The group to discuss administering the web site.

We also have an issue queue for the groupsorg.module that runs on this site for things that need code changes.

Maintainer advice:

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DO and GDO account mess....

Hey Maintenance group,

I was told by some other members this was the appropriate place to post this.

I have myself a well put together mess:

It is as follows:

I had originally created a DO account:

later on during the GDO migration i believe i was forced to create another account with the exact same username, which left me with the following accounts:
NEW DO account: (individual membership attached to this account, and all of my current community posts)

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Change ownership of 'United Kingdom'

Hello, I'm following the 'Abandoned Groups: Policy for Deleting a Group or Changing Its Manager' here:

The United Kingdom group is effectively abandoned, I have followed steps 1 to 3:

And this is step 4, I now ask if you could transfer ownership of the group to me, and then I can add the other people that would like to be administrators.


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Create a new "Jobs" group on g.d.o?

Currently has a "Job" content type available for content creators to use.

Due to the number of organizations looking to do hiring, the availability of this content type has resulted in an increasing number of Job content type nodes being posted into groups here where job postings reduce the effectiveness / usefulness of the group. Frequently (almost always?) the job postings are for positions that have very little to do with the subject matter of the group.

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Template and sob story about denying vs. deleting vs. merging new groups

A group was in the moderation queue for a number of months and I just merged it with another group. Unfortunately, I did this before explaining in the moderation log what I was about to do. Deleting the group and merging it, of course, removed it from the moderation queue. Oops.

Here's the message I sent phunster, who proposed the group. It's here partly so that I have a template to reuse in the future.


blockquote>It turns out there is already an Upgrade group at

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Merge Silicon Valley User Group with South Bay California?

These two groups appear to overlap quite a bit and I propose that we merge them into one.

Here are the mission statements for each group:

Silicon Valley User Group:

The popularity and use of DRUPAL has grown by leaps and bounds; thanks to the vibrant community it has developed around it.

The South Bay DRUPAL meetup is another effort in building and strengthening the local Drupal Community.

South Bay California:

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New admins/moderators needed for Drupal's Latin America group

Drupal adoption and use, and the community around it, are growing more and more. For example, there are good possibilities to celebrate the first DrupalCon Latino soon, probably the fourth quarter of this year 2012, in Brazil this first time.

There is another group for the DrupalCon Latin America organizers, while the Latin America group is more for the users of this and other community activities (drupalcamps, etc.).

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Bluecheese available, but not default - help test

Hello maintainers,

The bluecheese theme (aka the theme you love on and have been dying to get on is now available for you to select in your profile. Got to your profile click the edit, scroll down, choose bluecheese, and poke around the site.

There's already a few things that need changing. See these issues first:

What to do if you find a problem

If you find a problem...

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Strange thing happening when approving or denying requests to join a group

Hey gang, I just had a strange thing happen when trying to request membership in the group. I applied to become a member, filled in the 'reason' box on the request-membership form, and submitted it.

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Updated lots of modules - what's broken?


Thanks to drumm for updating lots of modules on the site and getting it into bzr/jenkins like all the other sites.

Let's talk about what's broken and fix it.

  • We lost a few theme tweaks - I think we should not try to revive but instead should move to the new theme
  • We lost a few configurations from updates (vote up down was just gone from the site for a while, I fixed that).

What else is broken/missing?


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I want to Manage Drupal Bangladesh Group

As the Drupal Bangladesh Group is not active.
I want to mange this group from now on.
I am C, C++, Java & PHP programmer with 2 years of web developing experience.
I hope I could be a right option to maintain or manage "Drupal Bangladesh"

I've already opened a discussion on "Drupal Bangladesh" group page & sent a thread to the previous Group Organizer.

The thread is:

I've opened a discussion in our language "Bangla" too.

The thread is:

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Made mboas an admin for Alaska

Since mboas is the only member posting recently and asked to be promoted to admin rather than forming a new group, I have fulfilled that request.

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Group renamed to Brighton

At the request of stevepurkiss the "South East UK" group has been renamed to "Brighton" to make it easier to find.

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Should all groups be "open"? What are valid reasons to make a group "closed"?

(Cross-posted because this is a g.d.o management issue as well as a g.d.o usage issue.)

I've noticed that several groups on g.d.o are set as closed membership (i.e., g.d.o members can't just join, they have to ask to join or be invited to join).

Very partial list of some closed groups, for illustration

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group changed to "open"

Al groups should be "open" membership unless there is a very specific reason for them to be moderated. No group should be closed.

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Getting a new group moderated

I started a new Drupal group for my area a little over a month ago (first meet up tonight!), but I'm noticing that the group is not in the main groups listing and has the moderation message at the top of it. Have I missed a step in setting up the group? Any way I can request to have it moderated into a "real" group? Thanks for any pointers!


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OG admin in

Hi, was there a glitch on yesterday? I ask because christefano has appeared as a group admin for the group Neither I nor Mike Stewart (the other group admin) added him. Could you please look into how this happened, remove him as a group admin, and take any reasonable steps to prevent this happening again?


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Publish statistics of local groups

Google analytics is running in g.d.o a lot of time ago but group organizers have not access to such information or a summary. Does that information is not relevant to our community? Which would be the best way to publish visitors statistics publicly?

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How to block spammers on

This documentation has moved to the handbook on

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Editors: start your aggregating

Greg Dunlap (heyrocker) wanted to have a feed of issues show on the homepage for the configuration/uuid group.

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Quickstart group is now at

The Quickstart group is now at

The old path alias was a pain to type manually but I re-created it so it will continue to work.

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