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LOOKing for a ride to BADcamp?

I've room for one or two...

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Drupal meetups or get-togethers in Ventura County in 2011?

Hi, Ventura Drupal! There's a lot of activity in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, but not much here in Ventura County. By my count there have been five events over the years but none have been in 2011. Is anyone interested in there being a 6th in either November or December?

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Open University URL at BBC - Take free onilne courses from Harvard or Oxford

Free iTunes Open University Courses - Got your attention? As a follow up to taking Stanford online courses, I just read the below URL today.

I did sign up for Machine Learning at Stanford. Watching the first videos today. Any one like to Skype and discuss them? I'll watch 3-5 a week, to stay 1-2 weeks ahead of the rest of the class.

Top universities from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard in the US to Oxford and Cambridge in the UK have been making their materials available, with no charge to the user.

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Local projector rental

Greetings everyone,

My girlfriend's children's theater company is looking for a projector to rent for a month. They're doing a production of Wizard of Oz and are considering using a live, distorted webcam image to use as the Wizard.

I know precious little about projectors and where to find them, but I thought someone in the community, potentially many someones, will. It seems pretty expensive (at least for a small theater) in my searching so far, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place. I appreciate any guidance.

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Need CCK Views assistance


I am trying to create a custom image gallery with identical functionality to this

I created a content type 'image' that has one cck field called type of work. I created a view that out puts the images as list, and everything outputs fine and dandy.

What I am trying to get is the CCK field and the thumbnail image to show up as LI attributes:

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Context and the other theme

Hi all,

I was wondering, if you had some advice. I have built a feature that includes context (module) and an administration theme (cube). I have figured out that context is not able to let an admin populate the regions of a non-default theme. On my local site i used a workaround in which I switched the default theme to cube and then configure my context and switched back. This still keeps the context even thought the context itself cannot be edited while

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module training videos

When I went to DrupalCon last year in SF, I was lucky enough to take a session with Chris Shattuck. I knew he was beginning a series of online videos about module building and hooks (buildamodule), but I wasn't ready for them then. Now I'm ready, and I've come back to them. The videos have multiplied and are for Drupal 7, and they are just fantastic! Step-by-step, clear, concise and easy to follow. He has a subscription set up, so you can stop paying when you've gone through the videos. A book is good, but there's something about a video that takes it a step further.

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Drupal for Ukrainian

Hi everybody. We want to tell more about the London Drupalkon for ukrainian. Who among you has visited London Drupalkon? Maybe you can tell us a little about it? Perhaps you know the Ukrainians, who can tell us about Drupal in New York? Also, we always welcome your news and press releases!

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High Performance Drupal Appliance

I am looking to partner with someone in the hosting sector, or perhaps a Drupal shop with performance-sensitive clients. The idea is to productize my prototype and ideas for a very high performance Drupal server appliance. Move out of the cloud and stay close to the metal!
I bring years of high performance computing experience to the table, you know the business side and have client relationships. Together we'll revolutionize Drupal servers. Contact me at cwebersd (at) google (dot) com if interested.

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Best comebacks to 'If crack addicts wrote code, they'd end up with something like Drupal"?

Somebody tweeted several days ago, "If crack addicts wrote code, they'd end up with something like Drupal."

What's the best comeback you've come up with or heard ?

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