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Current advice for developing a newspaper or magazine site with Drupal

We are considering Drupal for a magazine/local news style website. I've been a long time lurker on Drupal, but only an infrequent user.

I have a few questions that hopefully people with some experience can advise us on:
1. Is Pressflow still worth considering, or do newer versions of Drupal provide most of these benefits out of the box?
2. Themes -in the last mention I found, Yelvington favours 'rolling your own' from a Bootstrap 3 base, but we don't have inhouse development. Are there any themes that provide a good base, from which we can develop over time?

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Mister Paul's picture

Drupal & Magazine/Newspaper information?


I have to create an onlime magazine.
I have seen that many olnline magazines / newspapers were built with Drupal.

I am new to Drupal (I have developped sites with Joomla and Wordpress, but none with Drupal yet). So I am gathering information.

As I see that posts in « Newspapers on Drupal » have been posted a while ago with older versions of Drupal, I am wondering:

1° if Drupal is still the best low cost solution to achieve a professional result

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Michel van Velde's picture

DrupalCon CEO dinner Vienna

2017-09-27 18:00 - 23:55 Europe/Vienna
Event type: 

CEO's Michel van Velde (One Shoe) and Janne Kalliola (Exove) proudly present the 6th (!) edition of the annual Drupal CEO Dinner at DrupalCon Vienna.

The Drupal CEO Dinner is a gathering of the leading minds of the Drupal industry and connects Drupal CEO’s and company leaders from all across Europe. This tradition started during DrupalCon Munich 2012, went out of control in Prague (2013) and has become one of the biggest social events during recent European DrupalCons.


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Ivo.Radulovski's picture

Biggest Newspaper & Media cases?

In May 2017 we are hosting the European Drupal Business Days in Frankfurt and we are looking forward to high-end Drupal 8 case studies dealing with media websites and advertising.

We're happy to announce that Burda Media is going to share insights how they use Drupal and how other media companies can profit from it.

This is the first European Drupal Business Days since Drupal 8 came out, and we can’t wait to see the newest business cases and trends.

For more details go to or directly to to propose a session.

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Jayaprada's picture

Drupal Mentored Code Sprint - 22 October, 2016

2016-10-22 09:00 - 13:00 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 

Dear all,

We are excited to announce #drupal Mentored sprints with VijayChandraMani. Vijay is an active Drupal contributor, one of the oldest members of the Chennai Drupal community. He currently works with Capgemini. Many of us are already familiar with his fascinating story “How Drupal Changed my life” featured in Dries Keynote at DrupalCon Dublin.

This is an opportunity for you to get some commits to #drupal! If you know the tools but still could use help picking issues and going through the process, the Mentored Core Sprint is for you.

The sprint session will take place in Chennai. We have limited seats and on first come first serve basis, Register now!

Attached is the link for registration…

Code Sprint Session - Link for Registration

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Valerie Boucher's picture

The Open Mic Podcast: New Format, New Modules and Drupal 8 Updates

This week Ash and Ben go over new modules and some stories from the week, Hope you enjoy!

Download the latest episode of The Open Mic now:

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yelvington's picture relaunches (finally) on Drupal 7

One of the first newspaper-based sites based on Drupal, has relaunched on Drupal 7 with a responsive design and tight integration with newsroom workflow and subscriber management systems.

This project features an unusually high degree of integration with third-party systems:

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Valerie Boucher's picture

New Drupal Podcast Episode: The Project Manager and The Tech Lead

Episode seven of The Open Mic is now available for download on iTunes, as hosts discuss their experiences with project management and leading tech teams on client projects.

Download here:

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Valerie Boucher's picture

New Drupal Podcast Episode: Organic Groups

The latest episode of The Open Mic podcast discussing Organic Groups is available for download here:

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occnewspaper's picture

Drupal Theme for Newspaper

I need to switch my cannabis news site,, over to a new responsive theme. I am using TB Rave and don't like it. I have seen a few in Wordpress, but am unfamiliar with it. I have some Drupal expereience.

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Tran's picture

An Ad Module That's Not an Ad Module

I use the simple ads module and sell my own ads.
Local, smallish town news can't survive on 3rd party ads.

For a time I used the google chrome ad block so I could get rid of the annoying popups that lead to malware on weird channels that stream sports sites.

