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When should we hold the January Meetup?

1st week
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2nd week
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DrupalNYC Social - Sept 4th.

2008-09-04 19:00 - 21:00 US/Eastern
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User group meeting


It's been a tumultuous couple of weeks here on g.d.o/nyc and I thought it would be good to get together and kick back, have a few drinks and snacks before we hit the Camp.

The Drupal Social is just that, a social. We descend on a bar and have a good time. No expectations, and no restrictions. The common thread is that we all like Drupal. It is assumed we'll wind up talking about it, there is no agenda, no presentations, and no real organization other than showing up at the same place at the same time. I'll be there starting around 7 and we may or may not end at 9.

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Join us in live discussion from your browser! No instalation required

Due to limitations of we are unable to experience rich applications which are available to the rest of the web.

To minimize our group's communication gap and to bring the group closer together i give you live IRC chat from your browser:

To use this resource you dont need to register nor provide any identifying information.

I hope to see more of you guys online soon!

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NYC Drupal User Group Stickers. Coming right up!

Thank you Charles Novik for pointing out this great resource:
PrintRunner offers services to make us 500 stickers 4"x4" in size in under $100 (not counting shipping costs).

I would like to get us authentic new york city drupal user group stickers. Something we can identify with and help spread out the word about our DUG. Charles is going to send me his design for the graphic and i'll then edit this post to include it. This is intended to be the first draft and I'll be happy to receive new design suggesions submissions to improve our representation.

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Your thoughts about the NYC Drupal Group

1) What have you appreciated about the NYC Drupal group so far?

2) How could the group and our group meetups be improved?

Please answer on this thread and include:

3) your relationship to Drupal (developer, themer, site administrator, your organization runs Drupal)
4) your Drupal expertise level (Don't be shy!)
5) Length of time you've been a member of the NYC Drupal group

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Drupal Camp Training Video

I would like to be involved in making a Training Videos that help beginners learn more about Drupal the basics of getting a Drupal site up and running.


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