The group to discuss administering the web site.

We also have an issue queue for the groupsorg.module that runs on this site for things that need code changes.

Maintainer advice:

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St Louis Group - Requesting New Organizers

Requesting the addition of Mark EWERS, westbywest, and OddSim as organizers of the St. Louis group.

This group has been meeting monthly for the past year and a half, and all of the proposed organizers have been active in participating or organizing these meetups. The current group organizer djw2 no longer lives in St Louis and does not seek to be active in the group. See the discussion here:

Thank you

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Diversity group admins

Hiya Greggles (or other g.d.o adminfolk) - was wanting to get some group admins added to as the one who started the group (Heather) hasn't been able to keep up admin duties (but please keep her as an admin as well as she'll be back at some point). Got her ok here:

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Managing g.d.o., visible policies and procedures

I've not been a heavy-duty g.d.o user until recently, so it's often difficult for me to find things, like what "archiving" a group means. is a beautifully-organized group home page, and I'd like to see this Maintenance group home page put all the "what's possible" and policy-related info in an obvious place. The About page does cover this somewhat, but it might need updating.

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OC Drupal Admin Roles

Requesting the addition of jromine and williamestrada as organizers/admin of Orange County Drupal (OC Drupal) - This group has been active and formally meeting at but cannot post to or manage the GDO page effectively to promote events or to have members interact socially. Many views have been disabled on the OC Drupal GDO page. An attempt to reach out to current moderator/organizer, Paris, on March 17th received no response. A request was made through email and through his GDO profile contact page.

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I cannot get off the vancover mailing list...

I am not even sure how I got on the group. I am not a member of the group and I dont believe that I posted to the site. But I seem to be mixed up with them. If there some one that can remove me please.

The group has the "Join" selection and I can not find anything about Vancover in my My account --> Notifications -- Subscriptions.

I also have all of my notifications set to weekly... but I am getting every email. Perhaps its just this thread, but I don't remember sending anything to get these emails.

not that I don't enjoy chatting with my northern friends.. ;)

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What about groups for sandbox projects?

Yay or nay? I think nay because premature. Thoughts?
Triggered by the request for for

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Merge DrupalCamp Vancouver into Vancouver?

Hola -

I wanted to leave the DrupalCamp Vancouver group: and then realized I am the group owner!

I posted here: and have had no replies from interested parties who'd want to take over.

Hoping perhaps we can merge that into the main Vancouver group: unless someone wants to pick it up. We've been focusing more on the PNW Drupal Summit out here than camps, so there's not much action on the camp group anymore.


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Stocks and Trading groups inactive - to be merged

The "Stocks" group has no posts since 2008. (~3 total)

The "Trading" group none since 2006. (1 total)

I will merge them later today into:

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Unable to create vocabularies


Im the admin/manager of the London group, but unable to add new vocabularies.

Any suggestions?

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several inactive groups to be merged or deleted

Came across several inactive groups that I plan to merge/delete based on not having any activity in one to several years, and potentially dubious or duplicate missions. Here are the notices I posted:

Handler group

Wastelands group

IBM group

Summer Training India Organizing

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What rises to the level of abuse/spam?

Chapter3 seems to be cross-posting their training events into many groups, including those far removed geographically form where the training is happening.

My take is that this is crossing the line into abuse. Such events obviously are reasonably for geographically close groups, and also for which specifically invites them.

I propose unpublishing/deleting these otherwise, but want to be cleat about our policy.

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gdo/la event creation and CAPTCHA error

On the gdo/la site, when a new event is created or when changes are saved I get a CAPTCHA error. The CAPTCHA form field does not appear until after I click save. Any idea as to why it is hidden and then appears when the error has occurred? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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group renamed to "OC Drupal (Orange County Drupal)"

The home page for this group was called "home2" for some reason and I just updated the title to "OC Drupal (Orange County Drupal)" instead. This might be related to a similar issue that affected the San Diego group.

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Alter or delete intranet-type groups

We seems to have gotten a bunch of intranet-type groups somehow, such as:

And this is promoting other to ask for approval for he same sort of organization-specific group.

How should we handle these? Do we ask them to become broader regional groups?

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Prevent closed/moderated groups

Can we do a little customization to prevent posting anything except open groups. Perhaps admins can have the option to edit a group and make it moderated in the rare case that's appropriate.

It's not clear in the moderation process sometimes when they are not created as open - for example I approved this group without realizing it was invite-only. I've just set it as open. Perhaps they were wondering why no one ever joined.

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San Diego Drupal group node funkiness

The San Diego Drupal group wasn't anywhere in the Audience list when I posted an event yesterday and I just figured out why. One of the OG Panel pages is named "Homepage" and this name is overriding the group name. Since this is a curious but non-fatal bug, I'm leaving it as is for the other admins to check out.

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iCal feed cutoff

I'm subscribed to the iCal feed on my Google calendar. I'm routinely getting notifications from Google Calendar that events have been canceled (i.e., removed from the calendar). It appears that events are being removed from the iCal feed after they have started, rather than after they have ended.

Are the filter settings for the iCal feed set to include items where the event end date > now ?

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Please delete upcoming LA events

Apparently group admins can no longer delete posts. Please delete the following event posts. We plan to posted again under the "LA Drupal" user closer to the event date, as we have traditionally done in the past; plus posting closer to the event date has an added benefit of an email announcement.

Please delete these event posts:
Jan -
Feb -
Mar -
Apr -
May -

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Group has been deleted.

I deleted this very stale group - it had only 3 posts, and none since 2007. It was merged into the "The Marketing of Drupal" group.

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Added <hr> to allowed tags - should <img> be removed?

Per request of webchick, I added <hr> to Filtered HTML -- No Markdown and Filtered HTML formats.

She also reports that we are allowing <img> tags - this are disallowed by default on for security reasons - should that tag be removed for normal uses on g.d.o too?

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