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Drupal in Hannover and southern Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)

Join 20
Paris Drupal Users Group

A group for Drupal Users based in Paris to connect with each other

Join 83
Long Island

Long Island New York User Group

Join 139
Usergroup Münster / Osnabrück

Local Usergroup for the Münsterland, Osnabrücker Land and Ostwestfalenlippe

Join 30
Terre Haute, Indiana

Wabash Valley Web Guild (WVWG) Drupal Implementation Specialists

Join 10
Integrating desktop/browser features/addons/plugins

Desktop programs, browsers & plugins can do a lot these days; let Drupal just help them to do the job?

Join 51
SF Peninsula

Bi-Weekly Drupal group to meet up on the San Francisco Peninusla.

Join 115

A Local group to find out how many drupal fan is nearby

Join 10

Group for University of Chicago staff, faculty, students, and affiliates to discuss all things Drupal.

Request membership 12
Paying for the plumbing

A group for discussion of creative funding and business models to provide sustainability for developers contributing to Drupal

Join 124
Pentaho Drupal Integration

Technical discussion ground for uniting two big opensource major - Drupal and Pentaho

Join 58
Organic groups

Organic groups development

Join 438
Google Summer of Code 2011

Google Summer of Code 2011

Join 265
Omega Framework

Group dedicated to development & theming with the Omega theme, Delta module, and related projects

Join 946

Drupal local group @ Zaragoza

Join 40

Drupal/node.js integration

Join 277

A group for Drupal enthusiasts in Kentucky

Join 55
North County San Diego DUG

The North County San Diego Drupal community group from Oceanside, CA to Del Mar, CA.

Join 144
Migrating from Joomla

A group for those who used to use Joomla and now want to try Drupal.

Request membership 4
Westchester, NY

Developers in the Westchester County, NY area; including New Rochelle, White Plains, and points north of NYC.

Join 86
Cantabria Spain

Grupo de usuarios de Drupal en Cantabria - Cantabria Drupal users group

Join 29
Quebec City - Ville de Québec

Drupal developers and users located in the region of Quebec City, Canada

Join 100
Colleges in India

Fostering better interest in drupal amongst college professors, lecturers and students in India

Join 93
Sierra Leone

Group for Sierra Leonean drupal developer... A way to encourage and assist Sierra Leoneans in web developing

Join 15

Drupal users of Lucknow, India

Join 61
3rd Party Integration -- Eve Online

A meeting place for devs looking to integrate Eve Online with Drupal.

Join 13

Honduran Group of Drupal Users and Developers

Join 35
SE KS, NE OK, SW MO, NW AR -- Rural Area

Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas, Southwest Missouri. Am I the only Drupalista out here?

Request membership 17

Drupal user group for Dongguan, China

Join 28

A Drupal Users' Group for Jaipur - India

Join 60
Tomcat and other Java containers

Discussions related to installing, configuring, and optimizing Drupal on Java servlet containers.

Join 43
Galax, Virginia

A place to swap notes and commiserate in the New River Valley

Join 13

Group of Yemeni Drupal users and developers.

Join 11
Bodensee / Lake Constance

A regional group around the great lake between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Join 74

Drupal Users in Gabon

Join 5

A group of Drupal promoters, users, developers in Zimbabwe

Join 19

Kootenay Drupal geeks

Join 12

DrupalUY, Uruguayan Drupal users comunity.

Join 84

Bitcoin and Drupal integration

Join 75
Advanced Data-Driven Applications

A group to discuss challenges, advantages, tips, and techniques for using Drupal in the development of complex, data-driven applications

Request membership 24

Drupal group for people in Alicante (Spain)

Join 51
NetSuite Integration

NetSuite is web-based business management software. This group welcomes discussions about making NetSuite talk to Drupal via the SuiteTalk SOAP API.

Join 54
APE: Ajax Push Engine

Instructions and discussion about the use of Ajax Push Engine.

Join 35
Comunidad Valenciana

Drupal group for people in Comunidad Valenciana (Spain)

Join 114
DrupalCS Castellón

DrupalCS Castellón (España)

Join 51

The Uyghur groups is for Uyghur speakers to share information and coordinate initiatives around the local adoption of Drupal.

Join 9
Drupal LTS

Find, discuss and organize strategies for a Drupal Long Term Support

Join 114
Red Hat

A central discussion place for hosting and developing Drupal on Red Hat Linux and its white box derivatives, including CentOS and Oracle Linux.

Join 82

This is an open discussion on the development of OpenPublic, a drupal framework for Government.

Join 221

The group of Drupal developers in Republic of Moldova

Join 62
Saskatchewan (Canada)

Group for Drupal developers in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Join 39
Site Archive Format

A standard format for exchanging Drupal sites between environments

Join 49
IP.Board (IPB) forum integration

How to use Drupal with IP.Board

Join 20


Request membership 15

An English bassed Japanese group.

Join 65
Code Review of Full Project Applications | Home

A working group around the Drupal contribution code reviewing process.

Join 449

Drupal user group for Xi'an, China

Join 27
Burkina Faso

Drupal Users Group for Drupalers in Burkina Faso

Join 9

A group for Drupalers and users from uganda

Join 70

Let's speak about ways to link Drupal and different metaverses...

Join 22
Drupal Aceh

The Aceh Drupal Users Group

Request membership 5

Drupal local group of users in Donetsk, Ukraine

Join 53

Drupal Gujarati Translators

Join 37
Drupal.Trade Facilitation-ASYCUDA

ASYCUDA users around the World to share ideas on ASYCUDA related issues and how a platform for this can be developed using drupal

Join 28
Google Code-In

Working group for the Google Code-in contest

Request membership 128

This group for Arabic Drupal community and in MENA area

Join 90
Micro Shops

Discussion of the unique challenges of life and work in a very small (<=5 person) Drupal shop.

Join 202

Group for people who speak Albanian (all dialects) and are using drupal

Join 29
Olympia, WA

For folks in the Olympia/Thurston County area

Join 54

Drupal experts, novices and hobbyists getting together from the Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and North of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Join 37
University of Massachusetts Amherst

UDU — The official Drupal users and developers group at the University of Massachusets Amherst.

Join 120
Drupal for CBT or WBT

A working group for implementing drupal for Computer-based training or web based training.

Join 67
Membership / Association Website Building

Tips and Tricks on how to build a professional membership website for association/industry organizations...

Join 242

The Indonesian Drupal Users Group.

Join 138
Drupal Usergroup Harz - DUG-Harz

Drupal Usergroup Harz - DUG-Harz

Join 9
Yale University

Hands-on organic group to further understanding of Drupal and best practices for using Drupal at Yale University

Request membership 91

The BACnet Interest Group - Drupal

Join 12

Macedonian Drupal Group

Join 25
Federated Social Web

Discussions and reports on work around making Drupal a full participant in the nascent Federated Social Web.

Join 84
Lansing, MI

Lansing Michigan Drupal user group

Join 71

Drupal users from Cameroon

Join 30
Bahia Blanca

Group for Drupal users and enthusiasts in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Join 12

Group dedicated to the topic of PHP, the language of Drupal.

Join 473
Pets - Shelters and Rescues

assist shelters and rescues use Drupal for adoption and rescue of domestic pets

Join 39

This is a group for drupal lovers in Nottingham

Join 15

Zambia Drupal Users

Join 16
Activism module

Planning and developing the Activism framework for Drupal 7

Join 31

Community discussions around OpenScholar distribution

Join 283
DUG Bremen

Local Drupal User Group in Bremen, Germany

Join 26

Its for nepalese people, for interested in drupal

Join 31
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