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Training: Drupal 7 in a Day - Apr.19 - San Diego

April 19, 2012, San Diego, CA

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Our training will give you a solid introduction to Drupal 7 in just one day. We use hands on activities to teach you the most essential features and concepts of Drupal.

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GDO LA Main Page and High Visibility Spaces

I would like to open this discussion as suggested at last night's High Performance meet up at Filter Digital. It was noted by several members that our main page has been reorganized to show the discussions list above the events list in the main content region of the page. Many suggestions were made about this reorganization and I will not try to reproduce them all here (please come and comment to make yourself heard).

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WAMP and Drush PHP ~ Why two?

WAMP installs PHP in a subdirectory of WAMP during the installation process. Installing Drush via also installs some kind of PHP in its subdirectory and "drush status" will show that it is using that php.ini file.

Why doesn't Drush just use the WAMP installed php files and WAMP's php.ini? Why do I need two php directories full of files? Can't I just use the WAMP php files for Drush, and if so, how?

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Acquia Drupal Gardens Panel follow up

To anyone who was at the Acquia drupal gardens panel this Wednesday, feel free to email me if you want to discuss anything that I might of said or that was brought up.

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DrupalCon Denver - LA Drupal Attendees

Booked For DrupalCon,

  1. TimeFor - Four Seasons
  2. Frob - Hilton
  3. TommyK - Warwick Hotel
  4. Pdumais42 - Hyatt Regency
  5. BTMash - Grand Hyatt
  6. Christefano - Crowne Plaza
  7. highermath - Hyatt Regency
  8. tom friedhof - Hyatt Regency
  9. whitefx - Monaco
  10. jmolivas - Comfort Inn Downtown
  11. Stew-bee - Hyatt Regency
  12. Alan Doucette - Hyatt Regency
  13. Michael Thorne - Crowne Plaza
  14. Chris Charlton
  15. oseldman

Join us at Casa Bonita on WED 3/21 in Denver

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Drupal is First Choice

Just want to share this Truth with you guys. Drupal is the choice of world's reputed Business & Government Web Sites like White House, The Economist, Examiner,Cargoh and More :-)

So Proud To be a PHP Drupal Developer :-)

PHP Programmer

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SANDcamp Event Sign Ups, Training, Agenda

Hey Drupalers,

Drupal SANDcamp 2012, January 25-28, in San Diego is shaping up to be a big success. We are expecting hundreds of executives, technical leaders, experts and users of all experience levels to participate. SANDcamp’s four-day agenda is filling fast:

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Non-Drupal: Macintosh Email Clients

I am asking this question here because I see many Drupal people using Macintosh systems. I am not a Mac user, but a client of mine is. He is currently using Entourage (came with Office 2004, 2008) to handle his email. It has been giving him lots of problems and he wants to consider other clients, and possible Gmail. He currently has email on his domain, but that can be redirected to a Gmail account.

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Who's going to SANDcamp this year? Post here if you're looking for co-presenters or rideshares

Who's going to SANDcamp this year? There's a large contingent of Los Angeles-area Drupal community members who are going, so feel free to post here if you're looking for co-presenters or rideshares.


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Using Open Atrium to manage the communication, collaboration, and content publishing of multiple sub-groups

Hey LA Drupal Ninjas!

Happy New Year! A wonderful new not-for-profit community project was recently born and could use some love from the drupal ninja community, at this stage, in the form of a bit of advice and direction.

Recently Starhawk,

who is one of the most prolific and influential social and environmental justice activists alive today came to town to lead a workshop entitled:

"The Magic of Co-Creation"

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