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ithacaindy's picture

Easy Image and Caption Inserts?

This has likely been discussed, but I'm looking for solutions to the following: grab an image (maybe field field sources), resize and align it (maybe img assist), give it a caption, then insert it into a story node. I've read many different ways to the point they've all become a blur - I guess I'm looking for some hands-on experienced words from the publishing trenches.

I've tried both ProsePoint and Open Publishing. Both have their good and bad points; I'm building an online publishing back-end from scratch, using the TMA theme without PP hooks and off-the-shelf Drupal modules.

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ithacaindy's picture

ProsePoint: Replacing Main Menu in Nav?

I plan using SimpleMenus to replace the default primary menu in the navbar. I installed SimpleMenus (working fine), but the old menu bar remains. What file do I edit to remove the old main menu? Thanks in advance.

Katrina B's picture

Automotive module needed

I'm looking for a way to provide the car dealers in our area a way to advertise their cars online ... without trying to build something myself in CCK (as I'm a graphic designer, not a programmer, coder, or developer). Any suggestions?

noozguy1's picture

News site needs way to update published stories (without losing original URL?)

For background, we are a fairly large publisher driving Drupal 6 with Vjoon K4 publishing platform tied to InDesign/InCopy. So...

We publish a breaking news story to Web: "Two die in Union Square apartment fire"

The story is indexed by search engines and traffic starts coming.

But then, reporter says he has updated news story: "Ten die in Union Square hotel arson fire"

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tonymaroni's picture

Newspaper Theme ? How to build it ?

Hi all,

well i´m really new to drupal since 4 weeks i´m learning. The reason why I want to use drupal is to create an newspaper site.

Well the newspaper sit should have the look and feel of a really newspaper.

My problem is, I want to create a theme or want to find some...who can help to create it or give me a link to a theme ?

Hope to your help

regards from germany


pkcho's picture

Can someone explain what the anonymous/authenticated numbers are tracking exactly in the Administration Menu?

I have the Administration menu installed on my site and have been comparing the numbers shown for the "anonymous/authenticated" users on the menu bar to the Google Analytics numbers, and they don't match up.

Sometimes, the Administration Menu shows that there are 300+ anonymous users on the site, and that is completely different from Google, which shows a much lower number over the course of the day. I wish those numbers were true, but I tend to believe Google's at this point.

Can someone explain what those numbers are tracking?

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rkrajeshkumar87's picture

Best Installation Profile For news publication

I am a drupal developer for past one year.
My client have asked me to build a news publishing site. I am new to this domain, I have read many forums and found that there are some installation profiles for NEWS publications like openpublish , prosepoint etc,..
I am confused to choose the one, i read this main points of this group and they have listed all the modules, i can build with that, the problem i have is that it needs to be build in a weeks time, so i cant do by that way, i must go for prebuild system.

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dcomfort's picture

Replicating Slider/Rotator a la New York Times

I have been experimenting with some of the rotator and slideshow modules and I am still a little puzzled how to proceed. I am basically trying to replicate the functionality of the "slider" element from the New York Times (see the bottom of page "Inside NYTIMES.COM" where there is typically the section, an image (but not always) and then the article title. There is an arrow pager on the upper-right side of the slider.

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pkcho's picture

How to create a block of nodes related to one of the taxonomy terms in the current node?

I have a taxonomy vocabulary "topics" with a number of terms "news, cover stories, people and places, etc...". Each article node that I created has one of the these terms and other taxonomy terms created by the semantic tagging service, Calais. I use the "topics" taxonomy to organize my articles throughout the site.

Searching through the web, I've come across solutions that using views and arguments to create a block with related nodes, but they create relationships based on all of the terms of the node (including the Calais terms).

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Kevin.K's picture


I have a weekly newspaper site that has been active for a year+ - using the Newswire theme. Lately I have been looking at modifying the site/theme and have just started to do research. I see this package called OpenPublish and, since this is a newspaper web site, I am intrigued.

