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Movie Listing Examples?

I'm looking for examples how drupal-run online news sites (not affiliated with a newspaper or broadcast) handle movie listings.

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Looking for Drupal training in London/SE England especially for building a newspaper site and/or conditional presentation of content depending on which page your on

I'm seriously considering investing in myself by buying some training, taking a few days off my job and going on a course for such things. I've done a bit of google searching but I thought I'd ask here for recommendations, durations, price guides/ranges.

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Dupal Developer / Lead Programmer - Noida / India | Lion Eye New Media Company

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are an upcoming Web Media company based at Noida and manage two large Inter portals which are based at Drupal.

We are looking for an experienced Drupal developer and general PHP specialist to work on our CMS as well as new projects which are being launced. Our company is backed by Industry leeading professionals and has established brand name.

We are looking for expert Drupal programmers who have:

* Least 2 years experience working with Drupal
* Experience developing custom modules (if you maintain a Drupal module let us know!)

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Best way to implement 'markdown' rather than use WYSIWYG?

With a publishing workflow how does a person most securely get HTML markup (down? not sure) into text? It also has to be simple or at least easy explained for stupid people like myself to use. I wouldn't mind a WYSIWYG without all that hidden garble that comes when something is pasted out of Word.

EDIT: Maybe something that corrects my grammar too. Just kidding. I did once read an issues thread writing by Dries threatening to ban somebody for poor grammar that was posted in 2004. I wish I saved it because it is priceless.

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Can services module be used to create a "Content API"?

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around services. I was hoping a post here might yield some fruit. I have an interest in creating a "Content API" for my site--so that other people could submit custom queries to my drupal db and have something like a JSON object returned to them with the resulting content in it.

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OT: Looking for an open source CMS -- But not for the internet

I work for a small newspaper with 1.5 editorial staff members.
I once worked for a newspaper company that had a great Content Management System made by Baseview.

However, that system is far too expensive for what I am looking for.

Still. After using Open Publish (a drupal-based CMS) to build our website, I really want a Content Management System for our print content. Does anyone know of any open source content management systems that might work?

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Drupal for newspaper

Hi, I'm Craig Ringer from the POST Newspapers, a local newspaper in Perth, Western Australia.

I'm posting here to find out more about Drupal for internal CMS/workflow use, and to find out what others use for some of their other newspaper-related business software like class/pag.

As is frequently the case I'm the only techie in the newspaper, and close to the only computer literate person here. I'm an experienced Java and C++ programmer with experience working with PostgreSQL, but I'm on fresh ground with PHP for Drupal and am new to templated HTML+CSS CMS themeing etc. I'm currently working on writing a newspaper accounts/bookings system for my employer, and am investigating software options for other parts of the business.

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Somehow the entire page is affected by an <em> tag when a contributor saves a blog

For some reason, when a certain user contributes his blog content it somehow adds an <em> tag to other portions of the entire page (Nothing is supposed to be italicized –

I'm not sure how this happened. It might have initially been an issue with how I set the fckeditor up for contributors. But now that I've fixed it, I can't seem to keep it from happening.

When I attempt to edit the content, all the extraneous formatting has been cleared, but the formatting to the page still remains.

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Fivestar ratings *almost* working through views (NE GiveCamp wrap up)

We're trying to implement a Q&A side for our news site, and got through 95%-ish of it this weekend at GiveCamp following this tutorial, but I'm running into problems getting the fivestar to save the rating properly ... I think I've messed up the relationship somehow but I can't figure what gives.

The site is live on our dev, and everything looks perfect except that if you click one of the rating options, you get the following:

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Inserting a form or content creation into a page?


Spare Change News had me add on a feature where users can, anonymously if they want, answer a given question each week with their response. Comments would have been PERFECT, but they wanted a few extra fields so I created two new content types:

Burning Question: Just basically a title and a question

Community Response: A response that is tagged to a given questions and lets users input their vendor, hometown, and first name/last initial.

