The group to discuss administering the web site.

We also have an issue queue for the groupsorg.module that runs on this site for things that need code changes.

Maintainer advice:

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How do we handle more-or-less dead groups?

e.g. which seems to have few members and no content.

Should they be deleted?

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New static pages for GDO on D6

Per Moshe in post "I think some static FAQ pages and such are perfectly reasonable and much needed. I don't think anyone is married to the current homepage for that matter. Please do forge ahead."

And with that the topic is raised.
What benefit can we gain from having front-page links to static content on GDO? Currently all we have is a "about this site" link at the bottom of every page. Beyond that, all pages are reached only if you enter through a group or a search result.

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Let's get together in #drupal-groups and chat!

Hey "Local Users Group Organizers" gang! (and a few, select, cross posted groups)

If Spring is a season of rejuvenation in your part of the planet, then I hope yours is going better than it is here in Indiana. As the rains come and the grey clouds loom, I look forward to seeing the sun again AND to making efforts to grow the Local Drupal Users Group in my city.

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Duplicated posts

For the last couple of days, has been showing duplicate posts for me. As far as I can tell, it shows a post one time for each group it is in that I am a member of. That is, if a post is in 10 groups and I am a member of 3 of those groups, I see the post listed 3 times.


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Becoming Manager of Utah Group

The Utah group is in need of a more active Manager. He's been inactive for the last year, and even before that he hasn't been very involved. In the year that I've been in the group we haven't even met him at any of the meet-ups we've held. Not to mention the fact that we've all tried contacting him multiple times regarding making changes to our group pages and appearance.

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Help test the upgrade to D6

Finally, I have publically posted a version of this site running on Drupal6. Some basics:

  • Site:
  • HTTP Auth: user=drupal, pass=drupal (protects site from search crawlers)
  • Drupal login: Use your regular credentials.
  • Bug reports - Please search for dupes and if none, create an issue.
  • Feature requests - please don't file any now. We are focused on the upgrade.

Some notes:

  1. Email has been disabled.
  2. We are using a copy of DB. Feel free to mangle the content. I do testing in the Sandbox group out of habit.
  3. All private content has been unpublished. We are not offerring private content on D6. We will soon post on front page about this and email all authors of private posts. You will have a chance to download your content or make it public. More info soon.
  4. The job listing page will come back soon. I do hope this feature moves off of during the redesign.
  5. We are using Solr powered search, and can facet by group, among other things. Thanks and respect to the apachesolr devs.
  6. Panels powered group pages are gone for now. We need to finish this patch. Help wanted.
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Rationale for deleting a proposed group

Hello, all,

Recently, some folks at the National Writing Project (a non-profit organization supporting teacher professional development and supporting student writing) created a group here on g.d.o --

The NWP is made up of various chapters nationwide, and many of these chapters maintain a web presence. Currently, these chapters use an array of tools, ranging from Wordpress to Wikispaces to Joomla! to, that's right, Drupal.

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Canned Responses to Group Proposals

Reasons for denying the applicant a new group on g.d.o:

Group is denied (duplicate group)

Your Group seems to overlaps an existing group, ______, and thus has not been approved. If you'd like to re-define your group or change it so that it does not seem to overlap...

Please improve the title and/or mission statement of your new group

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Group Submission / Moderation Improvements

I'd like to get some feedback about how to improve the groups submission and moderation process.

Based on some initial discussion with some of the key folks who actually moderate groups, here are the major tasks:

  1. Improve the guidelines for adding groups - these are currently visible at I think they are actually quite good, aside from some small tweaks. I've started a wiki to hold the Group Submission Guidelines (please help refine them.
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Does it matter that the "Florida" group doesn't fit the g.d.o guidelines?

No, I want to join a "North America" Group too! :)
10% (1 vote)
No, I have no prefernece between seeing events advertised in Key West, Orlando, or Jacksonville.
70% (7 votes)
No, it's not worth the effort to fix things.... ever!
10% (1 vote)
Yes, and I want to help!
10% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 10
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Expanded central florida group scope

A user keeps trying to start a Tampa group, so I expanded the scope of the eisting Central Florida group and sent the below to:


Since the "Central Florida" group seems rather quiet, I'm expanding its
description to include "Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota,
Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, and Lakeland."

Please contact this user and consider promoting him to admin of the group
also, since he wants to kick-start Tampa-area events:

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Moderated Group 404 errors

Hi all- the Google Summer of Code mentors group ( is set to "moderated" for the group type, however, when people who aren't members visit the page they don't receive an option of joining (instead they get a 404 access denied error). Am I missing something? Is it not possible to have a g.d.o group both open to applications to join and keep it private? If not I'll simply put up a post on the soc group and ask people to e-mail me to join.

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Who approved this group?

Looks way to narrow in scope, and also does not meet the guideline of haivn ght title and description in English. given that there are only 2 members, should it be deleted?

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Can we have a feed for group level job listings?

Can groups have feeds for their jobs, please?

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Node body moving as Groups.Drupal.Org/node input format is way-too limited :KEKJIR

KEKJIR:  node  KEKH8E:  main-post  (updated 20090205145702):

  • KEKXJA:  Not to be negative but I've gotten fed-up with KEKXAN:  the way-too-limited, non-standard, & buggy input format of Groups.Drupal.Org (at least to do fully-formatted posts as my; so I'm KEKXE5:  moving  the node's main body to another site (recommend one?) while still keeping the discussion and a copy of the teaser paragraph here.
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    Fatal discussion post error depending on content:"spam filter that is installed on this site is currently not available" :KEJNLA

    KEJN0X: I'm trying to post an update & addition to a discussion via but, in pressing preview, it's causing the seemingly-fatal error quote[The spam filter that is installed on this site is currently not available. Per the site's policy, we are unable to accept new submissions until that problem is resolved. Please try resubmitting the form in a couple minutes.]; if I remove one of the tables in the content (specifically the new table labeled KEJ440), AND if I remove everything but this table, the error goes away & I can preview fine.

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    duplicate groups?

    It seems like these two groups are identical in terms of their descriptions and regional base:

    Is ther a guidleine for getting groups to merge or making them more distinct?

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    Site and module updates

    I just updated the following modules to their latest D5 releases. Please report any odd behavior.

    • cck
    • date
    • calendar
    • signup
    • link
    • token

    I am working on the D6 upgrade for At this point, it looks like the only stumbling block is panels for the custom group pages. If I can get panels and og_panels working for D6, I will deploy them in the upgrade. If not, we will temporarily lose that nice feature. I know, I know - this really really really sucks. No matter how many 'really' you add on there, I agree. But the fact remains that we are 50 weeks past the release of Drupal6 and Panels is at 6.x-2.0-alpha3 according to its project page. If this news upsets you, please grab a shovel and work the panels issue queue however you can. Help reproduce bugs or close down unreproducible ones. Help write patches, review patches, write docs, write unit tests, etc.

    My timeframe for this D6 upgrade is within 2 weeks.

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    Template for job posting takedown notices

    A member of the community recently posted a job posting that didn't follow the job posting guidelines (the job wasn't Drupal-specific) and it was quickly unpublished. I sent the member a message through his contact form and have copied it below. Please consider using this as a template when removing inappropriately-posted job listings.

    I didn't make this wiki page Full HTML so that it can be improved by the larger community.

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    Can't edit (some) wiki pages in Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame

    I can't edit some of the wiki pages in the Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame. Not sure why.

    I can't edit this wiki page:

    I can edit this wiki page:

    Anyone know why? Are others seeing this problem?

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