Central NJ Meetup, Thursday, May 9, 2013

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2013-05-09 19:00 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Come share your curiosity about, love of, or musings about Drupal at our monthly meetup in Princeton!

We're going to continue the new format - 3 sections, with 2-3 people for each section. We need you to participate! Please contact the organizers or comment below to claim one of these slots. All of these are open and appropriate for you regardless of your experience level with Drupal - beginner and intermediate topics are especially helpful to others.

All community members interested in using Drupal as well as strengthening the Drupal community are invited. We'll discuss recent and exciting Drupal-related news, present interesting topics, and share knowledge.

Meeting in room 008 in the Princeton Friend Center.


1) 5 minutes/per person Site showcase and feedback
     Show off your work-in-progress or recently completed project in < 5 minutes, and get feedback and suggestions

  -Josh Weinstein - IAS development of new version of video website.
  - davidhernandez - quick showcase of a small custom module to add CSS to the admin theme

2) 10 minutes/person- Get a question answered! Leverage the knowledge of the crowd.
  If you have a Drupal configuration  theming, or development problem that you are banging your head on, or a new piece of functionality that would benefit from group brainstorming on how to implement claim one of these slots and bring a concise description or demo of the problem so we can help.

  - [slot 1 TBD]
  - [slot 2 TBD]

3) 20 minutes/person - Present something new (or new to you)
  If you have been trying out a module and want to demo it, want to teach others about a technique, outline best practices, or preview a talk for a upcoming camp or conference, this is for you.  Make sure to describe your intended audience.

  - Chris McCaferty (cilefen) how to add JavaScript to the page, 
      how to pass data from modules and themes to JavaScript.
  - Sean Walsh ( crowdcg) - Scald (http://drupal.org/project/scald) and some Spark
  - pwolanin - interactive PHP https://github.com/d11wtq/boris


Join us in Room 008, of the Friend Center on the Princeton University Campus located on the corner of Olden and William streets.

After 5 pm, visitors may park in the University lot on William Street behind 185 Nassau Street.

visitor wifi details:


cross-listed on meetup.com: http://www.meetup.com/Central-NJ-Drupal-Group/events/109464852/


Making a custom theme with Twitter Bootstrap

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I could do an advanced theming talk on this if there is any interest. It would be:

  • A brief intro to Bootstrap.
  • A review of the templates and functions used to implement Bootstrap features.

Passing data to JavaScript

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Or I could do a talk on how to pass data from modules and themes to JavaScript.

Demo module for the talk

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Here is the demo module for my talk: http://goo.gl/jXsJF

If you can install it now you will be ready.

extremely helpful presentation

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thank you Chris! and Josh! (Josh, right?)
It was great for me, having struggled with these exact functions a few months ago. It was edifying for me to follow your results to configure drupal_add_js(), and output the resulting data - AND displaying the data or feeding it to a chart module.

I like the latter suggestion

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I like the latter suggestion re: data passing more - I think that's a big mystery for a lot of people.


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I could talk/demo either of the following, if there is an interest.

I'm interested in both. If

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I'm interested in both. If you only have time for one, I'm more interested in Scald.

There is a Scald distribution

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There is a Scald distribution that has the Spark functionality, so I could focus on Scald but also show some of the Spark features if that works.

Slides w/ Links for Reference

happy days - our camp archive

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happy days - our camp archive from 2012 is finally live on the d.o servers: http://drupalcampnj2012.drupalcamp.org/

Here is the code I showed

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* Implements hook_init().
* Search for custom admin files in the default theme and load them.
function admin_extras_init() {
$admin_theme = variable_get('admin_theme', '');

  if (
$theme == $admin_theme) {
$theme_default = variable_get('theme_default', '');

// Find admin.css file.
$admin_css = file_scan_directory(drupal_get_path('theme', $theme_default), '/admin.css/');
    if (!empty(
$admin_css)) {
$admin_css_path = array_shift($admin_css);

// Find admin.js file.
$admin_js = file_scan_directory(drupal_get_path('theme', $theme_default), '/admin.js/');
    if (!empty(
$admin_js)) {
$admin_js_path = array_shift($admin_js);

admin theme trick

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Thanks David, its a cool design I think. Helpful to have the code and try it out.

interactive PHP

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interactive PHP https://github.com/d11wtq/boris

I found this to work with DevDesktop PHP, but not MAMP or OSX provided PHP.

an alternative PHP shell:


New York City

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