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stdbrouw's picture

For all you ExtendScripters out here

Hi guys,

Long time no see. I know there are a couple of people here who are using Adobe ExtendScript to interact with InDesign from within Drupal or the other way around and do web-to-print stuff. If you don't, feel free to ignore this message. If you do, I thought you'd be interested in knowing that I've just released an MIT-licensed open-source framework for ExtendScript.

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Katrina B's picture

Web-to-print with Drupal, InDesign CS2, NewsEditPro IQue 3.5.9

Our website is built on the ProsePoint profile ... but a few weeks ago, we had to replace the ProsePoint WYSIWYG editor with CKEditor because of compatibility issues with Panels.

This has created huge problems, because the ProsePoint editor had a "Paragraph" option in the "Format" section. When we would copy-and-paste text from NewsEditPro into the website, all of the paragraph breaks in NewsEditPro (single hard returns) would turn into line breaks:

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therobyouknow's picture

France24 AEF modules versus OpenPublishApp - opinions requested for comparison

I'd welcome your thoughts on the positives and negatives of both systems that extend drupal for publishers.

My situation is that I've installed the France 24 AEF modules on my development non-production site but don't know how to use them, make them visible.

I'm considering OpenPublishApp also (instead, i.e not co-existing with France24) but haven't tried it yet.

My initial thoughts are:

- proof of concept with France24: high-traffic news site
- substantial suite of modules designed with journalists in mind to add content easily with minimum training

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Katrina B's picture

Any way to find out how many registered users have accessed the site within a given time?

Our circulation director is trying to find out if we can count registered users on our site towards our "subscriber" numbers. One of the things he wants to know is how many registered users logged into the site within a certain period of time.

I can use the "last login" or "last access" information in Views ... if I look at the View at the end of the month in question.

But if, for example, I wanted to know how many registered users logged into the site last month (September), I'm out of luck.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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mlncn's picture

Power to Communicate for Everyone: Drupal at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston

A proposal for powerful communication with equal access – please vote (requires fairly safe and painless registration).

See a collection of many Drupal-related presentations at the National Conference for Media Reform, which is coming to Boston April 8-10, 2011!

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morisy's picture

OpenBlock Geolocation Hack-a-thon at MIT Media Lab

MIT and Hacks/Hackers are hosting an OpenBlock hack-a-thon Oct. 30 at noon. Why should local Drupalists care?

OpenBlock by itself is an interesting news aggregator, but it's various components, which can be de-coupled, could be very cool, doing everything from auto-geotagging content, very customizable mapping, and much more. Tapping into these components could help a lot of Drupal sites I've seen.

RSVP here for the meetup:

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stagg's picture

Largest network of news sites using Drupal?

I'm on a reconnaissance mission investigating open source CMS options. Could anyone point me in the direction of the largest multi-site news implementation? I'm interested in the volume of concurrent sites and also the overall metrics (users, pages viewed). We have a home grown solution at the moment but it is in "need of modernisation".

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pwarn's picture

Small Newspaper Online Ad Sales

I'm the IT support guy for a small town newspaper. The newspapers' in-house graphics designer and I have moved the papers web site to Drupal, and actually got some content from the print edition on-line which is a big improvement from what was there before. Our problem isn't technical as much as social. The powers that be don't really "get" the web and feel that the site should look like the placemat at the local diner --All ads in your face all the time. They have a modern site with content, and a good design that includes plenty of space for ad inventory.

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leob's picture

Best approach to increase page load in OP

This is nothing new but I am just curious is somebody could suggest how to make the default OP installation speed up. In my default installation all the pages take too long to load. I am just working in a local server so I am afraid what is going to happen when i will go live.

Any tips?



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pkcho's picture

Views attachments with a taxonomy:term argument

I recently watched the screencast "Views Demystified: part 2" by rainbreaw. In the screencast, she shows an amazing recipe site using views attachment using a taxonomy: term argument.

That functionality is perfect, except that when I click on the taxonomy term, it replaces the page with the nodes and the taxonomy terms disappear. I need the taxonomy terms to stay on the page as a persistent list (like she has it on her site).

