DrupalCamp NYC 5

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2008-09-13 10:00 - 2008-09-14 17:00 America/New_York
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Training (free or commercial)

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Important Update: registration is now closed. If you are signing up for the event after 4pm Saturday August 23 [Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4], you will be considered on the waiting list. You will hear from us closer to the event to let you know if there is space for you

Important Update #2: Thanks to those that have removed themselves from the list allowing us to include more than half those on the waiting list. If you registered for the event before Sept 1st, you are on the official attendance list. We're sorry that we can't accommodate everyone that wanted to attend.

The group has voted, the space is reserved. All we need now is you (and some bagels and pizza -- see note below if you're interested in sponsoring the event).

NYC DrupalCamp 5 event will take place Saturday & Sunday, September 13th and 14th, 2008 at Polytechnic University.

NYC Drupal Camps are free events, but we do need some sponsors in order to make it happen. Please get in touch with Eric to discuss sponsoring the event. As we have done in the past, any funds left over after we cover the costs of the event will be either donated to the Drupal Association or held to cover expenses of the next camp.

Event details
When :: Saturday & Sunday, September 13th and 14th, 2008 10am-6pm
Where :: Polytechnic University Brooklyn Campus - Building A
Six Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Subway Map

Sign Up / Register (its free)
If you're interested in attending, click the button at the bottom of this page.

In order to register for the event, you have to have a groups.drupal.org account. This is an experiment based on feedback from past camps. We hope that new users will find having to register an account in order to sign up less alienating than having to edit a wiki page.

Modeled in the camp unconference structure, drupalcamp is a no-holds-bars discussion, workshop/code-a-thon involving the Free Software content management system Drupal. At drupalcamp you ask the questions and the experts provide the answers; at drupalcamp you discover your solutions to your most pressing problems. Like previous drupalcamps, there will be a number of break out rooms...

Sessions / Schedule
If you're interested in presenting a at the camp or have problems/questions that need to be solved and you would like to see someone address at a session, visit the sessions page and add your idea.

Help out!
Interested in helping to organize the event? join the mailing list at https://lists.mayfirst.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/drupalcampnyc

In keeping with Drupal Camp tradition we hope to provide bagels/muffins, coffee/juices for breakfast and some oh-so-delicious pizza for Lunch. We always do our best to provide Vegetarian (vegan if requested) options.

Sponsors are needed to help pay for these goodies as DrupalCamp is not organization (thus has no cash). Sponsorship can come in various amounts. If you're an attendee chipin a few bucks, if you're a company consider fully or partially sponsoring Breakfast, Lunch or after-camp drinks.

This event is made possible with the sponsorship and assistance of the following:
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for providing the space

for providing lunch (saturday)

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for providing breakfast (saturday)

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for providing lunch (sunday)

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Breakfast 2nd day

Contact eric at openflows.com to become a sponsor.

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I got second!


count me in!!

caitlinq's picture

(that means i will be there)

I can't wait :-)

MacRonin's picture

I can't wait :-)

Add one more

lisaher's picture

I'll be there!

to register

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I don't see you on the attendee list:
After making yourself an account on this site, to officially register for the event you need to click the "sign up" button on this page


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what do people think of using the graphic from DrupalCamp3? http://squidgystudios.com/drupal/nyc/konglicon_new.jpg

I like it, but shouldn't he

jpowell-gdo's picture

I like it, but shouldn't he be holding a bi-plane and beating his chest? ;-)

i'm in

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looking forward to another good one. the signup mechanism on this page is a little unusual. I'm pretty sure I did it correctly...

I see you on the list

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We're experimenting with using this group for the event, feedback like yours is appreciated. At the end of the camp, we'll be looking at all the feedback and trying to see if this was a successful experiment. Maybe we'll go back to using the barcamp wiki next time, maybe we'll work with the groups.drupal.org folks to make using this site easier for next time (and other groups doing the same thing)

sign up

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I'm signing up

Signing up!

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Sign me up!

signing up

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signing up -- thanks!

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got it now, thanks!

the "sign up" process is not all that intuitive ...

