The group to discuss administering the web site.

We also have an issue queue for the groupsorg.module that runs on this site for things that need code changes.

Maintainer advice:

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Strange theming bug on teasers

When teasers are shown in either node/add/preview mode or as a post on the group's homepage, the table tag seems to break something in the input filters, regardless of whether the node is set to Markdown or No Markdown.

See the top stickied post at (The full node is When displayed as a teaser, it breaks, but when viewed as a full node, it's fine. the HTML doesn't seem to be broken, so I have to assume that it's the node tpl?

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Notification Emails

Have noticed that email notifications (particularly for events) do not put the links into the emails in the same way they used to and are simply omitted. Is there some way we can change this? I liked the way it provided footnote links, but alternatively if html emails were sent out then they could also be done inline.

I have also noticed (and this may be just how it is in my gmail account) but line breaks inside a message are not always included, which sometimes makes the emails look messy when a line break has been used to format/clarify the text.

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Signup confirmation email %info token isn't replaced

I just got the following email when I signed up for an event in the Waterloo Region group:

Thanks for signing up for our event. You will be reminded 1 day before the event.

Troubleshooting performance issues on a slow web site


This might be a bug with signup itself, but I haven't seen such an issue on any of my own sites running Signup.

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Bug report for Create New Event form

There's an apparent bug on the submission of new Events that I can't figure out. I've attached a screenshot for clarification. Is this a known bug?

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Could we please have another Input Filter?

I think we need another input filter for trusted users, called "filtered HTML + object/embed". Let me demonstrate.

I went to add a ChipIn widget tag to the body of that post, and the Input Filter is killing it. I'm a trustworthy maintainer who's not going to break the site. Why can't we give Site Maintainers access to extra tags like this which help to spice up an other wise drab and bland text-only post? It doesn't seem like it'd hurt anything. Thoughts?

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Promotion to Manager of Cincinnati/SW Ohio group

Like others before me, our group is in need of a manager update since we have our hands tied at the moment without an active manager.


New manager: (myself)

I have made attempts to contact the current manager (brownsvillan) since he hasn't been active for 10 weeks.

An email from a guy he used to work with: "I called Matt and talked to him. He said he's been trying to get the admins to give you access to the site. Did Matt contact you?"

Yet to hear from him after 3-4 weeks.


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Do we really want Y.A. San Diego Drupal group?


There's an application in the queue for a North County San Diego group. Now, I don't know how many of you are familiar with the layout of the land here in Southern California, but suffice it to say that if I, living in downtown San Diego, were to drive 100 miles north, I'd be in Los Angeles proper. A 60 mile northwardly trek would land me in Orange County, which is north of where RedHatMatt wants to start a North County group.

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a search on a "page not found" does nothing

I'm not sure what the source of this bug is but go to any page-not-found on g.d.o. or d.o (actually all Drupal 5/6 sites seem to have this bug) and then try to do a search, any search. The search form will submit and then just return you to the same page-not-found page you were on. Certainly nothing earthshaking but odd none the less.

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Content Creators Group -- How to get published?

I submitted a new group "Content Creators" and really want to get others involved. But I'm not sure how to get it out of the moderation queue. Is there something else I need to be doing? I don't want to post too much content until users can see it. Oddly, a few others have been able to join with it still being in moderation.

Thank you for any help.

Group URL:

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Add a SoCal Group Admin

Could a gdo god please add Craig Gardner: as a group Admin to

I'd also like to know the process of how I could gain more access to do this myself?

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Hong Kong Group Administration

Posted on both the Hong Kong and g.d.o maintenance group for transparency.

I'm a member of the Hong Kong Drupal User Group ( and would like to request administrative privileges for the group. Recently we've seen increased activity and I'd like to use the og_panels functionality of g.d.o to give our group a better looking front page. I've tried contacting the current group admin, but he/she has the contact form disabled.


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badly broken css

I'm not seeing this problem on other pages.
The CSS problem seems to be that in the comment class, overflow is set to hidden.

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Share Taxonomy between groups?

I was wondering how gdo is setup and if it's technically feasible to share taxonomy between "some" groups? I think geographic groups in particular would benefit from this.

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gdo Panels: Drupalcon banner needs update

When adding content to a panel while maintaining a page in gdo, one of the options for content is a Drupalcon Banner. This can be found under the heading "Contributed Modules."

The content is a banner for Szeged 2008. I think it should be changed to Drupalcon DC 2009.

EDIT: Also, just noticed the Create Content / Node Add creates a small block that allows a Proposal creation in ANY group. I think this is an access control issue.

P.S. > Do you need me to debug this stuff on a local OG setup so I can be more specific,,, or is this a god amount of enough info?

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OG updated and notifications changed

I upgraded to latest OG and switched to its Notifications module integration. Please report oddness here. Thanks.

A few days I upgraded signup and modr8 modules. FYI.

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Autopath for site-wide taxonomy terms; display them in view

I'm sure this has come up before, but I didn't see it mentioned, so sorry if this is a repeat. I have two requests:

  1. Could site-wide taxonomy terms be given user-friendly auto paths? (e.g., howto = taxonomy/howto instead of taxonomy/term/1084

  2. Could we have a view displaying all sitewide tags, in case I want to see what's in use and browse related posts?

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service offers on g.d.o

There is now a sales offer in that is listed as a job. I'm not sure how to react. On the one hand, that just seems like an inappropriate use of the job content type. On the other, why not let people advertise their services in some way? Perhaps we need a new "services offered" content type and view.

The main drawback to that in my opinion would be that it could easily become a firehose of spam.

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Placed post in moderation -- feedback requested

Hello, all,

I unpublished this post from the Portland group: -- it's now unpublished, in the moderation queue.

IMO, it should be deleted, as the poster seems to be airing a personal grievance against a company. This feels out of place for the PDX group.

I'm glad to go in and delete it, but wanted to get feedback before doing so.

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gdo aliases

Who can I ask to hook us up with a GDO alias, like gdo/la and/or losangeles without a hyphen? I would think New York would like "ny" too.

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Update Southern California Group Manager

Hi Folks, similar to Chris Charlton's post, If you're not a group or site admin for then feel free to ignore this post.

I'd like help from the GDO gods to help me shift my account into the role of the manager. I have been unable to contact greg_y - and not really sure who he is and don't think he's active any longer. I'd like to at least become an admin - preferably the Group Manager for the Southern California Group.

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