DrupalCampNYC 7, Saturday 5th December

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2009-12-05 10:00 - 17:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Event details

When :: Saturday, December 5th

Where :: Polytechnic University in Brooklyn.

Sign Up / Register (its free)

To attend: log in or create an account, then click the button at the bottom of this page. This event is likely to reach capacity, so sign up soon. If you can not attend, please cancel your sign up to allow other people to attend. There is a 140 person limit at the venue, so after 140 people have signed up we will start a waiting list.

All 175 spaces are now filled. There's a waiting list at http://groups.drupal.org/node/30292 - please add your name there, and we will move you across to this list if/when people drop out nearer the time.

In order to register for this event, you have to have a groups.drupal.org account. Don't worry, it is easy to sign-up for one. You must have your "real name" in your user profile - the Polytechnic University need it to let you in the building. Just edit your user profile, and go to the "personal" tab.


Modeled in the camp unconference structure, drupalcamp is a no-holds-barred discussion, workshop/code-a-thon involving the Free Software content management system Drupal. At drupalcamp you ask the questions and the experts provide the answers; at drupalcamp you discover your solutions to your most pressing problems. Like previous drupalcamps, there will be a number of break out rooms...

Sessions / Schedule

If you're interested in presenting a at the camp or have problems/questions that need to be solved and you would like to see someone address at a session, visit the sessions page and add your idea.

The sessions wiki is at http://groups.drupal.org/node/38454

Help out!

Interested in helping to organize the event? join the mailing list at https://lists.mayfirst.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/drupalcampnyc


In keeping with Drupal Camp tradition we hope to provide bagels/muffins, coffee/juices for breakfast and some oh-so-delicious pizza for Lunch. We always do our best to provide Vegetarian (vegan if requested) options.


We are very grateful for the support of all the sponsors who are covering the costs of the venue, food and drink.

Open Green Map

Drupal Staffing

Tree House Agency

Gravitech Labs

Growing Venture Solutions


Purpose Campaigns

Twelve Grove Consulting

Chuva, Inc.



Woo hoo!!!

casaswing's picture

Can't wait!!!

Signing up, please!

autonomedia's picture

Jim at autonomedia

Jim Fleming

How to sign up

tom_o_t's picture

Hi Jim,

You just need to click the 'sign up' button above - that is the only way to sign up (adding a comment to the page will not sign you up)

Look forward to seeing you at the camp!



jensimmons's picture

The button above doesn't say "sign-up", it says "search". Clicking is anyway results in the error message:
"Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator."

At least it does for me. My account's been wacky since the g.d.o & d.o account merge.

It means at least people can't sign up, if not many people.

Signup errors.

Tresler's picture

Hey all, we're looking into this. Please stand by.



jensimmons's picture

You fixed it! (again, at least for me, and probably others)

Now the button says "signup" and it worked.

And yes, it's hard to find (don't get me started on the UX of g.d.o -- where's that redesign?), but I knew where it was from all the other times we've signed up for Drupal NYC events... it really did say "search".

sign up button

orbgasm's picture

it's below the main post, but above the comments!

signup url

ericG's picture


will bring the signup button to the top of the user's browser and make it easier to see

its a date!

frankcarey's picture

Should be a great way to spend my first weekend in new brooklyn apt. :)

Ninja Day

MacRonin's picture

Since this is also Ninja day.
I hope that doesn't mean that only Drupal Ninja can attend.
I was hoping for something more like coming in a newbie and out as a Ninja ;-)


But of course Drupal Ninja are welcome to attend. Just please leave all weapons like throwing stars at home. Just arm yourself with your laptop and your coding-foo.


johnvsc's picture

i love to go camping!

Theming, SVN, it's all good

deanmeistr's picture

Scheduling conflicts has made it impossible to get to the regular Tuesday eve meetings...so looking for a good strong dose of Drupal goodness at the camp, particularly on the 960 theme, SVN stuff..it's wild swinging from design to development and back again.

Dean Meyers
Visual Problem-Solver
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/deanmeistr

drupal camp poly nyu

redbird's picture

hope y'all are ready for a rank beginner.

We are actively planning for you


Jon Pugh's picture

I'll be attending representing Drupal Staffing & Consulting...

Should I still signup? or save the slot for someone else?

Jon Pugh
Founder & CEO
open source consulting

Everyone needs to sign up -

tom_o_t's picture

Everyone needs to sign up - there's limited numbers at the event, so we have to know exactly who's coming. Thanks for checking!

There's currently three spaces left - sign up quick!

I actually did just after i

Jon Pugh's picture

I actually did just after i posted it, just in case. Thanks!

Jon Pugh
Founder & CEO
open source consulting

DrupalCamp NYC 7 is now full

tom_o_t's picture

Please go to http://groups.drupal.org/node/30292 to add yourself to the waiting list if you were not able to sign up. We hope to be able to move people from the waiting list to the attendee list as people drop out closer to the event.

Increased numbers

tom_o_t's picture

Poly very kindly let us increase the number of attendees to 175 people! I've moved the first 35 people from the waiting list onto the attendees list. There are still 10 people on the waiting list hoping to come, so if you are on the list but can't make it on December 5th, please cancel your sign up. Also, please make sure that your real name is in your profile on groups.drupal.org - you need to do this so that security can let you in to the building.

I am no longer able to attend.

miche's picture

I just wanted to let you know that I canceled my signup so there is one more space free. I really wish that I could go...

Michelle Lauer

Some one remind me again why

litwol's picture

Some one remind me again why do we keep on rejecting going towards something perfect like http://drupalcamp-be.org/ ?

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com

i thought it was because

johnvsc's picture

we all had jobs....

You just contradicted the

litwol's picture

You just contradicted the concept of open source :-p.

Sometimes interesting things appears on http://litwol.com

Just cancelled my spot

bmcmurray's picture

Hi all,

Turns out I won't be able to make it down for the camp so I've cancelled my signup. Don't know at this point if it's too late for anyone else to get onto the list, but I thought I'd make a note in case someone can.



robbiethegeek's picture

Sorry for the blurriness but here is the 143 pictures I took on Saturday. Thanks for the fun and everyone's participation.



That was cool.

DigitalWheelie's picture

Thanks to everyone who taughted me stuff and made me feel welcome!

Maybe there IS a Santy Claus!


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