The group to discuss administering the web site.

We also have an issue queue for the groupsorg.module that runs on this site for things that need code changes.

Maintainer advice:

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File attachments broken

File attachments seem to be broken. I'm trying to attach a file to this post (replacing the file that's already there), but the "File attachments" fieldset says "File attachments are disabled. The file directories have not been properly configured. Please contact the site administrator." I just checked, and I'm seeing the same thing on this post.

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Abandoned Groups: Policy for Deleting a Group or Changing Its Manager

As part of an effort to consolidate documentation, this has moved to

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A Wiki Needs Versioning By Definition

I asked for this earlier with Drupal 5 but was informed that there was a bug somewhere so that proper Drupal versioning wasn't going to be possible until the upgrade to Drupal 6. I think most of the wrinkles to the upgrade have now been ironed out (and I'm sure it wasn't easy).

I need to ask again to enable versioning for the wiki's (if not other content types). It's a core aspect of being a wiki to know who made what change when. I set one up ages ago here to build a collaborative document and figured that nobody looked at it at all (until @v told me he'd edited it at DCDC).

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Multiple user IDs


I created multiple user ids due to a slow internet connection that I was using. (truly sorry about that)

Is there a email contact for the administrator for that I can contact?

Thanks for the help and response.

If this is the wrong thread for my question, please provide me with the correct thread. I am sorry if this is the wrong area.

Thank you.

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Should non-english posts be promoted to the frontpage?

I think that as the homepage receives a global traffic its content should be english only.
If we had several languages in the frontpage it would probably drive all the traffic away from the frontpage.

What do you think?

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More groups fixups - self serve for bakery synching!

The last few weeks have been busy for maintenance and the work came to a head today. As always, if you notice any problems please report them (here or in irc or via the infrastructure queue).

All synch requests completed (but not all accounts synched)

With help from Michelle and the normal g.d.o admins we were able to synch all the accounts that had requested a synch the proper way. But, there's still thousands more who need help.

Bakery has better help messages and self serve!

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Bug: duplicate mission statement at the bottom of the group page

It seems there is bug in a duplicate mission statement at the bottom of the page when the groups don't use the default image for the mission (that is, an alternative image, or no image).

On the other hand, there is not problem in the groups using the default image, like for example .

Examples of affected groups:


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Sync request update - needs admin attention

I've spent the last few hours going through the sync requests and matching d.o to g.d.o username/emails. Someone needs to run the actual syncing since I don't have access for that. I have it down to one page and all that are left are ones with incomplete information and problems.

These all gave me an error that the email from already belongs to another account (I did not comment on them so they are still in the queue):

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Group Moderation Discussion

Peter Wolanin and I are planning to meet in #drupal-groups on Wednesday at 1PM Eastern Time for about an hour to review groups in the moderation queue. Many of these groups are easy to accept/reject because they clearly make sense or don't based on our guidelines. But some require more thought and a judgment call. This meeting has two agenda items:

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URL and redirection (Latin America group)

Just a minor question on group URLs and redirects. The default URL in all generated links to the Latin America group is . There is a redirect from (which can be added to links by hand), but the suitable way would be that, on the contrary, latin-america was the default URL, and latino the redirect (to avoid breaking old links).

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Nuevo administrador para grupo Chile

Como se indica en, hace casi 2 meses que se ha intentado contactar a @SqyD, actual administrador de éste grupo. Lamentablemente, al parecer no hay respuesta de el.

@SqyD, si todavía estás interesado en ser administrador y tienes un plan para éste grupo, por favor confirma aquí.

Si no hay respuesta positiva hasta dentro de 2 semanas (30 de Octubre), se designará un nuevo administrador. No hay que ser un experto, solamente hay que tener interés por difundir el grupo localmente de la forma que mejor le parezca.

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Another user blocked . . .

User Forex ( is now blocked and his/her three spam comments were deleted.

Do you still want me to tell you when I do this, or not?

I do it for transparency, but if it's just noise to everyone, I'll stop.

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on views and panels and taxonomy lists

I'm trying to have some new pages with panels which would need to have some lists of nodes filtered by taxonomy term. I noticed there is a view for panels called 'og_recent_type_term', which has a taxonomy context dropdown, which I believed I could use for that. However I'm not succeeding. Is there a way to have a taxonomy/term/xxx type pane within a panel page?

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Content Type Posting Per Group

I'm sure this has been brought up and discussed before, but is there any ability to restrict the posting of particular content types to certain groups?

Specifically, I've just had a job posting to the DrupalCon Asia Pacific Organising group which was quite inappropriate. I moved it to the appropriate regional group already, but this seems like a more general problem that would be beneficial to resolve.

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Nuevo administrador para grupo Mexico

Hace más de un mes estoy intentando contactar a @b_w_s, actual administrador de éste grupo. Lamentablemente no hay respuesta de el.
@b_w_s, si todavía estás interesado en ser administrador y tienes un plan para éste grupo, por favor confirma aquí.

Si no hay respuesta positiva hasta dentro de 2 semanas (1 de Octubre), se designará un nuevo administrador.

Actualizado: 2009-09-24 gracias gwolf

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Nuevo administrador para grupo Ecuador

Estando de acuerdo con @calu777 hemos quedado en asignar un nuevo manager para éste grupo.
Tengo la esperanza de que el cambio sea para mejor.


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Group search block is back

The group specific search feature is back. Now powered by Solr. On all standard group pages.

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Unable to view other members' profiles.

Hi, I did not see this reported anywhere.

I'm no longer able to access other user profiles on gdo since the update.

I get an access denied error.

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Spam Flag for Comments

The user interface needs a spam flag for comments to report spam content using the flag module

Examples of comment spam:

I reported spam for this topic twice before and I think the process needs to be streamlined. (I reported via [General feedback] since the groups's manager does not have a contact page.

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Spam filter triggered by empty comment title

I'm having problems with one of my comments to a post which is not spam and cannot see the captcha either, so I'm getting blocked. I found that leaving the title empty trigger the error, so filling the title with any text skips it. I used to fill in only the body of the comment as drupal fills in the title automatically. However, this is not happening now.

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