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... but I made it in! looking forward to september.

I thought it was intuitive.

jpowell-gdo's picture

Maybe the button could stand out more, but I thought the signup process was overall very straightforward. This is my first DrupalCamp, so I don't have BarWiki to compare things to, but clicking "Sign Up" seemed pretty intuitive.


methadonekittie's picture

saw something about requesting a vegan option for snacks. so i guess i do that here? i didn't see a form anywhere.

for next time

ericG's picture

just some random thoughts on how I could have set up these pages differently based on some of the feedback.

Next time, the primary page for the camp should be a wiki page so editing of the content is possible by anyone helping with the event.

the links along the top being consistent on all the pages seems to work, even if it was annoying to have to create each page in order to get the urls to use in those navigation links and then edit the pages to include it.

the "sign up" link should point to an event page with minimal content so the form button for signing up is easer to see. This could also allow for having one event node for each day, allowing for separate signup lists for each day.

location information and sessions should stay as wiki pages.


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Thanks for organizing again, Jim

Jim Fleming

Can't Make It

RobLoach's picture

Really sorry guys, but I'm busy at a family gathering that weekend that I can't miss. So, I won't be able to make it to DrupalCamp for the second year in a row.... Really sorry, I would've loved to be there.

Looking forward to it

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Yo Drupal is hot, looking forward to learning new skills. See you guys, I will bring some vegan patties


LA and NYC DrupalCamps on the same weekend

marketanomaly's picture

Looks like the NYC and LA DrupalCamps will be happening on the same weekend. I wonder how we might connect them.

synergy ideas

nitrospectide's picture

Here are some thoughts...

set up shared irc channel for both camps

ustream (or similar) broadcast of as many of the presentations as we can

something to facilitate relationship building across between NYC and LA - like attendee link pages showing user/skill set/interests/urls/experience, etc... and a smooth way to teleconf or easily connect (irc could be ok - maybe something with skype?). it would be cool to proactively knit the communities

some sort of online contest/game/thing to get everyone from both sites engaged in a fun, realtime event (not necessarily drupal related) does anyone know of something that would work well?

I could be convinced otherwise

ericG's picture

I'm interested in hearing ideas., but for me Drupal Camps are about face-to-face communication and skills-sharing.

I think the local aspect is important and it would be far too much effort to pull off some direct connection between these two events, especially considering how little time is left.

I've tried to link simultaneous events in multiple cities before and it takes a lot effort and planning to do it in a way that really provides something substantial and useful.

Maybe we could just have a single joint session.

marketanomaly's picture

Maybe this is something that could be dealt with in a single session held at both locations and specifically aimed at exploring methods of linking to and sharing information with geographically disparate communities.

Not only do we have drupal

litwol's picture

Not only do we have drupal camp at the same time, but by a pure coincidence we also will have this month's meetup at the same time. I will try to setup some kind of conferencing between the groups. a camera with live feed of whats happening there without audio should be good i think. overall the task is a bit complex for us to put time into for any meaningful result.

As for the camp, i would love to set up few virtual conferences where the main presenter can speak to both groups via what ever means we deem appropriate.

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com


nitrospectide's picture

Doesn't ustream.com (or live.yahoo, or something else) provide free tools for an A/V stream with integrated chat? If it's a quick turnkey answer, it could be cool to try it out.

I will look into it.

for the camp

ericG's picture

Post some details on how you would setup this sort of virtual conference, please.

We'll have to contact polytech to see if there is enough bandwidth to try this experiment. Before we do, it'd be nice to have a better idea of what we're asking them for.


nitrospectide's picture

It's ustream.tv, not com. They claim you just need a webcam.


I imagine you just need the up bandwith you would for a skype video call. downstream would likely be viewers X a typical youtube session?


ericG's picture

we usually end up eating up all the bandwidth with folks on IRC, browsing example sites, checking email and downloading modules for experimentation and bugfixes.

If we limit this experiment to one small time period, I guess we could ask everyone else to limit their network use during that time.

