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Group Description Join Link Members count
Drupal for OLPC

Drupal for One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Join 54

For Drupal users and developers in Mexico

Join 271
SoC 2008

Google Summer of Code 2008

Join 275
Waterloo Region

A group for Drupal users in Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas in southern Ontario, Canada.

Join 217

Drupal Rockin' Open Participation (aka Drupal Rockin' 'Ouse of Pancakes) ;)

Join 77

Come together all Drupaler from nepal and join hand for the use and promotion of Drupal in Nepal.

Join 41

Fosdem - organizing the Drupal DevRoom and social events

Join 68
User Points

Planning, development and discussion on the User Points and User Points contributed modules.

Join 130

A group for London and UK Drupal Developers

Join 1,017
Santa Barbara Drupal

Santa Barbara, California - Drupal Users Group

Join 119
Rennes / Bretagne

This is a group for Drupal users based in Rennes and Brittany (France)

Join 50

Peruvian group

Join 418

Connecting the Drupal Community in Pittsburgh and Western PA

Join 206

OpenSocial development initialtive

Join 145

Malagasy Drupal's user

Join 14
North West UK

Monthly meetup for all Drupal users in the NW

Join 171

Finland Drupal User Group

Join 109

Group dedicated to the the island of Barbados

Join 10

Romanian Drupal Users Group - A group dedicated to bringing together Drupal users in Romania

Join 250

Discussions about using Clickbank on Drupal

Join 28

This is the Drupal Local User Group in Nigeria

Join 95
OC DRUPAL (Orange County Drupal)

Orange County, California

Join 299
Season of Usability

Work on the SoU project is logged, discussed, tracked and debated in this group.

Join 43
Bed and Breakfast (BnB) Distribution

Sharing ideas and best practice advice on using Drupal for Bed & Breakfasts.

Join 51

This is an organization group dedicated to Drupalcon Boston March 3-6th, 2008.

Join 70

A group for those interested in development of drupal living within Maryland, USA

Join 546
Drupal Art

Group for anything that has "Drupal Art" under the sun.

Join 122

LMS scorm integration

Join 138

The Japan Drupal User Group

Join 396
World of Warcraft guild website modules

Modules specifically designed to assist in managing a World of Warcraft guild on Drupal

Join 153
Multi-user blogging

Configure and maintain multi-user blogging environments.

Join 209
Module metrics and ranking

Organized to develop a refined, balanced, and highly usable system in which to rank modules by quality and popularity.

Join 88

Drupal user group for Shanghai, China

Join 385

A group focused on the development of the quiz module

Join 435
Google Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP)

Working group for the Google GHOP contest

Join 73

Jamaica Drupal Users Group

Join 71
Oklahoma Drupalers

The goal of the group is to combine experince and ideas within the state

Join 122

MySQL use in the Drupal

Join 343

This is a group for Drupal users based in Singapore

Join 252
Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein

Drupal User-Group für Norddeutschland

Join 170
Gallery2 Integration

A group focused on the 'gallery' package for integrating Gallery2 into Drupal

Join 213
Trinidad & Tobago

A long shot to see if there are any other Drupal developers from Trinidad & Tobago

Join 28
Revision Control Systems

Discussion of Revision Control Systems (cvs, svn, git, hg, etc.)

Join 99
Kansas City

Kansas City Drupal Users Group

Join 217

Group of Hispanic/Latin Drupalers

Join 688
Bamberg Nürnberg Franken

Für Entwickler und Neueinsteiger aus dem Raum um Nürnberg, Bamberg. Ziel: Austausch & Workshops mit Drupal Profis und Anfängern.

Join 69

HKDUG - Hong Kong Drupal User Group - Hong Kong SAR, China

Join 310
Central Illinois DUG

A group for Central Illinois Drupal users, including Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria, and Springfield.

Join 183
Charlotte Drupal User Group (CharDUG)

Drupal user group for Drupal interested in the Charlotte, NC (USA) area.

Join 104
Stamford, CT

Stamford, CT Area Drupal users group

Join 41
Drupal IDE

A working group discussing developement enviroments for Drupal developers.

Join 505
Central Eastern Pennsylvania

Areas in Central Eastern Pennsylvania.

Join 95

A group for Drupalers in Victoria British Columbia

Join 82

Belgian User Group - Sole purpose is to publish events

Join 355

The working group to discuss and coordinate Wysiwyg API in Drupal core

Join 573

Fresno Drupal User's Group

Join 77
Ozama - Santo Domingo

grupo de webmasters usando drupal en la Republica Diminicana

Join 9
Central Florida

Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, and Lakeland on the West coast, though to Orlando and Daytona Beach

Join 215

SXSW Interactive happens in March 2010. Drupalers of the world, unite in Austin!

Join 53

Discussion of legal matters surrounding Drupal

Join 268
Costa Rica

A group for webmasters/developers of Drupal-based sites in Costa Rica

Join 256
Deployment & Build Systems & Change Management

Discussion and implementation of deployment, change management and build management strategies for Drupal 8

Join 593
Semantic Web

Discussions on how to integrate the Semantic Web technologies with Drupal

Join 1,160

For users and developers interested in putting Drupal to good use for organized and unorganized workers

Join 49
Southern France

Drupallers in the south of France (Aude, Pyrénées-Orientales)

Join 66

Planning for a DrupalCamp to coincide with O'Reilly's Open Source Convention.

Join 21

A group geared towards integrating with iMIS CRM/Association Management System

Join 45
Adobe Technologies

Drupal with Adobe Technologies - Bridging Drupal with Adobe technologies for more than just web sites - Flash Player, Flex, AIR, ...

Join 312
Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance coordination group for the Drupal project (core and contrib)

Join 114

TacDug for the South Sound Drupal User in You.

Join 63
Booking Systems

Discussions relating to creating a booking system api for drupal, or booking systems in general

Join 259

Drupal users and developers in South China, Guangzhou

Request membership 1

Group for Iranian (Persian) drupalers. The main target of this group is developing Persian (Farsi) drupal sites.

Join 86

The hub for San Francisco Bay Area Drupal Camps

Join 133
Business Directory

A workgroup to discuss and develop a Business Directory using Drupal

Join 301
The Herts Lab

The Herts Lab is a group consisting of users from the vibrant Hertfordshire (UK) Drupal developer community

Join 22
Improvements to core

We are trying to improve core.

Join 261
Tourism Industry Solutions

For the development and discussion of drupal solutions for the tourism industry

Join 86
og2list developers

og2list development and testing

Join 40
Project Management

Project Management resources and discussions

Join 858
Urdu Translation

Urdu Translation

Join 12
Korean Users

Korean Drupal Users Group

Join 74
Rounded Corners

Wokring group for rounded corners

Join 38
Contributed Module Ideas

The place to announce and brainstorm for new module development.

Join 762

Connect and Discuss Drupal related issues in Mumbai, India.

Join 319

IRC matters

Join 124

User group based out of Boise, Idaho

Join 127
Community Media

Discussion on Drupal modules for Community Media Centers and Public Access Television Stations.

Join 162

Discussion of the phpbb module

Join 226

Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington Drupal Users Group

Join 25
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