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Welcome to the Drupal in Education group. This group is an umbrella group for supporting and discussing the various uses of Drupal in educational settings.

List of education institutions using Drupal.

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Back-End Developer | The Digital Judea Project

Employment type: 

Looking for a Drupal developer to customize the user points module. This is a short-term paid job ($500? $750? $1000 you tell me) to create a demo to secure longterm funding for transforming a standard commons site into a points-based educational game

Fluency in PHP, MySQL and jQuery / JavaScript
Minimum two years of experience developing Drupal modules (or core contributions)
Proficiency with Drupal’s coding Standards, approaches, and common APIs
Familiarity with User Points + related modules
Understanding of game theory

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VoIP Drupal at the World Bank

Today the World Bank published a nice blog entry highlighting the use of VoIP Drupal to support good governance, social inclusion and citizen engagement:


That blog was the outcome of a presentation that I did on May 2, 2012 to representatives from the World Bank, IDB and other organizations who work in education, eGovernance and related areas. For slides and additional information about that talk, have a look at: http://go.worldbank.org/XM1D7VZE10



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Cleveland Drupal User Group Meet-up BYOT

2012-05-24 18:00 - 20:30 America/New_York

BYOT - Bring Your Own Topic

Have a topic or interest that you need help with from the Drupal community?
Here's your chance to ask and/or help out other Drupal users.

We'll see how much time we can spend on each topic after we find out how many are submitted.

meetup.com listing

Meetup in Rhodes Tower on the campus of Cleveland State University.

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Grouping Content

I want to create a simple e learning experience and am using organic groups as the hub for everything. I was wondering is there a way to group content in an organic group? For instance, everything in week one will be grouped in week one posts, polls, videos ect.

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Training for Drupal in Education

My company offers a six-week intensive online course (live) on building sites in Drupal 7

We do a lot of work building sites for Universities (Upenn, Temple, others) and have had a number of people from various universities take the course.

Schools qualify for the ten percent discount available to nonprofits and we also offer steeper discounts if 3 or more people from the same school take the course.

If anyone is interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me.

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Remote access to meetups

Do you offer remote access to your Drupal Meetups?
I started a group in hopes of getting Meetups with remote access listed in one place and bringing people from all over the world to your local meetups.


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Getting Help in the Drupal Community

I've been thinking a lot about what the major hurdles are to learn Drupal. One obstacle I've encountered is even learning how to ask questions effectively in the forums and how to interact with the community. Someone posted this article How to Ask Questions from Hackers and it really helped me understand how community supported help systems work and what info I should include in my questions. However, the tone in that article is a little harsh and I think we could make a friendlier version that's more Drupal Community specific.

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Library website

We're in the middle of building a new drupal website and I'm wondering how to best handle integration with library database searches.

Our current (ancient) library website: http://departments.oxy.edu/library/ is using asp to route the search. Are there any modules or best practices for doing this in drupal? My guess is it would be something using PHP whether a module or custom?


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Drupal Distribution Install Profile Developer/Team | Open Learning Exchange (OLE)


The Open Learning Exchange (OLE) is developing an open-source digital library (Basic e-Learning Library, aka BeLL) for use in basic education programs for young children in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The 12-volt BeLL system is designed to function off-line in remote locations as well as online where Internet connections are available. The goal is to enable unsophisticated users in remote regions of developing nations to synchronize their local library systems, including locally developed resources, with their national BeLL system.

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Need drupal_goto() result in a new tab (target=blank)

Hi All,

I want the drupal_goto() result in a new tab. I couldn't find a solution anywhere here. Can anybody help me for this...

Thanks in advance for ur help....!

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Drupal Developer-very experienced | Green Schools Alliance

Employment type: 
Full time

The Green Schools Alliance is seeking a full-time (40 hrs per week), self-motivated freelance or contract Web Developer to work in a deadline-oriented environment. Hourly wage $35/hour for a minimum of 6 months. The candidate must have extensive experience in PHP, Drupal 6.0 and modules. Candidates will report only to a single Administrator/Moderator, whose job it is to troubleshoot for multiple users with different roles. Candidates must have strong technical abilities and the ability to learn quickly and problem solve. Must be fluent in English.

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Girls in Tech

It would be helpful to have an umbrella website that links to websites and organizations out there for Girls in Tech. Here is my short list at the time. Could you please be so kind as to add to it?

More choices:

www.codeyear.com (teaches JavaScript)


www.KHANacademy.org (teaches Python)

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Drupal as LMS Initiative GSOC2012

Drupalcon was a great leep forward for education. Drupal is taking off in k-12, university and private sector training usage for the delivery of educational materials. A mixed group of people passionate about education and training got together for a learning management system (LMS) BoF at Drupalcon. You can read some of the conclusions of that group here http://groups.drupal.org/node/219814

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Hands-on VoIP Drupal session today at Drupal Con Denver

Thanks to everyone who attended the first VoIP Drupal session yesterday (3/20) at Drupal Con Denver!

If you are attending the event, I'd highly encourage you to join us for today's hands-on session at 2:15pm in room 212 (http://denver2012.drupal.org/bof/voip-drupal-hands-session)

As part of that session, we will have opportunity to answer specific questions and go deeper into different aspects of VoIP Drupal, including the main modules of the platform (click2call, phone recorder, voipnode, etc.) and the VoIP Script API.

If you have any comments or questions, please send me an email and let's try to find some time to talk while we're all in Denver. I'll be here until Thursday afternoon and will be very happy to learn more about your ideas!



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Education Unconference Contact List

If you attended the Education Unconference in Denver on March 19, 2012 in Denver, this is the contact list for getting and staying in touch. Add your name, organization, and contact information below:



  • Melissa Anderson, OpenSourcery, http://drupal.org/user/33570/contact
  • Annette Thomson, George Washington University, http://drupal.org/user/1237628
  • Adam Moore, University of California Merced, http://drupal.org/160320/contact
  • Brian Wood, University of California Berkeley, http://drupal.org/user/164217
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    New Module: Google Books

    The Google Books module http://drupal.org/project/google_books is a filter module and an API for the Google Books service, that permits a user to insert rich Google book data, cover images, and inline book readers into nodes via filters with data retrieved from the http://books.google.com domain. The API also allows data to be pulled into flat arrays indexed by the text biblio field identifiers like 'author' or 'title.'

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    Drupal Developer | BluGraph

    Employment type: 
    Full time

    Drupal Developer required in Singapore.

    2-3 years experience in Drupal, PHP and MySQL.

    Part timers who can commit 25 hours per week is also accepted.

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    Senior Web Developer | The American Academy

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    The American Academy is seeking a talented developer to help build and manage the company’s core product (website) and assist with other critical tech projects. The right candidate needs to be flexible in working with a few different technologies and products.

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    Panel Participants in the Drupal in Education Unconference

    As part of our preparations for the upcoming Education Unconference taking place on March 19th in Denver we are happy to give an update on the panel discussion.

    The participants will include:



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    Upload CV + Browse Button

    Hello there,

    I am looking for a Module which would let me add the "Upload your CV" function (along with the browse button) to my site, Could anyone tell me how to do this?


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