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List of education institutions using Drupal.

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Education Summit before DrupalCon Austin?

DrupalCon Austin is still six months away, but I am curious:

a) Has there been any talk yet of a pre-conference higher ed summit? Larger than a BOF or meeting for dinner; I'm thinking more of an all-day thing.
b) If plans are not already in the works, would there be any interest in such an event?

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Use H5P export to download and customize rich H5P content you find on other sites!

H5P's may now be exported. For a long time we've supported importing H5Ps, now we've gone full circle and also supports exporting H5P's. This means that if you as an editor finds H5P content on another site, and that site has H5P export enabled, you may download the content, upload it to your CMS, customize it and share it.

Take a look at demo.h5p.org. Here the export feature is enabled and you may export content from here and import it to your own site, make customizations and publish it.

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Pseudents: your metacognitive friends



... there's a short video about pseudents (pseudo-students). They're make-believe students who go through a course with the real students. Authors can use pseudents to address metacognitive issues, show students what not to do, etc.

CyberCourse makes it easy to set up pseudents, and use them in course content.


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CyberCourse and the author note reStructuredText directive

CyberCourse is software for writing textbook-like things.

An important goal is that content lasts for years (think decades) without change. It will work on new devices as they come along. Authors can move content across platforms (CyberCourse to ELMS to Moodle to PeeWee's Buckets o' Content Management System) without needing to rework content. Well, not much anyway. What rework is needed is done once for all nodes with regex.

CyCo uses CKEditor as a semi-GUI, not its usual WYSIWYG self. Authors write in reStructuredText. Think Markdown, but standardized.

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Using DSLM as an alternative to core Multi-site

I just wanted to point to this write up and screencast I did here about migrating from multiple multi-sites to a DSLM (https://drupal.org/project/dslm) based method of structuring Drupal core / contrib / install profiles. I had been looking for a solution like this for some time and have been very happy with it thus far both as a developer as well as server performance.


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Editable Interactive Timeline for H5P and Drupal

Timeline picture
The H5P timeline really shows of some of the strengths of H5P. A developer with the nickname “gafolini” took the great “TimelineJs” library by KnightLab, packed it as a H5P library, added a helper library and whoola! After two hours work we get this amazing new content type for H5P, and the existing library now is editable in web browsers, it is importable and exportable. It is amazing what H5P can add to existing js code with very little effort.

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ELMS Style Guide Released!

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Modules you need

Let's try a little different post format with some questions...

What module are you currently lacking that you think you need authored right now?

What is contrib missing currently that you think it could benefit from the most?

What's the scope of this module and what projects could be forked / contributed to in order to meet your functionality need?

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Popcorn distribution

Any thoughts on a popcorn distribution, even just as a proof of concept, to show whats possible with the popcorn modules out there? I can't for the life of me assemble them into anything usable and I build distros all day so maybe an example would be a good place to start in getting greater adoption. I'd love to roll popcorn aspects into https://drupal.org/project/icor which sees some love as I get free-time.

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Register for the BADCamp Higher Education Summit

Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual BADcamp (Bay Area Drupal Camp) Higher Ed Summit will be held on Friday Oct 25th at the beautiful UC Berkeley campus. We are very fortunate to have the support of the BADcamp organizers to get a full-day dedicated to Higher Ed Drupal topics.

We have listened to feedback from you from previous years, and we think we have a good balance of high-quality sessions, and unconference-style components like lightning talks and BoF tables.

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Drupal Use in Higher Ed - Google Spreadsheet

This is an editable Google spreadsheet of higher ed sites currently using Drupal. Please help by adding your college or university site with a few details about your installation(s):

The read-only version of the spreadsheet is here (plain HTML without Google Docs):

Please add and share these links.
The spreadsheet was started several years ago by Jay Collier, http://jaycollier.net

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Drupal-based digital signage

There seems to be some interest and use case for Drupal-based digital signage. bneil, AndrewGearhart, and btopro had a good conversation in #drupal-edu about some ideas and thought we needed to start collecting our ideas.

Let's use this wiki as a place to start organizing ourselves around what our requirements are and what general functionality we can share between our institutions.

Hopefully we'll end up with a nice list of requirements that we can work together to build a solid base for Drupal digital signage.




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System for course design/creation

http://demo.cybercour.se shows (the beginnings of) a system for building courses. Course design and authoring tools only so far.

There's a list of short (< 3 min) videos about the system.

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Drupal Modules in Higher ed

Im wanting to catalog a list of useful modules that people in higher ed are using feel free to add


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Drupal Expert | Santa Monica Startup

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Hiring Drupal expert who lives near Santa Monica, California, USA.

Hiring Drupal Developer, with additional skills (below). We seek a top engineer on a path to becoming our CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Top education and experience at leading companies, such as Google, Apple, and Yahoo! preferred.



We are an exciting internet startup in the social media / mobile / consumer-facing space. NDA required.

Internet startup.

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Web Developer | Washington University in St. Louis

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Washington University in St. Louis seeks Drupal Web Developer

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Screencast: Rich content and applications in Drupal - what is H5P all about?

I've previously submitted a couple of H5P teasers here at G.D.O. without explaining what H5P really is.

We've now created a screencast that shows how H5P may be used by authors to create, publish and share rich content in Drupal. H5P focuses on enabling Drupal users to create richer content like interactive videos, presentations where tests may be included on the different slides, question sets, games and more.

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Drupalcamp wi 2013 topics of interest

Drupal camp WI planning meeting is dominating right now.....

We are looking for the drupalistas out there to register if you haven't already

and more importantly to propose a session.

You will not be asked to give a talk or lead a discussion, but we are looking for a wide range or ideas and issues that you and me and us are facing using drupal. Be as precise or vague as you would like. This will help us plan who to possibly bring to town to talk about said subject matter .....

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Drupal Camp Wisconsin 2013

2013-07-26 (All day) - 2013-07-27 (All day) America/Chicago
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Registration for Drupal Camp Wisconsin is now open! Visit the registration page to create an account and register for the event. When you're done, be sure to check out the information about the venue, and propose a session of your own.

The date is coming fast, but more good stuff is still in the works. Follow @drupalcampwi to stay up to date.

See you at the camp!

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Conversational Drupan [sic]

Imagine an intro Drupal course. For humans who know a little about HTML, Web pages, nav bars.

Course goal: how to speak conversational Drupan. The language Drupalistas speak, day to day.

That means knowing how Drupalistas think. Concepts like blocks. Patterns like "A list o' content, w' teasers? 'at's a view."

More Drupan: There's core, changes slowly. There's core-ish things like Views and Admin menu. There's the Wild West Contrib Show.

How to choose, from the Contrib Show? That's part of speaking Drupan.

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