Once we have a better idea of what folks want to do/experiment with, I'll touch base with the folks at polytech and see what they say.

additional idea

nitrospectide's picture

We could also try just one video stream coming in, and project it...

more info from Polytech, it's possible, but...

ericG's picture

There is one room that they would suggest we use if we want to try a joint video linked event with the LA event (that room has a wired network connection we can use, where we have only wireless access in the other classrooms.

The problem is that it is the small lab that we usually use as the code workspace, and we could only fit about 20 people in the room (and most of those would be standing).

If anyone wants to work on this idea within the confines of the physical space and bandwidth, post it on the sessions wiki and create a new discussion so you can discuss details (in the same way that a number of other current session proposals link to a separate page for more detailed discussion).


jakilevy's picture

the video stream could definitely be very useful for all participants.

i've setup uStream.tv before and it provided tremendous value for people who couldn't make it as well (people like Rob)

the chat room is also a nice feature, and more than anything - ustream.tv offers you the option to archive the video, so people can go back and watch the presentations if they missed something or want to review. or for folks who wanted to be in sessions running concurrently, this offers participants to check out what they missed.

if bandwidth is really an issue . . .
you can change the stream to go at full quality, or even low res at 10frames per second.
you can also choose the setup for audio (high quality or low quality)

as i've had experience setting ustream.tv in multiple settings, i'd be happy to set things up for the conference on saturday.


Director of New Media


Director of New Media

It's already setup:

litwol's picture

It's already setup: http://groups.drupal.org/node/13857#comment-47229

However i am unsure as to what recording equipment we have.

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com

Attendee list

MattKelly's picture

Is there any way we can see the attendee list? Thanks!

Large Animal Games | drupal.mattwkelly.com

Try the Attendees Tab at the top of the page

MacRonin's picture

Try the Attendees Tab at the top of the page

in like flint

cntlscrut's picture

i'm in


ixlr8's picture

Is there information available on how to help sponsor this event? Who does an organization send money to, are their sponsorship "levels" etc?

see link

ericG's picture

See the link at the top of this page that says "Sponsorship Info" which links to: http://groups.drupal.org/node/13892

I'd prefer to give a

ixlr8's picture

I'd prefer to give a check/paypal, but it doesn't say who to send the money to.


email me

ericG's picture

Please email me or use the contact tab on my account.

Are you (or your company) able to sponsor one of the meals? If so, as the sponsorship page says, it's best if you are willing to pay for the food directly the day of the event. If that's not possible, give me some details on what sort of sponsorship you can offer and I'll give you more information.

Would like to attend

gariben's picture

Hopefully I can make it.

Thanks for making it happen!

Sign up for DrupalCampNYC 5

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Count me in!

I'd like to be on the

ezra-g's picture

I'd like to be on the waiting list, please!


nitrospectide's picture

Just as a head-s up, I got a ustream account set up for Drupal NYC. Streams will be viewable at:


Chat is integrated, and the video can go fullscreen on the viewing page... in case we want to just do one download stream and project it. There is a slight delay (3-4 seconds) in the stream, but that shouldn't prove an issue for a simple presentation. Setting up is easy- you just need a working webcam and mic.

I am forwarding the login info to Oleg (litwol), so anyone interested in helping set this up (maybe a simple trial on Wed?) can contact him.


cntlscrut's picture

I know I proposed my session to focus on the CCK widget but I am more than happy to give a proper overview of the CCK and Views if that's what may be more desired. I can also go over how to generate pages amd blocks both via modules as well as the UI.

Joy of the Camp format

tom_o_t's picture

The joy of the barcamp format is that it's really fluid. Basically everything's decided on the day - everyone says what they want to learn, and those with the skills in those areas offer to share their knowledge. The wiki session list is just an early indication of ideas; nothing's set in stone! Some things on that list may not happen, and many more things that no one's mentioned will happen. I'm sure plenty of people will want to hear about all of your suggestions.

SVN and Drupal

patPrzybilla's picture

Hey guys,

anybody interested in a discussion session about Teamworkflow in Drupal with SVN ? Something like the big answer of the from staging to production question and so on?

