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Deliverance: Effortlessly Theming Websites of Multiple Software Platforms

How to include the best CMS, the best eCommerce software, the best LMS, etc. on your website - and theme them all consistently, at once, through a single effort and common tool, and by using only HTML and CSS.


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Beginning Drupal 7

Duration: 1 hour or less

Brief description:
Drupal 7 is right around the corner and you need to be prepared. In this session we'll take a look at the new features of Drupal 7 and how that are going to make your life easier. We will walk through the new installation process and explore Drupal 7 from a newcomer's perspective but also compare and contrast it with Drupal 6 and the former contributed module that made it into core.




  • Installing Drupal 7
  • Exploring Fields
  • New module installer
  • Dashboard and overlay
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    Which T-Shirt Graphic Design should we Print for DrupalCampNYC 8?

    24% (8 votes)
    Minimalist Modified
    6% (2 votes)
    3% (1 vote)
    Drupal Misfit
    6% (2 votes)
    I Drupal NY
    41% (14 votes)
    Brooklyn Bridge
    21% (7 votes)
    Total votes: 34
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    Session Proposal: A developer's arsenal of productivity hacks

    Every developer and power user develops a toolkit of shortcuts and hacks that become second nature. I'd like to present some of the ones I've discovered over the years, and invite ideas from the community to share their own, which I'll include with credit to each contributor.
    Some examples -
    * SVN shortcut functions to simplify SVN in the terminal,
    * Drush shortcuts like getting the size of a database in one command,
    * all kinds of terminal "fu" with find, grep, ssh, pipes
    * Textmate helpers like the Drupal bundle,
    * the Drupal extension and other developer goodies in Chrome,

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    Learn from the Worst: Lessons taken from Drupal Rescues

    When life gives you bad role models, make rolemodelade.

    We learn so much in life from the mistakes of others. Can a best practice really be identified until a worst practice comes along that makes us laugh and cry?

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    Drupal for Publishers & Media Companies

    Many publishers and media companies have shifted their Websites to Drupal. This DrupalCampNYC8 session explores why this is the case by examining current and future trends. We will present several case studies and host an open discussion about workflow tools, popular contributed modules, mobile publishing, and techniques for monetizing content, all of which are helping publishers rethink their businesses. From workflow management, multiplatform publishing, and subscription payments, to video integration, social media integration, and user generated content, this session will focus on how publishers and media companies are using Drupal to invite wider audience participation and ultimately improving their bottom line.

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    From a Contractor to a Shop: How to Make the Leap

    In this presentation I'll discuss (possibly with co-presenters) the process of going from an independent contractor to a Drupal development shop, and specifically some of the problems I/we have gone through in building Zivtech from 1 to 13 people over the past 2.5 years.

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    WordPress is better than Drupal: developers take note.

    Duration: 1 hour

    WordPress gets some very important things right, and their hold on this market is proof. There are 11.4 million active installations of WordPress software, compared to only hundreds of thousands of Drupal installations. We need to get our act together, raise our standards, and lower the barrier to entry.

    Come join me in talking about what this community needs to do to ensure its survival. What should we really be focusing on in Drupal Core for D8? What should you do with your own modules to prevent our CMS from being abandoned in favor of something else?

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    DrupalCamp Organizer Survey

    The Drupal Association is trying to figure out the best way it can help DrupalCamp organizers. To that end, we've create a quick survey for DrupalCamp organizers to help the association determine how DrupalCamps are currently organized and managed.

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    Drupal for Non-profits, Small Businesses, and Schools

    Drupal for Non-profits, Small Businesses, and Schools will be a 30 minute presentation on how to use Drupal effectively and the most common challenges they will encounter, followed by a discussion involving participant's personal stories and experiences.

    1. Why should non-profits, small businesses, and schools consider Drupal?
    2. What makes a small environment special?
    3. Usability challenges
    4. Financial challenges
    5. Using Drupal for common non-profit functions
    - fundraising
    - maps
    - press organization
    6. Maintenance of Drupal sites
    7. The role of volunteers in Drupal

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