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Alternate administation interface

We can do a dashboard style thing:

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Total Drupal administration revamp

This is actually very very closely related to Redesign /admin as well as Re-work top-level admin categories. I don't want to pollute both issues with the following findings. If you are interested in reworking Drupal's administrative structure and top-level categories, you want to read on.

[01:22] * tha_sun gathered awesome usability insights from a newbie Drupal user after lengthy discussions.
[01:22] * tha_sun will incorporate that knowledge in admin menu 3.x.
[01:24] <dmitrig01> tha_sun: that being?

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Book Usability

I haven't seen any discussion about Book usability on here yet it's one of the highlighted topics for things that need to be patched in Drupal 7 usability. Does anyone have any thoughts on how Books can be improved. I have a whole module dedicated towards Book usability improvements and while the project as a whole I'm sure implements a bit too much to be rolled into core, it does have a lot of features which make using books in Drupal faster and MUCH more user-friendly thanks to outline designer, thickbox, prepopulate and the ajax modules.

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Translatable fields UI

Over the past two weeks at the core internationalization virtual sprint, we've been working on translatable fields. This would allow any core field attached to a node, user, taxonomy term etc. to be multilingual.

Core already allows for translating one entire node into another node, but you can't for example have translatable user profile fields, or taxonomy descriptions - and we're hoping this patch would be an enabler for that (and also make node translation more flexible).

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Columns in node forms

First of all I must say that Michael Haggerty's solution looks great. I've worked along the same lines with my project, that is, splitting the node form into two columns, not exercising jQuery magic. My module splits node forms into a main and right column and a footer. The admin interface makes it easy to change the region placement, weights and collapsed-state of all top-level form elements.

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Drupal 7 Usability (a.k.a. patch and developer) Sprint

2009-02-13 22:00 - 2009-02-14 03:00 Asia/Calcutta

Come 12th February, and IIT Kanpur will hold FOSSkriti (under its Techkriti technical festival's banner). As the name quite well puts it, FOSSkriti deals with all Free and Open Source Software. And this time in 2009, we'll see workshops and sessions on Mozilla technologies, HTML 5, Sahana, YUI and yes, Drupal!

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Drupal 7 Patch and Development Sprint at IIT Kanpur, India

From 12th to 15th February, IIT Kanpur will hold FOSSkriti (essentially an open-source-oriented conference with sprints and workshops). I have put in a proposal to hold a "Drupal Patch and Development Sprint". Below is the proposal mail that I sent...
website -

Our primary aim at the hackathon will be to try and tackle some of the
impending Drupal 7 patches in the pipeline. Drupal 7 is poised to be
the best Drupal release ever (with stuff like a completely re-written
DB layer, a unit-testing framework, improved usability, better file

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UB: Test plan

As you might know, we will be spending a week at the University of Baltimore doing a usability test ( We intend to focus this study more on solving the problems that have previously been identified by testing at the UMN and UB.

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Administrative theme

I've been working over in the theme candidate for core7 area for a while focusing on a 960 based core theme and subtheme starter kit. In addition to this I've ported over an admin theme from d5 we've used internally for a while now to d6/960 grid. I would love to get feedback from the UX team on what is good/bad about it, and where it might be improved. Ultimately I'd like to see if we can get this into core as an administrative theme. Let me know what you all think, and how I can improve this.


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Comment revision and Comment system

Every once in a while, I am faced with the lack of flexibility of the comment system of drupal. Usually it is fine enough so we forget about little features, but this one is I think worth thinking about.

User case scenario :

  • Someone post a new topic in a forum.
  • Someone else comments on it, as well as 10 other peoples.
  • one of the 'commenter' change his comment
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Customizing Drupal node forms

Michael Haggerty is working on an interesting node-form customizing tool for Site admins. See the video demo and blog post (from Planet Drupal). It appears no code has been released yet. I believe there is some cross-over here in functionality with Panels2, although I've never actually used that part of panels2, so I'm not sure.

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Media Sprint file upload proposal

This is a first run at the UI from the file uploader from the media sprint in NYC. We are not sure if we want to replace file upload forms on the page or use a popup window for the interface similar to how asset does things. Regardless, this is a multi-tabed element which houses media that the user has created locally or externally, upload and embed forms. Additional tabs are possible but have not been discussed.

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Reworking the filters of admin/content/node

I've been doing some work on the node administer form at admin/content/node, to move the filter storage from a session to $_GET params in the URL. This could have several benefits:

  1. The filtered pages are then bookmark-able and shareable
  2. The filters will be reset every time a user navigates away for an extended period of time, or through multiple pages

There are also disadvantages:



  • The undo option won't work any longer as we aren't storing the filter in an stack/order they were applied
  • The filters will not be persistent until reset
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    Plugin Manager interface usability

    Hi. This summer I wrote Drupal's Plugin Manager module. It is designed to allow users to install modules and themes directly from using local ftp or ssh. Now, after a few releases and with another person on the project (jabapyth,) I'm starting to notice the traps that we've carefully laid out for ourselves. Thus, Jabapyth and I are planning to rewrite the UI for the module. This is where I was hoping for some help. I hope for us to create an interface that is not a headache waiting to happen.

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    Drupal 7 usability improvements part II : Blocks

    I'm in the middle of trying to figure out the right experience for installing and using Acquia's hosted search platform. In doing so, I had to think about how to build pages that were Solr enabled. In parallel, I've been thinking about a better way work with blocks. The two topics were fairly connected, so I started working on some concepts.

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    Wordpress formal usability testing report from Ball State University

    Maybe some solutions presented in the following report from Ball State University could help with Drupal 7 usability improvements?


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    Should "system name" or "machine name" be used for non-human readable names?

    "System name"
    77% (10 votes)
    'Machine name"
    23% (3 votes)
    Total votes: 13
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    Helping with Copy Editing and Writing Cleanup In Drupal Core


    I am a writer with years of professional experience and a passion for web usability. I'd like to copy edit the Drupal core ui text.

    Simple copy editing can dramatically improve usability and user-friendliness. Drupal would be easier to learn and use by, for example, eliminating repetition and unnecessary words.

    To give you an idea of what I have in mind, let's take a look at this dreadful ui language from Drupal 6's admin/build/block page:

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    Should titles contain emphasis (em) tags?

    There's a key question in the air about appearance of drupal titles.
    The question is if replaced elements if a title/heading (h1) should contain emphasis (em) or no.

    In Drupal core are several examples for pro and con. The title appears also as browser title.

    Samples are: (percentage variables replaced as plain text in this sample)

    <h1>Configure <em>%format</em></h1>
    <h1>Top pages in the past <em>%interval</em></h1>
    <h1>Translations of <em>%title</em></h1>

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    Move the "Read more" link to end of a nodes teaser

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