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A group to discuss the use of Drupal for a photography website

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BoF on Photography?

Going to Drupalcon Amsterdam? Interested in meeting up with other photographers and folks working on Drupal resources for photography sites?

If so, please contact me and we can work on scheduling a BoF. We can spend some time discussing Drupal resources for photography sites and then spend some time showcasing the work of phographers in the Drupal community.

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Front End Web Developer/Themer | creativeLIVE

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Seattle/South Lake Union. Local candidates only.

The creativeLIVE development team is growing! creativeLIVE is a global online classroom, producing multi-day educational courses broadcast live on the web. We offer a professional work environment, well formed career/promotion structure, and greatly appreciate our employees.

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Web Developer | creativeLIVE

Employment type: 
Full time

Salary: Competitive
Location: Seattle
Opening Date: Fri, 06/07/2012

The creativeLIVE development team is growing. We are looking for senior Web Developers to join us and take us to the next level. creativeLIVE is a global online classroom, producing multi-day courses/events broadcast live on the web. We offer a professional work environment, well formed career/promotion structure, and greatly appreciate our employees.

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Need some advice

I am an amateur photographer trying to set up a website.

I have been messing around with WAMP just to see if I could get something working before I buy hosting and go live.

I had some high hopes for Open Enterprise with their Apps feature but the apps I want don't work and their support seems to be lacking somewhat. I'm no programmer (I know a little bit here and there but not enough to be useful) so I can't make it work on my own.

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Background slideshow and attractive menu for images gallery website

Dear all,

i'm interesting in this websites and

for me they are very attractive in background slideshow and menu on sidebar. i'm already make my own images gallery just like (but only view gallery and a simple menu)

i'm curious how can i make attractive menu and slideshow background just like that. please share me any experience and reference so i can learn how to make attractive menu and slideshow background.

Thank you very much

*pardon for my english

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Media/Photography Site: Media Organized by Taxonomy

Hey Everyone!

Recently launched this site using a system of arguments and taxonomy to organize content.

If interested in deploying something similar, please let me know. I've been overwhelmed with work lately, but if people were interested in how I sorted my media site out, I'd love to help...and could probably use the motivation. Please let me know what you think!

Hope all is well, Drupalites!


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iPhone/Andriod upload to Drupal for Preschool Parents

Hi there,

I have a specific use case scenario that I am trying to solve the smartest way possible. We have a preschool where we'd like our teachers to take photos on a smartphone and upload them to our Drupal website rather than messing around with a bunch of SD cards! The catch here is that the images need to be completely private as it's a preschool. Ideally, parents would log into the website and see their kid in a gallery having a great time. I understand this is possible in Flickr but parents would still need to join Flickr and login twice. (?)

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How to integrate a photo printing service like Shutterfly with Drupal?

I was wondering if I could get feedback on how I can integrate a photo printing service with a Drupal site.

I was asked to build a site for a photographer and he would like to allow people to purchase prints of his photos from his site. I saw that there is a module for Shutterfly integration, but it's only for Drupal 5.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,

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I show you my Drupal based photograper portfolio website

Hi guys,

I think you might be interested in Ermanno Falco Fotografo di Torino, a photographer portfolio website I created using Drupal.

For all the implementation details you can read this blog post.

Thanks and let me know what you think about this!

Fabio Varesano

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Has anyone created photo display like this one?

I've always admired the way NYTimes displays photography. Example:

Forward and backward links unmistakably clear. User at a glance knows how many images involved and each image has an identity (it's number). There is a caption for each image too. Images large enough to be seen clearly and yet not too large to handle on small screens and does not put too much distance between header and text. And the navigation takes so little room.

Do you know if anyone ever developed something like this for drupal?

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Creating a Drupal Image gallery with Flex - e-seminar

2010-02-05 10:00 - 10:30 Europe/London
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Hi guys,

We are working on creating an image gallery with Flash and Flex/ActionScript which will be open source and placed on in the modules section, and are currently in the code review phase. We wanted a bit of feedback from the community before posting this on the Drupal site, so we are having a 30 minute e-seminar to present the module and gather some ideas. If you would like to join and help make this better, please register at this address:

The registration is just for us to estimate the size of the Connect room needed.

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Rewriting taxonomy links to point to views pages of image thumbnails

I'm working a photoblog into my personal website using imagefield and imagecache with Views to generate pages of thumbnails depending on the taxonomy term in the url. So, photos of London would look like this: whereas the regular taxonomy term look like this:

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My new website


I'm a photographer from Belgium.

I've setup a website with Drupal and a very advanced image management, you can see it here:

I'm working on it everyday a little bit, if you have advices, don't hesitate!


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Photo Gallery

Photo gallery designed with Node Images, Views, View Bonus

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Storing photos with Drupal?

Hi there,

last year about this time I treated myself to a modern digital SLR. Now I am wondering: How do I organize the several 100s of photos that I made. Shouldn't I be able to do that with Drupal?

I envision that I burn several 100 of images to a DVD and that I have a Drupal install with will keep extra info (mainly tags) about the individual images as well as a pointer to the individual images on the DVD and some sort of key for which DVD the image is on.

Has anybody attempted somethign similar?

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Drupal Media Sessions

Lessons, sessions, workshops, and other events that advance and promote the Drupal Media Initiative.


Would you like to lead a session? Submit it here and reference it below.

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Solution for media upload and distribution


Looking to identify the best web based solution (Drupal or third party) that would allow a content creator to upload and distribute media (video, audio, photos, ...for starters) to external sites and services.


These would vary depending on the specific needs. Could be a combo of Drupal modules, third-party solutions or both.


  • Web based service that can embed on any web page
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How to achieve slideshow and individual tagging simultaneously

Hi. I'm new to Photography group but I've been using Drupal for over a year now on multiple sites, and I love it. One thing I keep struggling with is how to create good photo albums. I've used CCK, Views and Thickbox, and that works well except it doesn't allow for automatic advancement through the slideshow. I've tried a couple others, but can't seem to get anything else to work well in either Drupal 5 or Drupal 6.

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The new module Imageflow looks quite interesting. I'm not sure how exactly to use it on my own site, but it looks cool.

:-) Mikkel

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New Module: Image Nodes Now Inherit The EXIF and IPTC Metadata of the Image Uploaded

From the MAQUM (Metadata Aware Quick Upload Module) project page:

MAQUM is short for Metadata Aware Quick Upload Module. MAQUM works with (and relies upon) Drupal's image module to upload images. Instead of uploading an image directly with the image module, upload an image through MAQUM and MAQUM will process your image's metadata and create your image node. ExifTool must be installed on your server as MAQUM requires it to read your images' metadata.

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