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WordPress is better than Drupal: developers take note.

Duration: 1 hour

WordPress gets some very important things right, and their hold on this market is proof. There are 11.4 million active installations of WordPress software, compared to only hundreds of thousands of Drupal installations. We need to get our act together, raise our standards, and lower the barrier to entry.

Come join me in talking about what this community needs to do to ensure its survival. What should we really be focusing on in Drupal Core for D8? What should you do with your own modules to prevent our CMS from being abandoned in favor of something else?

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DrupalCamp Organizer Survey

The Drupal Association is trying to figure out the best way it can help DrupalCamp organizers. To that end, we've create a quick survey for DrupalCamp organizers to help the association determine how DrupalCamps are currently organized and managed.

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Drupal for Non-profits, Small Businesses, and Schools

Drupal for Non-profits, Small Businesses, and Schools will be a 30 minute presentation on how to use Drupal effectively and the most common challenges they will encounter, followed by a discussion involving participant's personal stories and experiences.

1. Why should non-profits, small businesses, and schools consider Drupal?
2. What makes a small environment special?
3. Usability challenges
4. Financial challenges
5. Using Drupal for common non-profit functions
- fundraising
- maps
- press organization
6. Maintenance of Drupal sites
7. The role of volunteers in Drupal

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2010-07-24 09:00 - 2010-07-25 18:00 America/New_York

Please Note: Registration will not be on groups.drupal.org for this event.

Registration will open on Monday, May 24th at 12:00 Noon EST.

For information about sponsorship, registration, sessions and session proposals, location and logistics - please visit the DrupalCampNYC8 home page at http://groups.drupal.org/nyc/drupalcampnyc8 for complete information about this camp.

Read some of the history of DrupalCampNYC

Organizers: The Drupal NYC Group (way too many to list!)

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DrupalCamp8 Planning Session Agenda (for May 5th)

Here is my stab at an ordered agenda. Edits welcome:

1. Dates: Do we have them. If not, do our current preferences for "one of the weekends after July 4th weekend" still hold.

2. Budget
- Decide what we want to offer and how much it will cost
- I believe we have most of this already. If so Ezra can you make sure to have that up to date as much as possible (or maybe Tom)?

3. Funding
- Decide on what sources of funding we want and what is our target for each

4. Registrations
- Costs
- What tool do we use?

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Drupaldelphia 2010 - May 14th

2010-05-14 09:00 - 18:00 America/New_York

DrupalCamp Philadelphia (aka Drupaldelphia) is just a couple weeks away. We've landed a new venue for the event this year at Temple University's new state-of-the-art facility Alter Hall, http://www.drupaldelphia.com/location-drupal-camp-2010. With Drupaldelphia happening so soon after DrupalCon registration for this event has been slow which means we have a lot of space available. We've decided to invite our neighboring Drupal groups to join us http://www.drupaldelphia.com/registration.

Registration is only $20 which includes lunch.

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DruplalCamp NYC

At the last Meet-up I inquired as to if there was a DrupalCamp NYC being planned. It appeared there was nothing on the table. Are there any new developements?

Drupal Camp 7 Presentations

This page is to track all the presentations and sessions from Drupal Camp. Please add anything relevant (slides, blog posts, videos, etc...) to this wiki.




  • CTools Ajax by Roger López (zroger)
  • Intro to Drupal Hands-On Follow Up by Peter (winston)
  • Intro to Drush by gnat
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    Sponsorship info for DrupalCamp NYC 7

    We'd like to make the benefits of sponsoring DrupalCampNYC 7 more clear as folks work on finalizing the exact date (late Nov/Early Dec).

    Any amount is accepted.

    Benefits (regardless of size of the donation):

    All sponsors receive:

    • An 8.5x11 inch poster with their company name and/or logo
    • Logos on the event page on groups.drupal.org
    • A thank you at the opening and other announcements during the camp
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    Montreal DrupalCamp 2009 - October 17-18

    Just wanted to let all the surrounding areas know that if you're looking for a DrupalCamp that's only a few hours away, we have one waiting at DrupalCamp Montreal 2009: The Education Edition. It's taking place at McGill University on October 17th-18th. We're happy to say that Webchick will be presenting a session or two! We have over 80 attendees already registered and are growing at nearly 10 sign-ups per day!

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