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Other places to explore: Core issues tagged 'usability', Where UI docs live, Come chat in IRC in #drupal-usability.

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Searching for modules on

Hi everyone,
One annoying thing I found about the drupal website at the beginning is when I would type in a module name in the search box, i.e. "fckeditor" and the main module page would never come up. Everything would be issues or forum topics. I couldn't figure it out till I learned to just go to /project/xxx

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D7 Accessibility Taskforce Meeting Agenda & Working Page (July 27, 2009)

Next Conference Call

Monday July 27th,
2pm Eastern Time (UTC -05:00)

If you want to participate please email


  • Accessibility standards
    • WCAG 2.0 (W3C recommendation)
    • ATAG 2.0 (W3C draft recommendation)
  • Assistive technologies: how backwards compatible should Drupal 7 be?
  • Theme Changes
    • Use of headings
    • Visibility / off-screen content
    • Invisible text within links
    • Addition of optional "skip" block in themes
    • ARIA 1.0 (W3C draft recommendation)
  • JQuery UI
  • Open Drupal 7 accessibility issues
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Code sprint to improve User experience for Drupal 7 - 22nd & 23rd of August at The Economist, London

The thought came up a couple days ago, during the conversation with Robert Castelo.

We could use our office space in Holborn, Central London. We can have 2 days on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of August.

Let's focus on improving the user experience on Drupal.

There's no agenda yet.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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UI-oriented summary of D7 Field API

This Wiki page summarizes the UI needs for the D7 Field API, to get the ball rolling on design discussions.
Discussion currently takes place in the comments here - or is there any other place more in line with D7UX habits ?


A good UI for D7 Field API remains to be invented - esp. when considering a couple new features compared to CCK D6.

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Need to be Able to Customize Text on My Account Edit Page, Remind to Save

Currently in Administer>>User Settings you can customize various aspects of user registration, but not, as far as I can see, what the user sees when editing their account information. This would be helpful. Also, depending on the site configuration, there can be a lot of stuff between the top of the page and the "Save" button. Might be nice to have reminders for the user to click "save" when making changes.

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Drupal "Member for..." on My Account Page Confusing for User of CiviCRM sites

Many Drupal sites run by non-profits also use CiviCRM. Many of those have memberships in the organizations managed by CiviCRM. When a user visits a site of a membership organization that uses CiviCRM and goes to the "My Account" page, s/he will see "Member for x years and x months".

I think Drupal should not use the word "member" on this page. This "membership" will likely bear no relation to the user's membership in the organization and is confusing.

I think future Drupal releases should replace the word "member for" with "registered website user for" to be as clear as possible.

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Simple admin aid module idea: Centrally set content type revision defaults

As for most of our sites we want to turn revisions on for all content types, a module (or D7 core patch) to do this from somewhere with a single switch (or checkboxes for all content types in one place) would be nice.

* Is there already a module that does this, hiding from my searches?
* Should other per-content-type workflow settings also be centralized?
* Where should centralized settings like this live in the administration menu?

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The single biggest usability problem (for the site admin) in Drupal

Excuse the hyperbole, but...
I really think the biggest problem from a designer/developer/admin's perspective is:
Not enough module specificity. By which I meant that module's are not specific (ie small) enough.

I'll illustrate by way of example:
I built an online classified web site (, and had some difficulties with one particular aspect. I wanted the admin to be able to create a user and a Classified Ad at the same time.

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Icon Resource

I have trouble finding icons sometimes for my designs. Thought this might be of help...

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Drupal UX

Welcome, how nice of you to drop by. Some quick pointers if you'd like to dive deeper into the ongoing ux design work for Drupal core & contrib:

Where the work is done:
- Core issues tagged 'usability'

Where documentation lives:
- User interface standards

Meetings get organised:

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Theme configuration for Primary Links Tabs

This might be a Zen-theme specific issue, so forgive me if that is the case.

If I want to make the Primary Links block not appear, then I do so from the "Blocks" page. But to make the items in "Primary Links" not appear as tabs at the top of the page, then I do so from the in "Toggle Display" section of the the Administer-->Site Building-->Themes-->Configure page.

