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A working group for those working on Panels 2 and modules that utilize it.

Join 768
Niagara and Hamilton Region

General Group serving the Niagara and Hamilton regions of Canada

Join 87

Tips, tricks, and code-sharing for users of the MySite module

Join 185
Aegir hosting system

A group to discuss the automated provisioning and maintenance of multisite installations of Drupal using the Aegir hosting system.

Closed 914

Managing taxonomy: a group for users and developers to discuss tips and tools for categorizing stuff in Drupal.

Join 566

A German group for all users from the area around Frankfurt/Germany.

Join 137

Indiana Drupal Users Unite!

Join 207
New Brunswick Event

Would anyone be interested?

Join 12
Object Oriented Programming and design

Discussing OOP in Drupal

Join 128
Southern Utah

A group for users of all experience levels, based in Southern Utah

Join 28
Object Embedding (Flash)

This group is focussed on Object Embedding. Integration with 3rd party Flash Tools. Embedding displays from You Tube and Flickr. ActiveX anyone?

Join 128
Facebook API

To discuss making a generic module and in general integrating Drupal with Facebook

Join 495
Drupal Usergroup Berlin - DUB

A users group for Berlin, Germany

Join 306
Drupal Nebraska Group

Drupal Developers and Users in Nebraska

Join 104

Drupal Core search Working Group

Join 263
Conference Organizing Distribution

Developing a Drupal distribution for organizing (un)conferences

Join 404
Aggregation Module

This group aims to gather all interested parties in the aggregation module

Join 71
Drupal Newsletter

A group to help organize and write the monthly Drupal Newsletter

Join 166

A central place for the development of slideshow.module

Join 60
Meeting module development

Group to discuss development of full featured meeting tracking - including agenda and action point tracking, etc.

Join 67
Galiano Island

For Galiano Island Drupalistas (and their friends)

Join 11
Bali - Indonesia

Drupal Community Indonesia

Join 74
Northern VA Users Group

Northern Virginia Users of Drupal

Join 431
SMS Framework

Share ideas about the SMS Framework, a project for Google Summer of Code 2007

Join 335
University Student Organizations

Discuss the unique challenges of using Drupal for student organizations on campus

Join 84
FrOSCon Conference Germany

Planning group for the FrOSCon conference

Join 32

Development of Drupal actions

Join 67
Galiza Drupal Group

Instalación, configuración e traduzón ó galego do Drupal.

Join 67

Drupal users and developers in Bangalore, India please join

Join 473

Developing patterns and API to implement CRM functionality with pure Drupal, and/or to integrate 3rd-party CRMs in a standardized way

Join 292
Williamsport, PA

Williamsport and surrounding area developers group.

Join 13

From Basecamp to Drupal Summit

Join 33
Building ERP and BI platforms in Drupal

Here we discuss what is still needed for and how to build Enterprise resource planning and Business intelligence systems in Drupal

Join 164

Discussions about a database schema API for Drupal

Join 223

A group for Drupal developers in Hawaii to plan meet-ups and network.

Join 87
Spreadsheets in Drupal

Discussion of the integration or formulation of spreadsheet like applications embeded as nodes

Join 85
Enterprise CRM Integration

A group where everyone can discuss, work on, and collaborate the integration of Enterprise CRM Solutions

Join 258
Internship and Exchange programs

Providing young people the opportunity to work with Drupal firms in another countries.

Join 67
IMBA Affiliated Drupal Sites

Development of a Drupal distribution for the websites of IMBA Affiliated groups

Join 21

Rosario Drupal User Group (Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina)

Join 50

Tips, techniques, and improvements for Token.module and those who use its API.

Join 288
Document Management

Information/collaboration for those interested in using Drupal for document storage.

Join 313
Links Exchange engine.

We would like to create a Links Exchange engine to automate this process for Drupal sites.

Join 50
Rhode Island

Drupal users and developers in and around Providence, Rhode Island

Join 146
Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia's Drupal Users Group

Join 72
Access Control

Discussions regarding Drupal Access Control mechanisms, and how to make them work better together.

