Move Central NJ meetup to 2nd Thursday?

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The Central NJ meetup has been meeting the 1st Thursday, but that leads to an ongoing conflict with the nearby LOPSA-NJ meeting and tends to be very close to the NYC meetup.

There seemed to be general support for moving to the 2nd Thursday, but would appreciate broader feedback on how that would affect people's schedules and any other potential conflicts.


Any Thursday OK

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Any Thursday OK

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay

Works for me

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Thanks for asking.

Any Thursday is fine

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Thank you.

2nd Thu is good

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First week is NYC's meetup. Third week is Philly's. It's difficult to get away from the family for two nights in the same week. So, the second week would be ideal.



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I think the 2nd Thursday would work better.


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