The group to discuss administering the web site.

We also have an issue queue for the groupsorg.module that runs on this site for things that need code changes.

Maintainer advice:

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process for knowing who blocked/deleted whom/what

We (Josh Koenig and I, the people who respond to the "contact" tab on this site) have had an increasing number of reports recently that posts are getting deleted inappropriately.

In many cases the block is appropriate, but it takes a lot of time and effort to understand what happened. I'd rather have some more transparency on this. Here are some possible ideas of how we could get a better "paper trail" for this. These are not set in stone, so I would love suggestions and more ideas:

  1. Use something like Journal to record a lot of actions.
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User blocked . . .

Just an FYI that I blocked this user for spam: (and I deleted the spam/advertising comment).

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Archivar el grupo Latin America

En 3 años la actividad de este grupo a sido mínima y en vista de que estamos buscando congregar antes que dividir, opino que:
1. este grupo sea archivado: nadie más pueda unirse y el mensaje de bienvenida dirija a los visitantes al grupo Spanish
2. a los post se les agregue el tag: Latin America, para hacer referencia al grupo donde estaban
3. Se invite a los miembros de este grupo a unirse al grupo [[|Spanish]]

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¿Cómo crear mensajes de bienvenida a un grupo?

Los grupos han de tener dos tipos de mensaje de bienvenida: uno para la página principal del grupo y otro para recibir a cada nuevo miembro con un mensaje amable y útil.

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Drupalcamp Atlanta announcement on front page...

I'm not sure what the protocol is, but wanted to see about promoting this post to the front page of g.d.o. Let me know if you need anything else.


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Group Español needs new admnistrator

I have tried to contact the group admin of Español more than 2 weeks ago and got not answer. I have also asked several people in that group and IRC channel #drupal-es but nobody knows about him.

Finally, I've done a public announcement in that group(and all the Spanish groups) about this its irregularities: name and description are not written in English, welcome message is too short, the short url is "espa-ol" o_O! and again got not answer.

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Spanish Documentation and Related

I have created the group "Spanish Documentation and Related", it is active and there is a community working around to contribute documentation in Spanish.

Some people is concerned about join the team because such group is not approved yet, may somebody please moderate that group?

Thanks in advance.

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We need a volunteer (and new event categories)

I need a volunteer to take change of keeping and publishing a master calendar of Drupal Camps, Sprints and related meetings. If you have some spare time and are interested either respond here or contact me through g.d.o or a.d.o.


Cary Gordon
Drupal Association Events Manger

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Administering a Drupal Group

Hi all,

This is not strictly a DrupalChix topic, sorry, but I couldn't see another place to post it and I thought one of the dchix might be able to help. I'd be happy to re-post it elsewhere if there's somewhere more appropriate for me to post!

Today I started a Drupal group to coordinate some work I've started with another Drupaler in the Netherlands who is working on the same thing I am, which is creating a LIMS (laboratory information management system) using Drupal and contrib modules.

The group has been approved, but when I go its g.d.o page:

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Huge problem about Distributed Authentication and group creators

When a user creates an account using Distributed authentication, his e-mail gets an invalid value:
So, when such user creates a group, it is not possible for moderation system to contact that user, returning an email sending error.
Those users which have not filled their right e-mail address might not being able to create groups.

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No more public settings?

Hello, all,

When adding new posts, I seem to have lost the ability to make posts publicly visible, even in groups I manage --

The checkbox (make this post public) is gone --

Is this a new change, or did I just miss the announcement?

And if this was a choice, can it be reconsidered, or what was the rationale behind it? IMO, we lose a lot of the potential to get more people into these communities of they can't see what's going on before they join.

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Please add an alias for the San Diego group?

We'd like the San Diego drupal group to have an additional alias, so we can begin using in addition to the existing (with a hyphen) in our correspondence without harming any current inbound links. Doable before tonight's DUG meeting? Pweeeeze? :)

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Precedence of Audience in posts

I hope this post brings to the forefront a gripe I have about breadcrumbs and the precedence of the "Audience" selection on discussions in

When an event is posted to our group for our monthly meetup, we usually post it to the groups in adjacent cities/states.

The issue: the breadcrumbs and email subjects for notifications take on the first "audience" in the list - so our events/posts appear as though they are within the "Central Ohio" group instead of Cincinnati/SW Ohio group, since Central Ohio comes first alphabetically.

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Can I please have the ability to do some basic inline css?

I'd like to be able to use some basic CSS to position image on my group's pages. Could I please have full HTML again? Either that, or some classes called .img-float-right and .img-float-left that have a little bit of appropriate margin too? I don't see anything like that in the g.d.o. CSS file fight now.

Reference URL:

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Updating Group "manager" for CINDUG group on this site.

Posting publicly on CINDUG group page and Maintenance Group for a week to allow feedback or questions before it will be changed (feels like a wedding.. speak now or forever hold your peace) :-)

We would like to change out the group's manager position to myself, Scott Dunkle (dunkoh) since the person that originally created the group has not been active since then.

In the fall of '08 attempts to contact that person to get the ok to have site admin's make a couple of us into admin status didn't get answered - so just going to go ahead at this point without asking.

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SPAM from Richmond academy?

Just noticed 2 posts:

Does it is SPAM? may I delete them ?

  • evelCuy
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Creating content view in panels

Is there a way to create a list of content with multiple content types or by excluding a content type?

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We're at the redesign sprint

We're at the redesign sprint at MIT and would like to close the Redesign Infrastructure Team group for good. Placing a sticky post at on the group home page may not be enough to prevent unwanted posts from being posted here. What's the procedure for moving posts or subscriptions to the implementers group?

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how do we handle admin roles?

I just added the 'admin users' role to Litwol, since he's managing a large group and is well-known and responsible. Is that ok? What's the usual process for handing admin perms?

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Inactive group - to be removed.

Given that there seem to be no posts in this group in the past year and that translational efforts are expected to be coordinated via the translation server, this group will be deleted in 2 weeks.

Also, we have recently approved a country group: if there is any content here which shoudl be cross-posted there, please join that group and do so.

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