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Easy Image and Caption Inserts?

This has likely been discussed, but I'm looking for solutions to the following: grab an image (maybe field field sources), resize and align it (maybe img assist), give it a caption, then insert it into a story node. I've read many different ways to the point they've all become a blur - I guess I'm looking for some hands-on experienced words from the publishing trenches.

I've tried both ProsePoint and Open Publishing. Both have their good and bad points; I'm building an online publishing back-end from scratch, using the TMA theme without PP hooks and off-the-shelf Drupal modules.

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ProsePoint: Replacing Main Menu in Nav?

I plan using SimpleMenus to replace the default primary menu in the navbar. I installed SimpleMenus (working fine), but the old menu bar remains. What file do I edit to remove the old main menu? Thanks in advance.

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Automotive module needed

I'm looking for a way to provide the car dealers in our area a way to advertise their cars online ... without trying to build something myself in CCK (as I'm a graphic designer, not a programmer, coder, or developer). Any suggestions?

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News site needs way to update published stories (without losing original URL?)

For background, we are a fairly large publisher driving Drupal 6 with Vjoon K4 publishing platform tied to InDesign/InCopy. So...

We publish a breaking news story to Web: "Two die in Union Square apartment fire"

The story is indexed by search engines and traffic starts coming.

But then, reporter says he has updated news story: "Ten die in Union Square hotel arson fire"

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Newspaper Theme ? How to build it ?

Hi all,

well i´m really new to drupal since 4 weeks i´m learning. The reason why I want to use drupal is to create an newspaper site.

Well the newspaper sit should have the look and feel of a really newspaper.

My problem is, I want to create a theme or want to find some...who can help to create it or give me a link to a theme ?

Hope to your help

regards from germany


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Can someone explain what the anonymous/authenticated numbers are tracking exactly in the Administration Menu?

I have the Administration menu installed on my site and have been comparing the numbers shown for the "anonymous/authenticated" users on the menu bar to the Google Analytics numbers, and they don't match up.

Sometimes, the Administration Menu shows that there are 300+ anonymous users on the site, and that is completely different from Google, which shows a much lower number over the course of the day. I wish those numbers were true, but I tend to believe Google's at this point.

Can someone explain what those numbers are tracking?

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Best Installation Profile For news publication

I am a drupal developer for past one year.
My client have asked me to build a news publishing site. I am new to this domain, I have read many forums and found that there are some installation profiles for NEWS publications like openpublish , prosepoint etc,..
I am confused to choose the one, i read this main points of this group and they have listed all the modules, i can build with that, the problem i have is that it needs to be build in a weeks time, so i cant do by that way, i must go for prebuild system.

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Replicating Slider/Rotator a la New York Times

I have been experimenting with some of the rotator and slideshow modules and I am still a little puzzled how to proceed. I am basically trying to replicate the functionality of the "slider" element from the New York Times (see the bottom of page "Inside NYTIMES.COM" where there is typically the section, an image (but not always) and then the article title. There is an arrow pager on the upper-right side of the slider.

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How to create a block of nodes related to one of the taxonomy terms in the current node?

I have a taxonomy vocabulary "topics" with a number of terms "news, cover stories, people and places, etc...". Each article node that I created has one of the these terms and other taxonomy terms created by the semantic tagging service, Calais. I use the "topics" taxonomy to organize my articles throughout the site.

Searching through the web, I've come across solutions that using views and arguments to create a block with related nodes, but they create relationships based on all of the terms of the node (including the Calais terms).

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I have a weekly newspaper site that has been active for a year+ - using the Newswire theme. Lately I have been looking at modifying the site/theme and have just started to do research. I see this package called OpenPublish and, since this is a newspaper web site, I am intrigued.

My question is, can this be installed on my current domain and played with in the background or, will just installing possibly cause issues with the current site that is operating due to the "hacked" modules that are mentioned as part of the OpenPublish package?

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