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you,

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bonobo's picture

VoiceBox Alpha Release

Hello, all,

We have an alpha release ready of VoiceBox, our Knight Drupal Initiative project -

The project is a community media/feed aggregator/news space/conversation space. A high level run down of the featureset includes:

  • Customizable user profiles;
  • Discussions with embedded images, audio, and video;
  • Publishing pictures, audio, and video via mobile devices and/or email;
  • Content aggregation via rss;
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Ibn al-Hazardous's picture

Developing app and app-friendly drupal feed

So, iPhone has been all the rage for a while, and last spring the iPad was launched. Here in Sweden, we won't get the iPad until November - but that'll be just in time for the holiday shopping. Besides, by then we will get a ton of Android tablets too.

Which begs the question: Has anybody around already made a solution for interfacing Drupal with an iApp? If not, would y'all be interested if we keep it generic and customizable?

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ithacaindy's picture

Best News-Oriented Profile?

I'm looking for suggestions on what might be the best Drupal profile for a news site. I'd like something between the complexity of OpenPress and the simplicity of ProsePoint. Any contenders?

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pazzypunk's picture

Web Developer | Sun Journal

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Are you passionate about bringing your knowledge of building websites to journalism? Are you a news junkie? Sun Media Group is looking for an energetic, team-oriented in-house Web designer who can drive the development of our Web sites, most of which are built with Drupal. Check us out at

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pkcho's picture

URL redirect for 3rd party pages and search issue

We are using a 3rd party service to host some of our online contests and I have those wrapped in our layout simply by placing a piece of text in the body of a page. The 3rd party service then accesses the page's url for branding.

Then, instead of using the contest engine URL, I have the contest page redirected to something more palatable (

My problem occurs when people attempt to search for the contest from within the site. When they search for "top 51", they are presented with a link that takes them to the blank page that is used to wrap the contest.

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ithacaindy's picture

D7 Newspaper Base?

I'm looking to build (not from the ground-up, but with a solid framework) an online newspaper. Since D7 is right around the corner (at least the beta) I'd like to build it on the latest Drupal version. I first tried The Morning After dev and it just goes blank (I have the Zen dev, but don't see how to add the base theme to the D7 info file.) It'd be great to have a D7 zenophile, module, but that doesn't seem to exist.

What is a good D7 base to build a theme with the two sidebars on the right? Thanks.

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yelvington's picture

Cleaning up after spammers

If you allow public registration for commenting and/or blogging, it won't be long before you discover spammers abusing your system.

Tools like Mollom help a lot, but they won't catch everything. You need to check your registrations at least every morning and clean up the mess. If you let it get out of control, your site will become a favorite for SEO spammers, many of whom are paid a piece rate for posting links on websites.

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phillipadsmith's picture

Free, open course for news-interested "hackers"

Mozilla, Hacks/Hackers, Medill School at Northwestern University, and The Media Consortium are collaborating to run a free online course for journalists and programmers on the Peer-to-peer University platform. This is an experimental six-week course exploring the ways that technology is changing news production and how professional journalists & programmers can work together to innovate around these changes. Here's the tentative course outline:

  • The fundamentals of journalism and coding
  • Project management
  • Edit it. Fork it. The art of collaboration and journalism
  • Big Ugly Datasets For Thumb-Fingered Journalists
  • Maps. Maps. Everywhere
  • Data journalism and government

You can read more here:

We are specifically looking for a few more programmers with an interest in learning more about journalism to join the course, as we're heavy on "hacks" and light on "hackers" at the moment. If you're interested, contact me directly here: and let me know a bit about yourself, your experience, what you might contribute to the course, and what time zone you're in.

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juan_g's picture

Drupal distributions for newspapers and magazines: OpenPublish, ProsePoint...

I'm collecting some info about distributions including Drupal and a selection of modules for newspapers and magazines. Examples are OpenPublish (project), ProsePoint, and the Innovation News installation profile.

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karenborchert's picture

OpenPublish Webinar: Thursday September 9

2010-09-09 01:00 - 02:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Join us for a Free Webinar on OpenPublish – A Solution for the Publishing Industry

Online publishers, editors and producers will want to register for an upcoming Webinar: OpenPublish – A Solution for the Publishing Industry, which takes place on Thursday, September 9, 2010, from 1 - 2 pm ET.

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