My question is, can this be installed on my current domain and played with in the background or, will just installing possibly cause issues with the current site that is operating due to the "hacked" modules that are mentioned as part of the OpenPublish package?

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ebhakt's picture

How to simplify the management of 250+ nodes and 1000+ users


I have written this tool : < Portal Manager :: Drupal Management Assembly >
which is to remotely manage a drupal based website
You can manage and edit user properties
You can manage and edit posts
you can sort posts on the bases of taxonomies and then manage and edit posts

The tool is written in C# WPF and needs .net framework 3.5 to be pre-installed
Please find the software here: LINK < >

Please give your valuable feedback, its highly welcome...

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jimhoyt's picture

Displaying Ads and Headings according to content type.

I am trying to figure out how to place different artwork at the top of the body area, and different ads, depending on taxonomy terms.

For instance for editorials I want to show a certain graphic, for sports a different one.

I can distinguish these because I set up Taxonomy Terms of 'Editorials' and 'Sports'.

In addition, when a user selects Sports, for instance, I want to show different ads in the sidebar.

I suspect there are modules that take care of this, but what are they?

thanks, Jim Hoyt.

ebhakt's picture

Drupal Management Assembly

I am bhaskar tiwari
and this is my first piece of software ever written
i have build a wpf c# application running on .net framework 3.5 which runs around the services framework for delevering portal management capabilities from the desktop itself
it means that you no need to open the old lazy web browser and navigate to the old lazy URL's anymore
All you need to do is open my software and configure it for services and keys and it will do the user management (create , edit user accounts), node management (create , edit nodes) and taxonomy wise node management from the desktop itself

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ebhakt's picture error "Parameter count mismatch" while trying to save with taxonomy

i am building an app with c# wpf .net v 3.5
i am using the xmlrpc service to save a new node
it works fine untill i try to include taxonomy values with the input parameters

i get this error "Parameter count mismatch" when i try to use the function with taxonomy

can anyone point out what is wrong!!

jcisio's picture

New module for image optimization


I'd like to introduce a new module: ImageAPI Optimize. This is a "virtual toolkit", that means it does exactly what GD or Imagemagick toolkit (your choice!) does, and it optimizes the output.

This module does requires (optionally) some external commands.

All suggestions are welcome!

wildfeed's picture

Working on an email newsletter distribution system

Pushing Drupal's ability to distribute graphic rich content links via email is what I do best. For a while Send, News, MLM and MIME modules were working well in D5 and I was able to create newsletters and pass them to a mass email app. Send module for D6 has been broken for some time now and Id like to hear if others have found solutions that work.

Katrina B's picture

Need a way to add the same text link to all items

We are uploading our obituaries through Feeds into an Obituary content type. One of our advertisers has an agreement that a text link to their website will appear at the bottom of every obituary.

I'm using Views to create a "teaser list" of obituaries on the main obits page; the title of each obit is a link to that obit's page.

I need the "text link ad" to appear at the end of each obit's page ... and below each obit's "teaser" on the main obit page.

The ideal solution to this would be a pre-populated CCK field ... but I haven't been able to find a way to do this.

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Katrina B's picture

It’s been a long, three-and-a-half month journey, but the newspaper website I’ve been working on since January finally went live early this morning:

ebhakt's picture

error while using "taxonomy.selectNodes" function

Hi ,
i am developing an app using c# .
This app displays the list of all nodes using the taxonomy.selectNodes method.
I am having problem displaying the list of all nodes for any taxonomy
it gives the following error:


response contains string value where array expected [response]



the data structure is mapped as follows:

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Katrina B's picture

Need custom search results for only one content type

I am in the final stages of building a Drupal/ProsePoint site for a small daily newspaper. We are using the Feeds module to bring in our daily Classifieds, which populate as individual nodes. I found a way to create a custom search block for Classifieds -- -- so that users can search only Classifieds and not the entire site.

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