But I realized that was hiding the ads on my site, so I stopped.

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ReaRea's picture

What is a good starting point?

So I have been tasked with a new project. This is going to be an independent news site using Drupal 7. What are a couple of the best themes or templates that could help us get it up and running very quickly? I have been looking around at some themes that offer a news site look and feel. I'm whiling to pay for a good template in order to have a rapid turn around on getting it up and running. Of course over time I will be doing some modifications and updating.

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chuta's picture

Nigeria Drupal Group Meet-up at Shoprite, Ikeja Lagos on June 28th.

Here's just 10 Great Reasons to attend this coming Drupal Nigeria Lagos user group

1. Networking and promotional opportunities
Being active in the local Drupal community is a good way to meet others, and supporting local Drupal events is a great way to foster the local community, as well as align your brand and expertise with the global Drupal project.
2. Employment opportunities.

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PriyankaTuteja's picture

Free Webinar by Megan Sanicki, COO, Drupal Association: Cracking the Community Code

2015-04-15 21:30 - 22:30 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Building communities is an artsy science that is a strategic initiative for organizations of all kinds from nonprofit to for-profit. In this webinar, we will remove the mystery of building thriving online communities. We will look at community building best practices from leading community managers such as Jono Bacon of Ubuntu, and will understand how to use these pro-tips to grow and nurture global communities through a case study on Drupal.

Why Should You Attend This?

o To learn how the Drupal community grows and is nurtured
o To learn about the community management best practices

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PriyankaTuteja's picture

[Free Webinar] Drupal 8: Frontend for Backenders

2015-04-01 12:00 - 13:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Drupal 8 will ship with a fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simpler theme layer. In this webinar, our speaker will show you some goodies from Twig and give you a walkthrough on how to get started with it.

He will also talk about the major problems that people were facing in working with Drupal 7 and what the community has done to make it better. This webinar will show - in both practical examples and on a broader scale - why Drupal 8 will make peace between backenders and frontenders.

Why Should You Attend This?

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yelvington's picture

BiS -- Business in Savannah relaunches with d7, Bootstrap

We've relaunched our business news website,, on D7 with a Bootstrap-based theme built by Chris A. White. This is 100% off-the-shelf modules and the custom theme is derived from the base theme. We kept coding to an absolute minimum. The CSS is all class-based -- what a relief!

We'll be using this framework for another site that will launch in a week or so.

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webtomme's picture

What would be the ideal News/Magazine architecture


We are working on a few publishing projects by now and there seems no final good option out there to quickly get the site up and running. We are investigating what's best solution to build robust premium Magazine/News themes (by this I actually mean a complete Drupal website profile).


We want to develop at least 5 different Drupal News and Magazine themes and offer them as basic off-the-shelf package and add customizations on top per bespoke business requirements.


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danielpkennedy's picture

Seeking a Free Lance Drupal Developer for Newspaper Website

I'm working with a small radio station that currently has a daily e-news paper and adds news to their website manually using Dreamweaver.

We are considering Drupal CMS, and believe this module seems to have what we need to create the site we are looking for:

We are looking for any recommendations for a developer that has experience with the module and would be able to help us transition the site over to Drupal.

Thank you for any help / guidance in this matter.


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bgogoi's picture

Seeking help to investigate my D7 site and optimise

I need help for my news site - a nonprofit venture - if I am using a bad theme (bad coding/loops) or a bad module.

After I upgraded to D7 a year back, the site became CPU hungry (or is it normal!)

  • At this point we have a max of 15 articles posted per day.
  • I have also disabled the default search.
  • with .htacces, I have blocked bad referrers - which I suppose added extra load
  • right now using the basic TMA theme
  • reduced google news bot crawling rate
  • I am also looking for a lowest (cost) possible, but high performance hosting.
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Tran's picture

Successors to Open Publish?

Since Phase2 has unceremoniously dumped Open Publish, what are some alternative distributions for publishers?

1) Nodemaker --
Started with promise -- especially since it was tied to the launch of ThemeGeeks, Himerus' premium Omega theme company.
Sadly, Nodemaker has seen almost no development since about the same time Phase2 gave up on OP.
Also, Theme Geeks hasn't launched yet. It was supposed to launch this time last year. Best thing about Nodemaker was that it was Omega based -- so it fit fairly nicely with OP.

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