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Welcome to the Drupal in Education group. This group is an umbrella group for supporting and discussing the various uses of Drupal in educational settings.

List of education institutions using Drupal.

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LTI Tool Provider module released

The LTI Tool Provider module (lti_tool_provider) http://drupal.org/sandbox/jzornig/1809350 allows a Drupal site to serve as a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Tool in any Learning Management System (LMS) supporting the LTI standard. (http://developers.imsglobal.org/)
Example LTI compliant LMSs are Blackboard Learn, Moodle and Sakai.

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Organizational vs. Personal Git Accounts?

For contributing to Drupal, are there any organizations out there that ask individual developers to use an organizational Git account (vs. a personal Git account) to make commits to projects? Are organizational accounts common in the Drupal community? Why or why not?

If you do use an organizational account, how do you (or they, if speaking of another org.) go about managing multiple Git identities on the local environment? Would you do this by just committing as yourself to internal projects and then committing as the org. account to a contributed project?

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Drupal at Itaipu: Latin America Case Study

This is a case study I presented at Latinoware 2012, one of the top FOSS events in Latin America. This event happens every October at Itaipu's Technology Park, situated inside the Itaipu Dam.

The Itaipu Dam is the world's largest generator of renewable clean energy and is considered to be one of the seven modern Wonders of the World.


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Adrenna Academic

Is anyone in the group familiar with this company and how they're leveraging Drupal?



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Web Developer | Weill Cornell Medical Library

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

This is a full-time on site, salaried position.
No contractors, please.

Weill Cornell Medical Library is looking for an entry level web developer who has strong Drupal experience.

– Two years minimum working experience
– Strong knowledge of and demonstrable experience with HTML, JavaScript, and PHP.

Strongly preferred
– Familiarity with Drupal

Nice but not crucial:
– LDAP, Active Directory, MySQL, XML, RDF, SPARQL and OWL

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Drupal Web Specialist/Graphic Designer | Quinsigamond Community College

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Effective Date of Posting: October 14, 2012

POSITION: Drupal Web Specialist/Graphic Designer


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Higher Education Drupal Technology Workshop - October 11, 2012 - San Diego, CA

Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

The San Diego Higher Education Technology Summit is aimed at providing University Administrators with the tools and knowledge to implement a successful web presence for their faculty, staff and students.

Today’s competitive marketplace makes Admissions and Marketing the crucible to provide the answers for today’s hot questions - How to create new revenue, new markets and new audiences? How do you keep a student's college experience both enlightening and fun? How do you get your graduates to keep coming back and enhance your institution's reputation?

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Course 1.0 release!

Hi all,

We are proud to announce the stable release of Course module 1.0 for Drupal 6 and the introduction of the development release for Drupal 7.

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Live online intensive training opportunity for Drupal in education

Hi everyone,

We do a lot of website development for educational institutions (Penn, Temple U and others) and I am offering a six-week online live training course starting next week. We've had a lot of people from educational institutions take this in the past -- you can take the 10% percent nonprofit discount if you work for a school or college.

Class size is limited and may sell out soon. If you need to pay by PO, let us know.

Here is information about the course

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What's wrong with my D7 Homepage- Strange stylings

For some reasons I can't figure out why my D7 homepage style format mess up. Every other pages style formats appear they way they suppose to be except the homepage. Can you someone please help me solve this nightmare issue I'm having with my site.
Site URL: http://ulaalib.org/

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Blockers for Drupal 7

This is the current list of blockers for me with Drupal 7. This is split into three areas: Drupal as a Course (1 course per Drupal site), Ulmus, and ELMS. Drupal as a course is a different distribution that has yet to be named.

Drupal as Course: MOOC Distribution

  • HTML Export - Allow for dump to a tar package (now ArchiveTar is core in D7)




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Moving US Drupal Education sites to dedicated page

I noticed the Drupal based Education Sites page is getting long. Considering how much of it is US-based, I propose moving all the US-specific content to a separate wiki page and then linking to it from the main page.

Any concerns with this?

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Site email notifications vs. subscriptions?

I want authenticated users of my PTO website (running on D7) to request automatic email notifications when various kinds of content (based on taxonomy terms or content types or authors, etc.). What do people think about using Notifications module vs. Subscriptions module?

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Helpful Q&A for building school PTO website

I'm "back in town" after taking a 3-4 year hiatus from active drupal usage. Used to be an active member of Boston and Education groups. I'm helping build a new website for my kids' elementary school PTO, WardPTO, on Drupal 7, and I have a number of questions. Hope it will be OK to post questions here and get pointers. Some of these may seem "elementary", but hopefully folks will humor me.

First question - Is anyone aware of good examples PTO websites out there? I'm especially interested in ones running on D7.

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i need module programmer to help me please

I need someone help me to complete my website with paid ($$$ US) :
I build a website in Drupal6 for schools ، Each school is an (OG_group) , I need to build custom muddles to do these tasks :
teacher admin page (Show picture no 1.1) :
If click on administrate course ,it will dip lay drop down box (display as collapsible- expanded ) and cantinas :Add term and delete term from users .
2- Administrate terms courses name (show picture no 2 )

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Drupal Developer | The Longsight Group

Employment type: 
Full time

We are looking for an experienced Drupal developer with confident client skills who is ready to build and support complex Drupal applications.

Required credentials for this position are:

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Are you an educator teaching Drupal at college level? Do you know an educator who'd like to teach Drupal?

I'm trying to reach educators who are teaching Drupal as subject matter at college level.

Cross-posting in a few places where it may not be directly related, but we too often focus on Drupal as an LMS, etc without attracting educators who could teach Drupal.

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glools-drupal BETA2发布

glools-drupal BETA2发布,文档不全,使用需要多研究代码。glools-drupal是一套基于drupal7.x 的扩展开发框架,适用于中大型网站架构。目前主要应用与在线教学平台项目开发,详见www.glools.net。示例网站 www.glools.com


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Downloadable content

Hi guys,

Is there any way to download bunch of contents through view bluk operations(vbo) or any other modules to do it. also can i select a list of nodes from a view anf can i zip it. any possible ways. Suggestions are welcomed.

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Program to Develop Prototypes for Demonstration of Standards-based Exchanges | CASRAI

Employment type: 
Part time

CASRAI (http://casrai.org) is an international non-profit standards development organization for the research and development domain. It is a part of our mandate to demonstrate new methods of data management and exchange for researchers, institutions and funding agencies and to inspire new software solutions in the marketplace.

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