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Website launched! Drupal Design Camp Boston

The Drupal Design Camp Boston website is launched and we are getting ready for the June 13-14 event at MIT.

The attendee list is growing, and the sponsors are almost as excited as we are!

If you plan to attend, jump in at and sign up before it fills up completely.

Attendees can submit sessions, post to forums, join live chat on IRC, make small financial donations, and check out the latest News.

You can also follow us on twitter at D4DBoston

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UX issue queue sprint June 27/28 in Utrecht

2009-06-27 (All day) - 2009-06-28 (All day) UTC
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

The sprint will be held at One Shoe in downtown utrecht which is one of the largest Drupal developing companies in holland. We have space for 20+ people in their nice and spacious office. Utrecht has lots of opportunities to go out in the evening, and with the Drupal Jam on Friday, this is bound to rock for all attendants.

Starting time will be at 10:00 in the morning on both days.

All people that care for UX are welcome. We can use: Graphic Designers, Coders, Copy Writers, Themers and CSS Ninjas

Confirmed Participants so far:

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Usability Testing Suite

Project information

Status: Implement multivariate testing API and analysis/dashboard improvements. (June 20 - August 8)


The Usability Testing Suite that I created during SoC 2008 needs additional work in order to make it ready for use. The existing module provides a powerful API that makes writing data collection plug-ins simple, but the user interface needs refinement and a screen recording plug-in would make the module much more helpful. Through this project I intend to finalize the Usability Testing Suite and make it ready for widespread use.

Additional Reading:

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Drupal core patches and Vertical tabs

There are many Drupal 7 core issues that are tagged as "Needs usability review". It would be awesome to try and keep an eye on this list and review UI changes that are going in to core/7, with the aim of trying not to degrade Drupal usability further with un-monitored changes, as we usually do in Drupal core. The most important ones to review are the ones that are in the review process, marked RTBC or recently committed.

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Vertical Tabs In Drupal 7 Core! How Open Source Does Usability – The Process

Vertical tabs are finally in Drupal core!

Only local images are allowed.
Screenshot of vertical tabs on an 'Article Edit' page in Drupal 7.

A week ago Angie "webchick" Byron committed a large patch from #323112 Vertical Tabs to Drupal 7 core. This change is quite possibly the most significant usability enhancement to Drupal 7 to date. Two of the three formal usability tests did usability testing with vertical tabs and reported positively.

Only local images are allowed.
Screenshot of a 'Story Edit' page in Drupal 6, before vertical tabs.

UPDATE: Rob Loach has created a patch to implement vertical tabs on the node-type form.

UPDATE: See other issues about vertical tabs in Drupal core .

What is more interesting about this however, is the process, time and effort that it took to get this change into Drupal core. It all started over a year ago, well before DrupalCon Boston 2008 even before Drupal 6 had a stable release. The discussion around part of that patch goes back as far as November 2007! Along the way countless people have been involved in many discussions, worked on heaps of mockups, lots of prototypes, and loads of code.

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D7UX & Accessibility

There's been some really great work done looking at usability within Drupal -

However, I do think that it is important to start talking about accessibility with any new visions of how content is going to be created and sites are going to be administered.

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Drupal Design Camp Boston on June 13-14, 2009

2009-06-13 (All day) - 2009-06-14 (All day) America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupal Design Camp Boston is a free, two-day Drupal conference on June 13-14, 2009, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is being organized by members of the Boston Drupal group as part of the growing Design 4 Drupal initiative that launched when designers and themers took DrupalCon DC by storm this past March.

This camp also coincides with the redesign sprint at the MIT Media Lab on Friday, June 12. The sprint picks up where the San Francisco redesign sprint left off and participants at the Boston sprint will be learning how to contribute to theming as well as implement the redesign.

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Release Management Engineer | ReachLocal, Inc.

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Release Management Engineer (Woodland Hills, CA)

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More flexible menu items

I have run into a limitation with the processing of menu items. If I enter a URL into the link, such as "about" (where I have a page with URL "about"), then the system replaces this with something like "node/8". That is problematic because I entered a logical reference and ended up with a physical reference (which is always inflexible design). So if I replace my about page later with a fresh one that has a different node number, then I have to go through all the menus looking for items that referenced about, and re-entering "about" or entering the new node number.

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