The group to discuss administering the web site.

We also have an issue queue for the groupsorg.module that runs on this site for things that need code changes.

Maintainer advice:

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Remove bad url alias from g.d.o/drupal-marketing

Through editing and then publishing a custom home page for g.d.o/drupal-marketing (./node/99), a pathauto alias has also been entered making the default path g.d.o/home -- while ./drupal-marketing still works, all system-gen email and og_panels itself thinks that the canonical path is ./home.

Can somebody please delete the errant pathauto entry for ./home? I really have no idea how it happened, which is the disturbing part.

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Make event list ordered by event date

In the groups events page (e.g., the events are listed in the order of post date. Can this be changed so that they are listed in order of event start date (ascending), so that the next upcoming event is listed first.

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Limit crossposting?

I see posts that are in a boatload of unrealated groups fairly frequently. If I can figure out what group it should go in, I edit out the OT ones. But this doesn't scale well. Do we have a software solution? I don't use OG much so I don't know what's all available. Seems like there should be something for limiting how many groups you can post to. Something permission based would be good, too, so admins can override if needed.

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Made Delhi group open

For some reason the group had moderated membership and a large backlog of approvals. I made it open and approved all pending requests.

I don't see any reason it should not have been open.

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Tracker tab missing

The tracker tab seems to have gone missing on the account pages. Tracker still works because I can type in the URL manually but I can't get to it with two clicks anymore. Any chance of getting that back? :)



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Merge Indonesia group to Indonesia TKI

Merge Indonesia group to Indonesia TKI and rename Indonesia TKI to Indonesia.

Indonesia TKI is the older one and has more members.

TKI is the abbreviation of Tenaga Kerja Indonesia which means: Indonesian citizens who work abroad

But I think we do not need 2 different groups which have (nearly) the same topic.

Thanks/Terima kasih

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spamattack view

Occasionally we get really blasted with spam. Like, in the last few days a user posted a ton of spam using 4 different accounts.

I've now added views_bulk_operations to the site and created a view at that has an exposed filter for username.

You can also get to this view by going to a user's profile page and clicking the "Administer comments" tab.

Access is locked down for people who can "administer comments" so not everyone will see it, but for those who help with this it should be useful.

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Fixed description for Sri Lanka group

I have "fixed" the description for the Sri Lanka group using the text for a duplicate group in the moderation queue posted by I have also made that user another admin of the Sri Lanka group so that he can participate in development of the group.

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Please adjust group ownership for user group "München"


In the user group München we have agreed to switch the organizer role of road2ruin over to the users reglogge and danielnolde. The relevant discussion can be found here. andreas-emer will keep his role as group organizer.

Could you please effect this change for us? Thanks a lot.

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simplified event repeat for g.d.o will do "event repeats" for people which is a great feature. The way the do it is that

  1. you opt into it and set the schedule on the original event
  2. right after that event passes they make a copy of that event and put it in the future based on your schedule

This is really simple, avoids a lot of the complexities of the current event repeat tool creating tons of events into the future, and it sends notifications in a more timely manner than the current event repeat tool might.

Anyone know of something like this?

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Groups Notifications

Odd. As of 7/25 I began receiving notifications of new messages in Jobs, Discussions, etc., which I 'd not been receiving in some time, even though I've been a member here for a while and messages appear to have been freely flowing during that time.

Number one, was there a change here that caused this and, number two, is there a setting to only receive messages from specific topics? Ah, I see Notifications (?) module is being used. Maybe something happened there that all of a sudden enabled my notifications?

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appropriate use of admin accounts on *.d.o: moderation with content where you are personally involved

The "promote to front page" queue on follows a few social norms that I think we should generalize for all administrative accounts on all * sites:

  • If you are a friend or directly involved with something that is about to promoted to the front page, you should not do the moderation action yourself but should find a fellow moderator to take the action
  • If you are not directly involved in the ongoing maintenance in an area, taking a one-off case that interests you just because you have the role is likely to lead to a mistake and should therefore be avoided
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Merge Drupal skydivers into Drupalfit

I think one group for sports in general is good enough - we've got

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rejected CSS group, made Jesse an admin of theme group

Informational only:

I've delete a proposed group on CSS handling in Drupal:

I took this action after quite a bit of discussion with author (Jesse) via e-mail and chat. I convinced her instead of creating a new group to become an admin for and try to bring that group back from being mostly a waste-land of job postings. It seems like the existing users of that group would be better served by some real content and discussion.

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Pleaser re-open a event signups

@Joyita sent the event: with wrong date and the system closed the signup (it pass sent in late June for June 3), may you re-open the sign-ups please?

Thanks in advance.


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a post of mine has been unpublished, demoted and had its author switched to "Anonymous"

The Git with Drupal 7 announcement has somehow been unpublished, demoted from the front page and had its author switched to "Anonymous". This is pretty alarming but I'm leaving it as I found it. Any ideas how it happened?

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Adopt a Drupal Code of Conduct (#DCOC)

As our community grows, it is imperative that we preserve the what got us here. Namely, we keep Drupal a fun, welcoming, challenging, and fair place to play. IMO, we need to proactively state our shared ideals with respect to conduct. Think of this as coding standards for people :)

Our friends at Ubuntu have blazed a brilliant trail in this area. They use our CMS, and I propose that we use their Code of Conduct.

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Drupal in Education and other education-related groups

It looks like Drupal in Education, one of the largest groups on with more than 1200 members, is growing too large and is splitting apart. In the moderation queue right now there are groups for Drupal for K-12 Schools, California Higher Education and Higher Education.

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Running on memcache and performance monitoring

We are now running on memcache for default cache and cache_page has it's own bin.

This should provide some improved performance for us.

I also made my reports from pingdom of public:

It's really just measuring Varnish and not Apache, but that's still worth something to me to know that we were able to serve up the static content at least.

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how to track a group's membership numbers

Is it possible to see a chronological view of people who have joined a group?

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