If so lets make a session about this.

Drupal Rocks !!!

I would love to hear about

litwol's picture

I would love to hear about this.

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com


patPrzybilla's picture

Would be cool if we have a couple of people with different "holy grales" for this issue to have a knowledge exchange and what sucks and what rocks...

I ll bring our grale :D

Drupal Rocks !!!

gnat's picture

Last spring, I remember several sessions turning into this. Its always fun to discuss it, and I'm sure it will happen again, as this is something endemic not only to Drupal to but all CMS's that store settings in a DB.

workflow session

cpelham's picture

I would LOVE to learn about ways for small sites (ie no big full-team time of IT pros) to manage publishing to a live site from a staging site without writing over newest data!

Christopher Pelham
CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) is an arts & healing center located just south of Union Square in Manhattan.

would like to attend

helical213's picture

hey folks,

new to drupal and would LOVE to attend. i heard about it late and i understand that registration is closed, but i'd like to come through if there is space. Thanks! just e-mail me.

would like to attend

helical213's picture

hey folks,

new to drupal and would LOVE to attend. i heard about it late and i understand that registration is closed, but i'd like to come through if there is space. Thanks! just e-mail me.

Amazon (

litwol's picture

Amazon ( http://drupal.org/user/18703) from Acquia will be joining us on the 2nd day of drupalcamp NYC :)

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com

I do not have my own session

litwol's picture

I do not have my own session proposed. i may do a BoF style brainstorming about the group and possible future. but in the mean while would anyone be interested in my help with their presentations? i wont do the actual presentation but i would help with setting things up or other type preparation.

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com

FeedAPI/FeedAPI Mapper + Emvideo?

Alex UA's picture

Are you still looking for sessions?

If anyone's interested I could do a session on how to create something similar to our Drupal Video Planet, or other feedapi mapper goodness.

I could also lead a session (though I'd want it to be much more of a BoF session) for individuals/small businesses on the trials and tribulations of working for yourself/starting your own Drupal shop.

I'd also love to have a session for people who are hiring (like us) and people who are looking for work, although I guess that the whole camp is one big networking session (to some degree).

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology


ericG's picture

Drupal Camp is always looking for more sessions, usually we get at least one last minute addition the day of the event, so please feel free to add any idea you have to the sessions list.

I'd like these as meetup topics

Grammarian's picture

Unfortunately, I expect to be out of town the weekend of Drupal camp, but I'd like to have some business-oriented stuff at the regular monthly meet-ups from time to time - many of us are either freelancers or small businesses who could benefit from sharing experiences for success in non-technical aspects as well.

Hiring announcements have been done in a lightning-talk format at past Drupal camps, but having one room be a drop-in area for that for an hour or two might be a good idea also.

Jean Gazis
www.webhostny.com – Drupal hosting

room for a mini job fair

ericG's picture

I think it might be possible to have one of the rooms set aside for an hour or two each day for a job fair of sorts.

At DrupalCamp NYC 4, we allowed only for a table for job announcements.

That limit was in response to feedback at DrupalCamp NYC 3 -- when the lightning talks were half job announcements.

So many people complained that it was decided that we would actively discourage job announcements from being made in front of the entire group. Too many people were not interested, they were there to hear about interesting uses of drupal, not a bunch of "why you should work for us" talks.

Providing a room explicitly for those looking to hire or looking to be hired would address the complaints and allow space for those discussions. Great idea. Thanks!

room for a mini job fair

Grammarian's picture

I'm surprised people would have complained about the announcements - I'd expect that kind of thing at a conference, even if it's an "un-conf." I think a small room would also enable people to meet and talk one on one, which is better for connecting and exchanging more info where there is interest.

Jean Gazis
www.webhostny.com – Drupal hosting

sign up

barrym's picture

I thought I signed up but I don't see my name among the attendees. Any guidance?

sign up

barrym's picture

I now see that I AM signed up. How do I find out if I am accepted and can come?

sorry to give you the bad news

ericG's picture

If you registered for the event after Sept 1st, you are not on the list. We have a hard limit on attendance due to space and insurance considerations at Polytech

Juggling schedules

capellic's picture

I have some scheduling conflicts this weekend and I am trying to figure what to do. At the last camp, I was able to attend on Sunday but not on Saturday. I might want to take that option again, but I don't see how to do that. Registration seems to be all or nothing this time?

