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Another Suggestion

Regarding the "Usability Group", how come in the Usability column on the right it's called "Create Discussion, when you create a new discussion it's called "Submit Discussion" and after you submit/create your discussion, it gets put in a column called "Recent Posts"?

This kind of stuff pisses me off and even worse, it pisses my dog off too!

Happy Wednesday,


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Suggestions to Simplify Workflow

I am very new to Drupal and maybe I just don't get it but
wouldn't it simplify the work flow putting a Take Site Offline
button and an Update Database button on the modules
page instead of having to

  1. go to the site maintenance page and take the site offline
  2. go to the modules page and select new modules
  3. type in the URL to Update the Database
  4. go back to the site maintenance page and put site back online

They could be nice AJAX windows that mask the background.

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Initial focus should be auto focus

In discussing the question of inserting a tabindex to create an auto focus for certain pages (/user*, /node/add*, node/*/edit) so that the cursor is always sitting in the first field of the event in question, v suggested that this was more of a usability issue than an accessibility one. I recorded a friend with mobility challenges trying to create an account for those who want some understanding of how important this could be.

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The Audience Matrix Evolves (and how you can play at home)

We've just added a new video to the YouTube Channel which we refer to in this post - check it out now:

Over the past week or so Mark and I have been working out the details that go on the panels of the Audience Matrix that we shared with you last week ( (or dress-up-doll document as it has otherwise been named). We’ve made a few changes and added a bunch of definitions.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:


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Drupallers, meet the Interaction Design community!

I joined the Drupal community 3 years ago and it has been instrumental in helping me to stay up to date with the latest web trends / developments. Since about 1 year, I've been using Drupal to teach my web engineering students interaction design and information architecture in a practical, hands-on way, by building prototypes with Drupal.

In my opinion, the best kept secret about Drupal is that its power is not so much the technology - a web content management framework. The power lies in the community. Unfortunately, there is still somewhat a divide between designers and developers.

Drupallers, take note of the Interaction Design community (IxDA)! If you haven't already.

I joined the ixda mailing list 3 years ago and it has contributed immensely to my personal growth as an interaction design practitioner. The in-depth design discussions in this community are a true treasure trove.

However, even with 10'000 members, I consider it still somewhat one of the internet's "best kept secrets". IMHO, the current website doesn't succeed well in representing the power of this community. Just recently, IxDA announced plans to re-launch the website using Drupal. See Dries Buytaert's blog post about it.

There has been some talk recently at ixda about "open source user experience" and collaborating with the open source movement and learning from each other. I think this is a fantastic opportunity just waiting to happen!

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Drupal7 UX Project is Go! - Now's the time to get involved

You may have heard the excellent and very exciting news that following on from our work on, Mark Boulton Design has been contracted to take a look at the User Experience for the upcoming Drupal 7, and I'm very happy to be working with him on this project as well.

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Getting a better menu interface into core

There is a discussion at regarding revamping the administrative menu. It seems to me that the issue of the improving the menu INTERFACE is different than the issue of STRUCTURE. Here, I'd like to see if we can gather the discussion of practical alternative menu interfaces for core. As I mentioned in the aforementioned thread, please let me know if I'm duplicating efforts here.

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Maintainer of Drupal Usability Yahoo Pipe?

I compiled a Yahoo Pipe what collects Drupal UX-related posts from Drupal Planet, Twitter, this group and d7ux group. It's available here: (click "List" tab to make a list), it's also available as RSS:

Anybody up for maintaining and upgrading it? As I am constantly on and off with Drupal it would be a pain to see this thing is not properly cared.

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Was the Design Issue Queue a pipe dream?

At Drupalcon 2009 in Washington, the Drupal design community were asked to become active participants in contributing feedback to the Drupal project.

mfer was kind enough to give members of the Design for Drupal (D4D) Group a tour of how we could provide feedback through the Issue Queue. As a matter of fact, we were shown a version of the issue queue in which any project could be flagged as "needs design review".

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How do you convince a Drupal company to invest in Drupal's usability?

I would love to be contributing a lot more to the Drupal Usability community, especially in the implementation of prototypes, and solutions to usability issues. However I'm pretty limited by the need to make a living.

Several people here in the community work heavily on Drupal Usability, and appear to do so under company time. How did you convince your employers to invest in Drupal Usability?

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Usability Mockup: Drupal Dashboard

I have been dealing with clients from multiple Drupal websites today and found myself wishing for the following interface for my clients. Maybe this is something worth pursuing. At least we have a visual to get the discussion started. I've attached the .PSD file and used the icons from the free library found here.

(I hope the img tag works. If not, click on the attached png.)

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Regarding visited-link color on the site

Hi guys -

I wasn't sure where to post this (originally asked in the d.o webmaster queue - was pointed to the uxteam group, however I'm not able to access it). Hopefully someone here will know the right person to look at this suggestion.

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Shortname is D4D, new theme for core to match install profile

Changed shortname here to D4D. I suggest that tag get used in the issue queue and elsewhere as well.

Also changed shortname for Mark Boulton group --

My proposal / idea was to work on a new design that:
a) has a particular goal to match the out of the box install profile that ships with core
b) highlights different features of the theming system - regions, different node types, etc.
c) highlights different strengths of drupal -- different data types, multi-user capabilities (profiles, blogs, additional roles)

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Usability group homepage is getting out of date: let's fix it

Problems with g.d.o/usability:

  • Duplicated content: "Post by topic" block in main content are and "Group categories" in sidebar are 100% same, one of them needs to go
  • Outdated information: Both "Quick UI review please" and also "We are working on:" sections in usability frontpage are severely out of date

New trends:
- important usability issues can now be found at

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Help make Drupal7 amazing - what we're doing at Drupalcon

You may have heard the excellent and very exciting news that following on from our work on, Mark Boulton Design has been contracted to take a look at the User Experience for the upcoming Drupal 7, and I'm very happy to be working with him on this project as well.

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Better token lists

Has anyone come up with a better way of presenting the list of tokens to users? I'm finding that what I'm doing is really ugly and would love to know if anyone has seen any good examples of how to present tokens in a more usable manner.
Only local images are allowed.

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Add home page link and create content link by default to the primary menu?

While Drupal 6 has an edit link in the primary menu, how about adding a 'home page' link and a 'create content' link in the primary/main menu by default in Drupal Core? The create content link doesn't need sub-links, it just needs to link to the node/add page.

Primary menus (especially left aligned ones directly under the site logo/name) tend to be more visible to new users than sidebar menus.

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Alternate administation interface

We can do a dashboard style thing:

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Total Drupal administration revamp

This is actually very very closely related to Redesign /admin as well as Re-work top-level admin categories. I don't want to pollute both issues with the following findings. If you are interested in reworking Drupal's administrative structure and top-level categories, you want to read on.

[01:22] * tha_sun gathered awesome usability insights from a newbie Drupal user after lengthy discussions.
[01:22] * tha_sun will incorporate that knowledge in admin menu 3.x.
[01:24] <dmitrig01> tha_sun: that being?

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Book Usability

I haven't seen any discussion about Book usability on here yet it's one of the highlighted topics for things that need to be patched in Drupal 7 usability. Does anyone have any thoughts on how Books can be improved. I have a whole module dedicated towards Book usability improvements and while the project as a whole I'm sure implements a bit too much to be rolled into core, it does have a lot of features which make using books in Drupal faster and MUCH more user-friendly thanks to outline designer, thickbox, prepopulate and the ajax modules.

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