The group to discuss the use of This is for active users of the site, group admins, and maintainers to collaborate on how to improve the site. There is also a Maintenance group for people who help maintain the site, such as those with editor permissions, or those are interested in the maintenance of the site. More specific issues should be posted to the project issue queue.

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Notifications - email updates and their readability

I'm sure most of us here get daily update emails from g.d.o. and I'd guess many of you are, like me, mildly irked at trying to read them. I thought I'd take a stab at trying to lay them out so they're more readable.

In the long run, I'd like to see beautifully crafted HTML emails, but thought some small spacing and layout changes would be a lot quicker and easier to do than full-blown HTML.

Here are my main critiques of the email as it stands:

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Why People Prefer Drupal as a Better CMS?

Why People Prefer Drupal as a Better CMS?
Different people have different reasons.
IT managers, project managers, marketers, etc...
all have their own reasons. What reasons are yours?

Here is my full list of reasons:

Amnon Levav
Drupal Consultant

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Delete content created on gdo

Created an event @ Not sure what I did... Probably pressed submit multiple times. I have ended up with 12 nodes of the same event. How do I delete them?

Posted an issue at:

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Drupal Code of Conduct / Values

Does Drupal has an established base Code of Conduct for geographical user groups?

It might sound surprising but it would be good to have one for the young community in Vietnam for example, as it's not necessarily understood per default. Maybe something similar to this but more adjusted for Drupal people:

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Reporting Spam on

While g.d.o is headed towards a Drupal 7 launch on commons there is still some room for improvement of the Drupal 6 version of the site. As of November 7th, a new feature exists for fighting spam.

All "Editors" and "Spam fighters" on the site can now flag nodes and comments as spam. All Editors will see a block in the sidebar that shows any nodes or comments that has been flagged. They are encouraged to confirm the content is spam and then block the spammers.

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Lost Moderator Privileges on GDO?

Today I realized that I lost some privileges on GDO.
I can no longer delete spam comments or node spam.


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Retrieving Posts from a Recently Deleted Group

I recently received an email notifying me that my group proposal "Students of Drupal" was denied because of a number of similar groups. I understand the reasons and have in fact been transferring my posts to the Drupal Dojo group but I haven't transferred all of them yet and I'm wondering how I can access the wiki's that I wrote. The email notification that I received mentions that "the posts inside the group are still available," but I'm unable to find them, any suggestions?


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Stopping spammers on GDO

It is very obvious that GDO is receiving as much spam as real content. Especially by certain people believe that SEO is all about posting links on irrelevant sites.

Causing many issues created on GDO just for spam removal

For example the last 5 replies in a thread that I have subscribed to, are all spam, with a comment where the author tries to make it look like a relevant post, with no real content and a link to an irrelevant site


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managing "promote to front" nodes on GDO

The DrupalCampOhio node was created in MAY and the camp is in DEC. The node is promoted to front page but the node is old. As a result the node is on page 2. Today we added a comment to the node to announce that registration is open. That would make this node not only promoted to front but also the most recently commented node in that class. This still results in the node being on page 2.

Still on the front page are nodes for events that have come and gone.


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Moderation Guidelines for New Groups

To help consolidate Groups documentation on, the contents of this page have been moved

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Management Intern - Web Developer | Arizona State University

Employment type: 
Part time
Not allowed

ASU's Graduate College is seeking a management intern to develop graphically appealing and innovative web site designs that meet university standards. Duties will include, but are not limited to: web site, multi-media content, graphics, animations design and development, usability assessment and enhancement. The team member will primarily focus on Graduate College web sites and related content, along with assisting with the development of interactive web applications using Drupal modules, PHP and Java.

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Layout sugestion to help our eyes focusing faster when scrolling

This is just a simple and quick layout improvement sugestion, to help our eyes focusing faster on the begining of next (or previous) post when scrolling.

It will be specially usefull for lists containing posts with:

  • long (high) summaries
  • no picture
  • entire titles lowercased
  • H2 or HR tags in summary

The sugestion is to add a top border on every row (marking it's begining) with a CSS code like:
div.views-row{border-top:1px solid #d8d8d2;padding-top:5px;}

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Drupal Commons 3.x Interactive Prototype - Feedback Requested!

Following extensive collaboration with Jeff Noyes and Lisa Rex of Acquia's design team, we're excited to share an interactive prototype of Drupal Commons 3.x, and hope that you'll provide feedback.

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Policy Proposal for Closed (by request) Groups

The Problem
We currently don't have any guidelines on when Groups should be set to "Moderated - membership requests must be approved." On our Guidelines for Forming New Drupal Groups page it just says "Almost all groups should be open. Use other choices only when there is a good reason for doing so."

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Enable rich-text editor for comment form

Hi all, I want enable(add) rich-text editor for comment form. I am config successful and using: IMCE, TinyMCE 3.4.6, self-built interface(add(edit) content form existed rich-text). Thanks!

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Commons Architecture issues posted

I've posted several issues for discussing the Commons 3.x (Drupal 7) architecture.

If you have input to share about the way we build Activity streams, the choice of base theme, the WYSIWYG editor or wiki functionality in Commons, now is the time to share your thoughts!

Edit: I've added this post to the and Maintenance groups, but it's certainly possible that GDO would implement a particular feature in a different way from Commons.

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Proposal: Allow university/college-specific groups

In a discussion at DrupalCon about promoting Drupal adoption in colleges and universities, greggles, Peter Wolanin and I considered the benefit of approving college- and university-centric groups, even if there is already a regional group that might suit. My own feeling is that this would be a great idea.

Some reasoning bullet points:

  • It's in the Drupal community's interest to increase Drupal adoption by students.
  • College students can be rather provincial in activities (i.e., may not express interest in off-campus community events).
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The guidelines for creating groups should be revised.

The guidelines presented on the group creation page do not fall in line with the approval process being enforced.


Groups should fall into one of three categories:
working group coordinating on a Drupal feature, module, or distribution
a geographical user-group such as users in a specific city
or a Drupal event organizing group such as a DrupalCON organizing group

I was just denied / had a group deleted because there weren't enough people "around" my module:

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Another abuse of the Job content type

Acct Age:15 days

1. the post is not a job it's a solicitation for work
2. the call to action is to visit the company site which is a horrible looking static html site [ok I'm just being picky on that one LOL]
3. After touting its "Drupal Module" development skills the site continues that the company provides the following non-existent services: [Drupal Extensions Development, Drupal Component Customization, Smarty Templates]

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