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This group was suggested as a way to follow up on the discussions spawned at Moshe Weitzman's DrupalCon Brussels 2006 talk on Implementing a fully baked Wiki module for Drupal.

Let's conclude some of those thoughts and translate them into code!

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Field embedding input filter

It allows you to embed node fields (images, videos, files and any others) right in the node body using a simple inline tag: [fieldname:items|position].



  • fieldname — machine name of a field
  • items (optional) — index of item (or range of items)
  • position (optional) — 'default', 'center', 'left' or 'right'

All following constructions are supported:

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    Wysiwyg Editor for Wiki-Tools


    I am looking at ways of making my wiki easier to use for non familiar visitors.

    Does anyone know of wysiwyg plugin or editor that has the follwing functionality:

    A user can highlight a bit of text, click a button and create a wiki link to a creation form.

    I'm looking to integrate this with wiki-tools.

    I would also like to limit who has access to this function.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    How does the wiki in Drupal Commons work?

    My objective is to get a Drupal wiki working. I haven't found a simple check list to help with this. Currently I have the same problem as several others with double bracket links being directed to wikipedia rather than my wiki (

    I've played around with the Drupal Commons wiki and it WORKS. I want to implement it! Does anyone know what modules it uses? Is it flexifilter or pear wiki or what? Can we reverse engineer that bundle to give ordinary Drupal users a SIMPLE way to get a wiki working?

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    Best way to handle empty wiki links - Drupal 7

    Initially asked the question in the forums without any interest, so I am trying to see if anyone has some thoughts on


    Would like to ask if anyone can think how it would be possible to distinguish or log Links to Wiki Article Pages that do not yet have content in a Drupal Wiki. My current system is using wikitools where if the URL /wiki/EMPTY_PAGE_NAME is entered into browser or linked, it will go to a page to create that article.

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    Wikis Within OG Groups...

    I am having some trouble getting freelinking to work within a OG-based educational site based on Open Atrium. I have separate groups with their own wiki content types, but when a link is created in one group and page is made and then another group creates a similar [[link] it links to another group's wiki page instead of its own group. Anyone else have a similar problem? Any solutions?

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    Need advise to organise different path for different content-type

    Hey all,

    I'm trying to create a type of database, with Public contribution in mind. It's not exactly how Wikipedia works, but the idea is there. This will be for a music site. There'll be 3 content-type: Artiste, Album, Music.

    Right now, all of the contrib modules I'd found didn't match exactly with what I wanted to do. Wikitools and freelinking.

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    OpenScholar and Social Media Classroom

    Wanted to let folks know that the Drupal 6 and eventually Drupal 7 upgrade for the project is going to be done in a way that will make it:

    1. An optional install profile to use with OpenScholar as base

    2. The features of "Blog, Forum, Wiki, Chatroom, Social Bookmarking, Learning E-Portfolio (and microblog and RSS and other data import in Drupal 6 version)" will also be features available for other types of sites if the OpenScholar install profile is run.

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    How to display Contents From WIKI??????

    Dear all,

    i Need some help on drupal... i been looking for help almost two days now...

    well my requirement is to brining content from wiki. like i have 3 menus brazil, germany, spain.
    when i click on the links i need to retrieve the contents from wikipeida site.

    well i have installed drupal 6.15. i have enabled books module and i installed the module wikitools-6.x-1.2.tar.gz and contents type listed wikipage and after that i dont knw what to do....

    now what i need to do to create 3 menus and the contents frm wiki??//

    Pls someone guide to me to do my requirement

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    WYSIWYG inline image uploading

    Modules supporting uploading images inline into WYSIWYG textareas.
    If you are looking for more detailed reviews, check this wiki post

    WYSIWYG integrated

    Must have (criterias):
    - Must have a kind of a dialog to add it inline - so integrate with the WYSIWYG editor in kind of a way

    Name Releases Description Usage
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    Drupal on Wikimatrix - welcome `Drupal Wiki`

    Hello together,

    Drupal(wiki) is now officially listed on the wiki-comparision page #1 :

    We are happy to announce the successful implementation of Drupal as Wiki in the Drupal Wiki project. It is build on vanilla Drupal 6 and creates a new level of integration of Wikis or even more precise, for Drupal in Intranet-Applications.

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    How to use the organic group module to carry out wiki functions?

    I have a map content module which use to create own maps. Now I want to use the organic group to share the map content as the wiki page. I don't know how to deal with it? Would you give me detailed steps for creating the organic group wiki page?

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    I'm trying to share some maps in organic group!


    I have a map content module which use to create own maps. Now I want to use the organic group to share the map content as the wiki page. I don't know how to deal with it? Would you give me detailed steps for creating the organic group wiki page?

    Thank you very much!

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    Introducing a Wiki Like Input Format


    I don't think there is any clean implementation of a wiki-like format for drupal.
    And yes I know about flexifilter and customfilter, both of which didn't work for me.
    I am developing a module for the same and am seeking partners for the module.

    A large part of it is already over, except for implementation of Lists and NoWiki things.

    So any volunteers ?

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    Last chance for workflow support in D7 Core

    While the more expansive workflow features that were proposed did not make it in time for code freeze, we still have an opportunity during the current "code slush" period to make a few key alterations to the underlying Drupal database. This will enable further development in Contrib of comprehensive workflow and content moderation modules, with an eye towards D8. However, time is running out. After October 15, all hope is lost.

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    Caching of the external links

    I'm looking for a way to cache external pages, references in the wiki nodes.
    Does anyone have a suggestion on this?

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    Opportunity for better workflow/content moderation support in Core

    The upcoming Drupal 7 update brings with it a great opportunity to provide better support in Core for advanced workflows with content moderation, but the code freeze is fast approaching and this opportunity may pass us by. I encourage all developers to check out Support Revisions in Different States in the Drupal issue queue and lend a hand.

    Why you should care?

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    Edit section module

    Allows freeform text sections to be edited individually, like MediaWiki / Wikipedia.

    When a node is being viewed as a page by a user with permission to edit the node, this module adds [edit] links floated to the right of all headings in the body.

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    Community Moderation Module Development

    Moderation seems to be a large issue with any wiki system I have used. If there is any level of moderation, it is by users with special role that have some level of trust with the webmaster and are tasked with reviewing changes to the wiki. Sometime, it is just the wiki owner who is responsible for this task. Then there are wiki's like Wikipedia, which go unmoderated. User's are, for the most part, free to change anything they please (until they are banned) and then their contribution (or vandalism) is available for all to see until another competent user reverts it.

    Wiki's are community driven websites, and it is for this reason that I think moderation should be a task for the community.

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    Freelinking patch - make freelinks to images show image preview instead of title

    I was a bit disappointed with the fact that Freelinks didn't support embedding images, so I created a patch to make it do that. If you have the Image module installed and you freelink to an image node, you see the image preview on the page instead of the node title for the image. I submitted an issue (including the patch to implement it) here:

    * This option must be explicitly turned on in the freelinks configuration page.
    * You need the Image module for this to work, although not having it won't cause freelinks to break.

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    KE9QQ2: Proposed Drupal Modules for “The Next Generation of Wikipedia” (CommuniDB)

  • Updated 20090131065815:  Hey, fellow Druplars! For your feedback, I've put together here a Google Spreadsheet of proposed DRUPAL MODULES for “The Next Generation of Wikipedia” (CommuniDB) or for most any WYSIWYG wiki in Drupal! --after reviewing 250+ Drupal modules against 28+ criteria for a quality wiki --Many have requested this doc! To get access to give feedback, read on.
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