Join 290
Coding standards

Discussing coding standards for Drupal.

Join 306
Houston Drupal Users Group

User Group for Houston, Texas

Join 303

Adding more Games and Gaming type features to Drupal

Join 200

Exchange and Discussions for Drupal Users in Switzerland.

Join 390
Northern California

Connecting those who manage, use and develop drupal websites in Northern California

Join 346
Projects Needing Volunteer Developers

Wiki pages to match volunteer developers with Drupal projects needing volunteer developers.

Join 201
New Hampshire

Drupal Users/Developers in the Granite State

Join 300
Drupal Estonia

The Drupal community of Estonia

Join 92

A group for Drupal users in the Constitution State

Join 281
SoC 2007

If you are interested in Summer of Code, either as a student, a mentor or someone else, join this group.

Join 123

Group for Drupal Developers from Nagpur

Join 50

Drupal Enthusiasts of hyderabad

Join 338
TinyMCE Development

This group is for TinyMCE developers who are working on the next version of TintMCE. This is group DOES NOT provide support for the current release.

Request membership 32
Converting themes to drupal

Discussion about and techniques for converting themes / templates to Drupal

Join 380
Drupal Developer Groups in Malaysia

Malaysia boleh! Let's make this awesome CMS really work ...

Join 164

Icelandic Drupalers unite.

Request membership 32
LA Drupal (Los Angeles Drupal)

The Los Angeles Drupal group, or LA Drupal, is California's largest hub for all things Drupal

Join 1,640
Prince Edward Island

Drupal group for people in Prince Edward Island, including Charlottetown, Summerside and everywhere inbetween.

Join 24

Integrate Drupal with Discuz related products.

Join 13

CAPTCHA related interest group.

Join 142
Package Manager

A journey to create a package manager for Drupal, a la Yum, apt-get, etc.

Request membership 3
St. Louis

Drupal Users of St. Louis, MO

Join 180
West Texas

Group to provide support, education, and networking for drupal users in the Texas Panhandle

Join 47

Drupal Order of Winnipeg

Join 47

Is all about audio and video podcasts. Actual tools, todo´s list, wishlists ...

Join 229

Discuss solutions for integrating vBulletin and Drupal

Join 64
Research and academia

Discussing issues faced by Drupal installations in the academic world (Bibliographies/Libraries, Research projects, Conferences, Labs, Departments)

Join 339

Works on coordinating efforts to provide Drupal with video content support

Join 600
Virginia Tech

Do you attend Virginia Tech and are you a fan of drupal? Maybe we should get together.

Join 54

Drupal fans and developers from Asia

Join 88
Zen Task Force

Team to solidify and improve the Zen theme

Join 681
Zend Framework

Implementing Zend Framework Components in Drupal

Join 121

PDF generation with Drupal

Join 224
Lucene, Nutch and Solr

Integration of Drupal, Lucene, Nutch and Solr

Join 402
Duval County (Florida)

A group for Duval County (Florida) based Drupal Users, Developers and Designers

Join 48
Chattanooga TN

Drupal Users and Developers in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Join 60

Drupal development and implementation on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux operating system

Join 376

Lisp for Drupal - Making the Dript Lisp module work better with Drupal

Join 31
DrupalCon OSCMSS 2007

This groups is for the planning and coordination of the DrupalCon @ Yahoo that will coincide with OSCMS CON

Join 26
Contributed Module Status

Wiki pages for ANYONE to post the latest status of contributed modules; very helpful for major Drupal releases (e.g. 5.x, 6.x, etc.).

Join 1,781
Themer Pack Working Group

A working group for people who are working on tpl files for the Drupal Themer Pack.

Join 170
Co-Maintainers for Projects

A group of developers willing to become co-maintainers of other Drupal projects

Request membership 31

Pajamanation goes drupal => Your are on your own buy your not alone !

Request membership 7

Chilean Drupal UserGroup

Join 187
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