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Showcase using rules to play games inside Drupal 7

I started off with a question about a year ago.
My question was "Can I use Drupal to create a game that is playable by players”?
To build it in Drupal I had to think differently from what i used to CMS or OOP.

My most basic idea was that I will define a set of Entities that acts as my “game”.
Game – is the static game that will hold a title, description and some preset fields that will by determine by game type.
Game type – is the bundle of game and allows it to be field able.
Running game – is a running instance of the game at hand.

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DrupalGamesComp2011 Status

So today is/was the deadline for entries to -- largely due to a major event in my life (see if you don't already know about it), I've neglected a number of pursuits, including this. However, even though I have done nothing to promote the comp in a few months, there are still some enterprising folks among you who have created some games, or at least stated an intent to.

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Automating badges for specific/correct answers

I am interested in using Drupal as the platform for an alternate reality game (ARG), where people are asked to complete narrative-related missions (e.g. completing mobile-phone-aided scavenger hunts, decrypting mysterious notes, creating zany steampunk inventions in answer to a prompt and posting photographs of their work).

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Drupal game using COMET

A little game that uses a real-time broadcast server (meteord-- to show spectators and players live updates of the game board.

Uses JQuery and my company's modified D5

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DrupalGamesComp2011 Open for Entries!

As planned, #DrupalGamesComp2011 is now open for entries! You don't need to have completed a game yet, this is mainly just for intent to submit. Just create a user account and submit your entry now!

Note that entries will remain private until August 23, 2011, when judging will begin. You'll be able to view and edit your entries (or delete them) any time before then.

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Should we remove the rule that states, "Authors may enter at most three games"?

Yes, I want to enter 4, 5, 6 games or more!
80% (8 votes)
No, let's keep the playing field level.
20% (2 votes)
Total votes: 10
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Drupal Games Comp Game Node Page Layout

And the game node page. Comments please!

Game node page

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Drupal Games Comp Overview Page Layout

Here's a quick wireframe for a view of games, once that's entered. Feedback please!

Games overview page

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Rename OSGameCon to Drupal Games Comp

0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 0

Drupal Games Comp 2011 Timeline

Per the Drupal Games Comp 2011 Preparation wikipage, this is the Drupal Games Comp 2011 Timeline wiki.

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Drupal Games Comp 2011 Preparation

ZOMG, these stupid avatar pictures on the left hand side are super annoying. I mean, really, who does that? Who wants their "start location" for reading to change after about five lines of text? And it makes things even more annoying if you start out with a list, like I did - then the whole list gets indented due to the avatar. They really should be right-aligned, you know, like Drupal core has been doing it for zillions of years. ARgrgGHH. This text exists solely to push the actual legitimate content down past the avatar evil.


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Code Craft: Initializing your Players

For the first Code Craft, let's talk about one of the first things that our game needs to do: turn our user into a player. This not only involves initializing our user into our game world (giving them the unique statistics, objects, or metadata necessary for them to play), but also ensuring they're always "up-to-date", even after we've released new game content that might come with additional statistics or objects.

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Announcing OSGameCon 2011

Announcing The First Annual Drupal Open Source Game Contest!

The BOF today was great! We made a couple of minor changes to the base rules. Also, nosro has volunteered to make a simplified version of the rules, so we can plug that in (and click through to the longer "fine print" explanations for more clarification).

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OSGameCon 2011 BOF at DrupalCon!

If you're in Chicago this week, make sure to come to the OSGameCon 2011 BOF planned for Thursday afternoon at 2:15, in the Colorado room! We're going to work out the details for the First Annual Drupal Open Source Game Contest! If you can't come, then make sure you let your thoughts known here.

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Drupal Based RPG up ready for testing.

Seven months ago, I embarked on an attempt to create a MMORPG using drupal as a platform.

I am to the point where I need people experienced with drupal to take a look and test and poke. So far, only the artists who contributed have been invited and for the most part they like it, but the main complaint seems to be, 'I KEEP GETTING KILLED'. That is easy to fix.

If you don't mind a limited world, with limited monsters, and items, I would love your opinion and testing.

Things to keep in mind.

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Drupal Based RPG up ready for testing.

Sorry..I have no idea why this double posted!!

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Game design for demo game of drupalrtsg

I do have previously implementations of games using rtsg framework, but to be honest, they are not complete, nor very well balanced or are stripped copies of online games (travian and ogame). In order to build a demonstration site I'm open the game design and goals to discussion, so feel free to drop your idea of what kind of game do you like to be testing.

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Finally I can take the time to start a clean up and go committing some of all the stuff involving the rtsg framework. Following aaron's steps, I just created a .net domain where I'd like to include also games built with rtsg framework (once it is finally published). Now I do also have additional help from the spanish channel, so I think the cleanup process will be quickly done.

The bard part is that I've to completely rename and review module namespaces (as it changed from drtsg to rtsg, and that requires a hard review).

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Using the User API for m web game?

Im making a strategy game (not in Drupal, only PHP with Javascript, you can see in in here For the login system I use a simple user login/register module. It doesn't do a lot, just the basic data sanitation, so it ocurrs to me that maybe i can use the Drupal API to make it work for me.

So I wanna know similars experiences and ideas of how this could be done. If it easy to do it?. Are there any problem or pitfall that we should be aware of?

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how far is drupal in pvp games?

I have a lot of experience with drupal, but none with creating online games.

Im looking to get into building online games, but im trying to give myself real targets.

So im here asking what I currently can acheive with drupal, pretty much out of the box.

Ive seen some modules, RPG, game, 5 second game.

5 second game gives an example of Rock-Scissors-Paper, great, now I have a player v player game on my site. The module also goes onto explain you can create classes, gain levels, exp, stats, etc.

Pretty much a good basis for a standard pvp.

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