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We also have an issue queue for the groupsorg.module that runs on this site for things that need code changes.

Maintainer advice:

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CSS bug in g.d.o problem with nested 'ul' tags

Please take a look at:

Thanks in advance.

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Proposal for me to be made manager of Buenos Aires group

This is a proposal for me to be made moderator of the Buenos Aires group (

I have posted a message to that effect in the group. The creator has contact option de-selected so I cannot send him a direct message. The group has been abandoned for over a year.

The reasons are stated in the message:

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Change word "Manager" for something more accurate

Due to a hot discussion at: I noticed that the use of word "Manager" in local groups is generating so much confusion. Some people thinks that is a position of privilege and power, also as door open to abuse of power, etc. Also, when somebody creates a group:, there is any advice regarding local groups and the role that a "Manager" has.

Please may we define what exactly are the powers of a "Manager" and rethink about this word? can we use another more accurate?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Request to merge Rochester, NY into Western New York on g.d.o

I created a discussion entitled Merging Rochester, NY into Western New York on g.d.o in The group owner (dccircuit) has replied on that thread and is in agreement, as are members active in both groups that attended the WNY user group meeting last night.

What's the procedure for accomplishing this merge? And is there g.d.o admin voodoo ;) to roll members from and nodes associated with Rochester into WNY?

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Improved user profiles on g.d.o - what do you want to see?

We often talk about how someone who has been around the community for a while can take a look at the user profile page on and get a real sense for the person with the account.

The profile doesn't have quite as much useful information in as small of a format. Here are some things that seem interesting to me. I'd love to get more ideas on which metrics about a user we might expose to help their profile become a simplified representation of their involvement in this site:

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Change of manager in GDO/madrid

I have requested to change the manager of GDO/madrid, and to be appointed as the new manager, in the following post

I posted this message following the procedure stablished in Abandoned Groups: Policy for Deleting a Group or Changing Its Manager.

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group moderation guidelines

it's a little frustrating that was approved by the person proposing it when it clearly doesn't meet the general guidelines at

A couple other (less egregious in terms of the guidelines) examples of this have also happened recently, such as

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Transfer group manager

The ASU DUG group's manager has left the university. Could you please transfer the manager role to kdmarks? Original post:


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OG panels "CSS properties"

I just tried setting a pane's CSS properties to "mission" in order to give it the orange background that group missions here have by default (i.e. the default layout sans OG panels). For some reason it didn't work at all and the pane still had a white background.

What am I doing wrong?

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LA Drupal is showing up in OG group block and audience select list as "Home" instead of "Los Angeles"

Any idea why the LA Drupal group at is now showing up as "Home" in OG's group block and audience select list? I recently changed the title of the group's home page from "Home" to "LA Drupal" but I don't see how it's related to what happened.

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Is the code for Groups.Drupal available to look at? I would like to hack at the notifications so a user can specify not to receive notifications of their own actions. Thanks.

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GDO Updates

At today's DrupalConSF sprint, Greg and I made a number of updates to bring the latest and greatest versions of our favorite modules to GDO. This includes the shiny new OG Panels 2.0 release (many thanks to jimthunderbird for getting that release out!) and a number of other under-the hood updates which will help us build and deploy more content and group features going forward.

Please use this thread to post any issues you see with the site.

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Request to take over abandoned regional group "connecticut"

As per this page...

...I'm requesting to be manager of the "Connecticut" group (

I started a discussion here...

...where other currently active members support this request.

Both myself and another active user have tried to contact the current manager without success. Also the current manager hasn't posted a message to the Connecticut group (or anywhere on g.d.o. for that matter) for almost 3 years.

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Merging Beginner Docs into Main Docs

I just noticed this group: because someone started cross posting to the (recently opened) main docs group:

I'm not sure who's actually keeping tabs on this beginner docs group, but I wonder if it wasn't created because of the main docs group having been closed to posting prior to a month or so ago. Anyhow, it seems pretty redundant and the docs team aren't monitoring it as far as I know, so I'm thinking it'd be nice to merge it into the main docs group.

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Regional groups should have open membership

Changed the Southern Oregon group to open membership

see also:

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ICS data not compliant with RFC

Posted ICS data isn't compliant with RFC.
This can be seen with the great VALIDATOR

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Drupal Group Bulgaria


According to this information about abandoned groups I'm asking for permission to manage the Drupal group Bulgaria

I contacted the group manager huss a month ago to join forces and expand the group, but there was no reaction. Then I posted more than 3 weeks ago to the Drupal group Bulgaria the discussion about the maintenance of the group and wrote him using the contact form to respond at least to the post. But still no reaction.

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CSS Alteration

Hi guys...

Not sure if I'm the only one (haven't had time to read the latest docs/updates) but when I visit g.d.o/los-angeles the mission box overflows onto the right side of the page and consequently the page looks... "weird" -- like so:

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Nuevo administrador para grupo Bolivia

Hace 3 semanas intento contactar a @sergiochavez, actual administrador de éste grupo. Lamentablemente, al parecer no hay respuesta de el.

@sergiochavez, si todavía estás interesado en ser administrador y tienes un plan para éste grupo, por favor confirma aquí.

Si no hay respuesta positiva hasta dentro de 2 semanas (24 de Enero), se designará un nuevo administrador. No hay que ser un experto, solamente hay que tener interés por difundir el grupo localmente de la forma que mejor le parezca.

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Roles at g.d.o

I recently got the admin role in the Sweden group, but I cannot find any information about what an admin is supposed to do. Is there any page describing this? I noticed some changes such as the permission to edit any post, using panels etc, but it would be great to have a complete list of the permissions and responsibilities of an admin.

Perhaps the about page could include a section describing the different roles at g.d.o such as Webmaster, Group Manager, Admin, Authenticated User and Anonymous User.


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