupal with video content support

Join 614
Virginia Tech

Do you attend Virginia Tech and are you a fan of drupal? Maybe we should get together.

Join 61

Drupal fans and developers from Asia

Join 95
Zen Task Force

Team to solidify and improve the Zen theme

Join 682
Zend Framework

Implementing Zend Framework Components in Drupal

Join 119

PDF generation with Drupal

Join 229
Lucene, Nutch and Solr

Integration of Drupal, Lucene, Nutch and Solr

Join 411
Duval County (Florida)

A group for Duval County (Florida) based Drupal Users, Developers and Designers

Join 47
Chattanooga TN

Drupal Users and Developers in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Join 69

Drupal development and implementation on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux operating system

Join 388

Lisp for Drupal - Making the Dript Lisp module work better with Drupal

Closed 34
DrupalCon OSCMSS 2007

This groups is for the planning and coordination of the DrupalCon @ Yahoo that will coincide with OSCMS CON

Join 28
Contributed Module Status

Wiki pages for ANYONE to post the latest status of contributed modules; very helpful for major Drupal releases (e.g. 5.x, 6.x, etc.).

Join 1,783
Themer Pack Working Group

A working group for people who are working on tpl files for the Drupal Themer Pack.

Join 171
Co-Maintainers for Projects

A group of developers willing to become co-maintainers of other Drupal projects

Request membership 31

Pajamanation goes drupal => Your are on your own buy your not alone !

Request membership 7

Chilean Drupal UserGroup

Join 239
Cleveland & Northeast Ohio Drupal User Group

Cleveland & Northeast Ohio Drupal User Group

Join 135

A group to gather the Drupal developers of the "Bayou State".

Join 67

Drupal users, developers, and business people in and around Louisville, KY

Join 81

A group for Drupal users in the Reno/Tahoe area

Join 55

Utah Drupal Users Group

Join 265

A working group for the Services module and related modules.

Join 1,225
Graphing & SVG

Using Drupal to generate visual representations of data.

Join 177
Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2)

Discussion on how Drupal can be used in conjunction with AWS (or for that matter, other similar services)

Join 464

The Drupal menu system for Drupal 6+

Join 93

Working/distribution group to discuss how best to integrate genealogy and media albums/galleries into the Drupal platform

Join 136

Working/distribution group to discuss how best to run a school alumni website using Drupal

Join 135
Phoenix Metro

Users and Developers in Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler and other Phoenix Metro cities

Join 218

Michigan Drupal Users group.

Join 187
North Carolina

NC Drupal Users Group

Join 285

Drupal for Healthcare institutes, Hospitals, Health professionals

Join 232
Drupal Dojo

A group for apprentice/journeyman developers who want to increase proficiency, and for experts looking to grow the pool of Drupal talent.

Join 3,251

A group for people using and developing flexinode.

Join 22

Discuss aspects of running multiple sites from a single Drupal install.

Join 1,126

Durango Drupal Users Group (DDUG) for Drupal users in the Durango, Co and the Four Corners area of Southwest US

Join 26
Data Mining

Analyzing data about Drupal for insight and growth

Join 125

Dating Sites using Drupal

Join 179
New Mexico

Drupal group for people in the state of New Mexico, USA

Join 70

Develop a set of modules for running a futures/options/securities trading firm, brokerage, or fund.

Join 44
Sacramento Area

Sacramento, CA regional group

Join 246
Real Estate

Drupal in Real Estate Industry

Join 409

Upgrade / Migration related issues

Join 65
Buenos Aires

Grupo de usuarios de Drupal de Buenos Aires, Argentina - Hogar del DrupalDojoBaires

Join 167

A group for users of all experience levels, based in Atlanta Georgia

Join 467
Issue Triage

Working group for issue queue management on

Join 22
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI USA - user group

Join 316
Jackson, Michigan

Jackson Drupal Users Group, a user group for Jackson, Michigan.

Join 63
Newspapers on Drupal

A place for newspapers running on Drupal to share ideas, problems and solutions

Join 1,530
San Diego DUG

A group for organizing San Diego Drupal events, users, designers and developers

Join 605

Drupal Indonesia

Join 87

Drupal community Austria / Österreich

Join 291

Grupo de usuarios Drupal de España

Join 516

Cộng đồng Drupal Việt Nam

Join 704
Drupal Scotland

A group dedicated to bringing together Drupal users in Scotland

Join 296

The nascent Drupal community in Africa.

Join 145
Microformats in Drupal

A group to discuss the implementation and support of Microformats in Drupal, from the core to module support.

Join 172

Discussion about Paths in general and specifically Pathauto and URLify modules

Join 271

Comunidad de Colaboracion Drupal en Colombia

Join 338
Revision tagging module

A working group to create a revision tagging module

Join 26

Using Drupal to put libraries of all types on the Web

Join 855
New Release System

Issues and ideas about the new system for releasing Drupal contributions

Join 99
Advanced Poll

Working group for advanced poll features, bugs, and feedback

Join 102

A group for Drupalers from Israel

Join 108
Milwaukee WI

Hoping to seed a group of drupal users in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. Main focus is to host get togethers among local drupal users.

Join 74
Forum development

Working group for developing forum (and similar discussion) modules.

Join 492

For sustainable transportation projects

Join 41
Philadelphia Area

Philadelphia, southeast Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Wilmington-Newark area Drupalers!

Join 582
Drupal for Evil

Using Drupal for evil, world dominating, nefarious purposes.

Join 290
Distribution profiles

Strategic cooperative for people to coordinate around creating installation profiles and to compare notes and discuss best practices.

Join 583
Drupal in Education

A space to work on building and maintaining a Drupal distribution for Education

Join 1,854
[Archive] Drupal Association improvements to

A group commited to doing the audience research and analysis for improvements to

Closed 414
Social Networking Sites

Sites that aim to connect people and the modules that make it possible.

Join 2,159
Miami, Florida

Miami Drupal users

Join 195

The group for broadcast and webstream radio stations

Join 397

Improving the workflow and actions modules!

Join 723

coordinate drupal arabization efforts and discuss building Arabic websites with drupal

Join 118

A group to gather all Lebanese drupal users.

Join 37

Organizing ideas, maintaining code standards around Drupal and PostgreSQL

Join 203

Group to conceive and develop Drupal modules to support effective integration of Drupal with SecondLife

Join 100

Croatia Drupal Users

Join 80

Group for Drupal developers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Join 91

Coordinate chat development in Drupal

Join 270
Spokane, WA

Drupal Users from Spokane, WA and vicinity

Join 70

For Drupal Lovers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Join 188
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