Also, I'm wondering when the session list will be finalized so that I can figure out how tempting attending both days might be, giving me even more of a scheduling crisis. ;-)

Thanks to all who are putting this together, sponsoring and hosting presentations - much appreciated.

I'm only planning on being there Saturday

jpowell-gdo's picture

As of now, I am only planning on being there Saturday. If it's OK with Eric and the organizers, you could have my slot for Sunday if that helps you. I'm not sure if that's going to confuse matters for them, but if not you're more than welcome to take my Sunday!

I'll take what I can get

jenmhill's picture

I also don't want to make things more confusing, but am happy to get in where I fit in. I'll take a Sunday or Saturday or both if possible. Thanks!!


Alex UA's picture

Anyone want to join me in a bit of a Documentation Sprint?

Joining the Documentation Team is a great way to get involved/give back without having to dive too deeply into code, i.e. it's a great way for relative newbies to get more involved.

Anyone want to join in?

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology

If you are referring to Emfield module,

wildfeed's picture

I would be happy to join in on Sunday.

Schedule with times?

pbuonaiuto's picture

Is there a posted schedule with (approximate) times for each session? I read the session wiki here http://groups.drupal.org/node/13855, but I don't see times listed. Will these sessions meet in parallel, or will sessions be presented one-at-a-time?

schedule set at the first session

ericG's picture

The list of sessions and schedule is decided the morning of the event.

Usually the list on the site is incomplete; simply a sample of ideas. Many times sessions are scheduled based on ideas that come from folks at the event.

We have one large and 3 smaller classrooms, so there will be some sessions that run simultaneously.

The schedule is also set in that first session, allowing for people to give input on what should not be scheduled to happen at the same time, increasing participation in the sessions.

The 'unconference' method is a bit confusing at first, but it has worked out well at the previous 4 NYC Drupal Camps.

Adding people Sunday and 2 suggestions for organizing

marketanomaly's picture

A number of people, myself included, will not be able to attend Sunday, so you can add one more space to the Sunday roster. Looks like the next DrupalCamp will have to be at the Javits Center:)

I have two thoughts from previous DrupalCamps. First, it may be useful to project an online calendar on the screen in the main conference room. When everyone arrives they can log on and post their presentation to the calendar. This will also allow the calendar to be available online throughout the day. Second, I think that we should come up with a system for storing and disposing of food after each meal. In the past, the food table has gotten a little messy in the main conference room.

no special list for sunday

ericG's picture

A number of people, myself included, will not be able to attend Sunday, so you can add one more space to the Sunday roster.

the way we've estimated expenses there is an assumption that Sunday will have fewer people attending. I'd rather keep it that way for now and not confuse folks. The list has already been given to polytech, so we can't change it now.

I have two thoughts from previous DrupalCamps. First, it may be useful to project an online calendar on the screen in the main conference room. When everyone arrives they can log on and post their presentation to the calendar. This will also allow the calendar to be available online throughout the day.

interesting idea. worth a try.

Drupal Camp!

RobLoach's picture

Hey guys.... Again, really sorry I couldn't make it to help out. Hope the camp goes well! I expect video recordings of the presentation!

DrupalCampNYC5 day 2 FTW!

litwol's picture

Coffee already arrived (as well as many drupallers to my surprise :-p).

Today we have a very interesting session track for learning as well as discussion panel regarding disparity between core and contrib development and proposal to write a white paper about this to send to the drupal community at large with our research and various options proposed on how we think those problems could be solved.

Sneakpeek of the sessions today:
* Acquia Q/A by Kieran (Amazon)
* Theming intro (session 1) , Theming intermedialte/advanced (session 2)
* Drupal Security, how to contribute, testing party
* and more :)

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com

New York City

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